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  • Georgia Intrastate Moving Tariff
  • Georgia Household Goods Movers Licensed by DPS
  • Georgia Local or intrastate Tariff complies with MCCD
  • Household Goods Maximum Rate Tariff by MCCD Regulations
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Georgia Intrastate Moving Tariff

Do you need help creating or understanding Georgia intrastate moving tariffs? If so, you're in the right spot. Our organization can take care of all your tariff-related needs. From creating moving tariffs on your behalf to providing moving tariff guidance. Let’s go over the basics of Georgia intrastate moving tariffs.

What Are Georgia Intrastate Moving Tariffs?

A Georgia intrastate moving tariff applies only to intrastate traffic. This refers to the following three concepts for household goods movers.

1. The traffic has to originate within Georgia.
2. The address of the destination has to stay within Georgia.
3. The entire transportation of a move must stay within Georgia.

This is a law put in place by the Georgia Department of Public Safety. And it’s enforced as part of the Household Goods Carrier Certificates. Georgia motor carrier regulations are part of MCCD regulation compliance.

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430

What Is a Moving Tariff?

A moving tariff features each carrier’s rates. A tariff also contains a list of rules and charges that govern each shipment. The terms of those rules and charges do not vary. A moving tariff helps reserve a carrier’s right to apply extra charges. This takes place when more moving services get performed. A tariff positions a carrier to apply charges. The tariff charges get based on the specific weight of the transported items.

Is It Against the Law to Move at Night in Georgia?

It is against the law to move at night in most US states. Georgia is no exception. Moving at night's prohibited in the state of Georgia. You could also face fines and penalties if you were to receive a noise complaint and loading or unloading late at night. That alone is a reason to only operate your moving services during daytime hours.

How Do I Start a Moving Company in Georgia?

  • Starting a moving company in Georgia is not a difficult process. In fact, here is our organization’s patented nine-step process.

    1. Create a plan of how your Georgia moving company will operate.
    2. Secure a legal entity.
    3. Register for Georgia taxes.
    4. Create a business credit card and bank account.
    5. Establish a business accounting process.
    6. Secure required permits and licenses from the US government/Georgia state government.
    7. Buy business insurance.
    8. Establish your brand.
    9. Learn about Georgia intrastate moving tariff policies. Our organization can help you with this step.

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430

Georgia Local Moving Tariff Changes

Recent changes have taken place for Georgia local moving tariffs. The most recent change took place on March 8, 2018. This was when the state Board of Public Safety created a new maximum rate tariff.

The new tariff rate applies to all intrastate household goods movers within Georgia. After the vote, an Administrative Order put the new tariff into law. The new tariff replaces the previous Georgia Public Service Commission max rate tariff.

Household goods movers can no longer apply policies toward that outdated tariff.

Let’s go over the two important Georgia tariff changes that went into effect in 2018.

1. There is a 15 percent increase in maximum allowable rates.
2. There is a change in the default valuation approach. This applies to items moved by depreciated value up to a max amount for release value.

That rate is set at $0.60 per pound per article. Please call our firm today if you would like to view the new Georgia tariff policy. We can also supply you with a copy of the 2018 Georgia Administrative Order.

- Learn about local moving tariffs for the state of New York, and New Jersey.

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430

Georgia Intrastate Moving Tariff Rules & Regulations

Our organization works with the GPSC on a regular basis. (GPSC stands for Georgia Public Service Commission.) The GPSC regulates local and intrastate household goods movers. Our experience with the GPSC positions us to help all household goods movers in Georgia. We know how to help them get from point A to B in a legal and ethical manner. If you want to transport out of the state then you will need a USDOT number, MC Number as well. We have these Interstate Trucking authority packages.

So, let us know if you have any questions about Georgia's intrastate moving tariffs. We know tariff rules and regulations like the backs of our hands. Our team is only a phone call or email away at any time. Sure, we can build your Georgia intrastate tariff for you.

But we can also assist your company with anything related to moving tariffs. Our experts can also make sure you have properly licensed vehicles and equipment. (This refers to the FMCSA, DOT, and all Georgia tariff laws.)

We look forward to ensuring that your Georgia company excels at intrastate moving.

Customer Reviews

Nicolas Myron


My brother and I relied on Moving Authority to obtain all the required permits and start our small moving company here in Augusta. At first, we thought it was very complicated because of all the dot and fees. Within a couple of weeks, we were receiving the Georgia Intrastate Moving Tariff. They were able to do several processes simultaneously and we are about to open. We are very pleased and grateful.

Claus Speak


Due to the expansion of my business and the need to constantly move in and out of Atlanta, I hired the services of Moving Authority to obtain the Georgia Intrastate Moving Tariff. The rates are well justified according to the weight of the cargo, and I am pleased with that. I highly recommend this service.

Domenico Correa


We started a small moving company inside Georgia State, and we needed to put the new tariff into law. A friend informed me that at Moving Authority were experts in building the Georgia Intrastate Moving Tariff; therefore, I called them. They certainly knew everything about it. Now it's all set up.

Gery Wastenage


We are now ready to begin operating within the state of Georgia. Thanks to the specialists at Moving Authority who guided us through the preparation of the Georgia Intrastate Moving Tariffs. It was an excellent job they did to adapt our old tariffs. I will continue to call them for any other requirements.

Marcos Leo


It's terrific news we received our Georgia household goods tariff. My company couldn't haul in Georgia since we didn't have the Georgia intrastate moving tariffs. Thankfully Moving Authority took our case and solved it in a heartbeat.

Yvette Rudolph


I'm thankful to Moving Authority. I got my household goods license for Georgia. As soon as I contacted their experts, we began building the Georgia Intrastate Moving Tariff. I'm now ready for work.

Greg Stanley


To comply with the Georgia moving laws, Moving Authority helped us build a custom-made Georgia Intrastate Moving Tariff for our company. It's perfect. We're now ready to make money.

Yorker Swerdfeger


I'm thrilled with the Georgia Intrastate Moving Tariff the specialist of Moving Authority provided for us. I only picked up the phone, and they immediately gave me all the assistance and guidance I needed. Moving Authority really listens. A++

Jean Oliver


To comply with the new Georgia moving laws, Moving Authority replaced our outdated tariff. Great job!

Jay colin


We are a small company trying to settle in Georgia State for business. Although starting a moving company in Georgia is not difficult, we needed some legal advice about how to publish a Moving Tariff and being a part of the Georgia movers association. Moving Authority, thanks for your help!

Sean Cuevas


I was starting a new moving company in Atlanta and searched the internet for advice. I learned that I would need to normalize the rates to operate in this state legally. A friend suggested the Moving Authority services, I called them, and they kindly took care of assisting me with all the paperwork. This way, I got my Georgia Interstate Moving Tariff. I highly recommend them.


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