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Moving Authority™️,
  created on August 19, 2012, in Las Vegas, Nevada. With the company trademark in the moving industry, Moving Authority™️ has created enduring moving tips and educational information that are still popular today.
Moving Authority™️ offers to help movers and trucking companies start in the United States of America. We have become instrumental in educating movers, carriers, and brokers in their first-time moving ventures as well as helping experienced companies grow and by empowering their staff in our courses to perform the jobs as professionally as they can.
In 2012, We launched the first arbitration program that a mover can receive in 10 minutes arbitration online, and which was the first to feature a custom moving tariff.
Our aim is to inform consumers of their rights as well as inform them about the proper practice of moving companies in the U.S.A and the laws related and required for the industry to follow.
We emphasizing an ethical endorsement of the high-quality moving service from the constraints of consumer's needs by all of our members.
 The endorsement of the high-quality movers who are doing a superior job in both a lawful, ethical way and affordable way by using the MOVER BY ME tab at the top of each page. We encourage users to express their feedback so that all parties performing trucking and moving services so that these companies can improve services by reading customer reviews.
The goal is to become known for educating simple yet sophisticated movers paired with great tools, such as the "Moving Calculator". As our C.E.O once said, “Good moving service must be comfortable, otherwise it is not good.”

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions about starting a company and getting licensed to work in this thriving business across the United States of America and become one of the needed and in-demand services in your area.  

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