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Moving Claims Packet

Moving Claims Packet

A moving Claims Package has do it your self filing and can benefit both moving companies and customers.

Why? Because sometimes mistakes happen and household goods might not arrive in one piece. Or, some items might not arrive at all. You cannot let these situations affect the reputation/financial results of your company.

Instead, you should consider having a moving claims package. 

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What is a moving claims package? 

Movers Association Membership It is a series of policies and actions. Both of which can protect you and your company from suffering in a financial or legal manner. Our organization can help you and your team create a custom-moving claims package. It will help your staff stay on top of everything that is moving claims-related. Please visit Get Company Ad 12 month State.

What Are Moving Claims & Moving Claims Packets?

What Are Moving Claims & Moving Claims Packets?


All moving companies must have claims services.

You cannot give the excuse that you don't understand moving claims packages. Having some knowledge about moving claims is the law and you must provide it to your customers. Claim under Moving claims get filed by customers when they feel a mistake has taken place. Many people assume that the claims process starts after delivery. But that’s not the case. The moving claims process begins before every move. This is when items get organized and inventoried. In other words, it is the pack out phase. Click on Movers Company Training.

How to prevent moving claims from getting made against your company?

This is easily  prevented by ensuring that your employees conduct the pack out phase with care. Another key action is to make sure that your customers take part in the pack out phase. Know about
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This is so they will have a better sense of which items are getting moved. Your moving claims package should include specific processes like these. The purpose is to keep both your employees and customers on the same page. Click on Movers Association Membership.


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The Detailed Inventory Within Moving Claims Packets

The Detailed Inventory Within Moving Claims Packets


Movers Company Training. As part of your moving claims package, there will be a detailed inventory process. The inventory lists important details about every item. For example, electronic devices should have their serial numbers listed. Kitchen appliances should have their model and brand names listed. Click on Broker Mover Package.



Actions like these will help speed-up any moving claims process.

The less ambiguous the inventory, the faster the claims process. Your claims package can also feature a high-value list. These are the items that are at least one of two things. Click on   Broker Freight Package.

1. The items are expensive.

2. The items are one-of-a-kind and impossible to replace. For example, antique furniture is an item that cannot get replaced.  Click on  Company registration.


Providing a high-value list will do more than benefit your company. Local Contracts. The lists will also help out your customers, should loss or damage take place. What’s another way to make a detailed inventory within a moving claims package? It is to have your employees take pictures of the items in every room. This applies to the high-value items more than the low-value ones.  Click on Trucking Authority Packages.


This is an example of how staying organized will prepare you for dealing with any moving claims.

For example, a customer could state that the television got damaged. But you cannot go along with anything a customer says. Pictures serve as proof that items were already damaged before moves took place.Know about   Motor Carrier Authority.

The Two Forms of Liability Within Moving Claims Packets

The Two Forms of Liability Within Moving Claims Packets


The content of a moving claims package refers to two types of liability within US law.

After all, the law states that all moving companies must have liability. And that liability applies toward all transported household goods. The first form of liability concerns Full (Replacement) Value Protection.Know about Georgia Intrastate Moving Tariff.

The second type's called Released Value protection. Both concepts should get detailed inside any moving claims package. Why? So that your employees understand how protection works. And so that they can apply the correct moving charges. In fact, let’s go ahead and examine both forms of claims liability. Know about under arbitration.


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  19. The Moving Claim Package is a great way to make sure you don't miss any important steps in the moving process. It's also very user-friendly, making it easy for everyone involved!


  20. The Moving Claim Package is a great way to make sure you don't miss any important steps in the moving process. It's also very user-friendly, making it easy for everyone involved!


Moving allegation Package: Full (Replacement) Value Protection


A claims package should detail how full replacement value protection affects customers. This is the most comprehensive form of protection that customers have. The purpose is simple. It's for customers that feel they need complete protection for their household goods. But that protection comes at a price. It makes the cost of total charges for customers increase. Click on  Employee Packet.

Your moving claims package can include a section for full replacement value protection. It should explain how the protection is part of the initial estimate process. This is so potential customers can decide whether the protection is worth it to them. Say that a customer agrees to pay for full replacement value protection.Know about Local Contracts.

His or her goods then get shipped once the specific terms of liability become official. But there is one exception to this concept. Customers can opt to waive their full value protection. That’s why a moving claims package includes a section about waiving the protection. Must check out  New Jersey Moving Company Tariffs .  


Moving Claims Packet: Two Liability-Related Options for Movers


Just Tariff. Once again, the moving claims package needs to provide specific instructions. Those instructions benefit more than your customers. They also benefit your employees. Say that you have a customer who has full value protection. And that customer’s goods then end up destroyed, damaged, or lost. Unless there are exceptions within the moving tariff, there are two options. Your company can take one of the following actions:Know about Leads Long Premium. 


1. Replace the goods with similar ones. Those goods should have an equal value to the original goods. Or, instead, your company can compensate the customer. The compensation value has to adhere to the goods’ total replacement costs. Click on New York Moving Tariff


2. The goods can get restored or repaired. But this means the new goods have to be in the same state as the original goods. Once again, this is why detailed inventories are important. They convey the specific condition of every item that gets moved. Your moving company has one other option here. It can opt to, instead, pay for the total cost of repairs.Click on  Starting a Trucking Company


Figuring Out Total Costs 


When it comes to moving claims, determining the total cost is no easy task. Sometimes specific deductible levels influence what the total cost is. But this concept varies because it adheres to a case-by-case format. Some moving companies offer very cheap lowest-amount values.Know about Get Company Ad 12 month State

Others provide very generous amounts. Your company’s specific policy should get included inside the moving claims package. Again, this is for the sake of both your workers and your customers.  Please visit  Get Company Ad 3 month Stat.


Keep in mind that customers can state certain values for shipments. This can make the cost of moves fluctuate across a pool of customers. So, how do you determine a shipment’s full value protection? Here is the moving industry standard.Click on  Membership

It is 60 cents per pound multiplied by the weight of the entire shipment. All full value protection charges should get written into each moving tariff. Plus, the charge-composition process should get featured inside your moving claims package.Know about Drug and Alcohol Program


Released Value Protection


A quality moving claims package includes information about released value protection. Released value protection is the official moving industry term for minimal protection. It is the best format for customers to preventing themselves from receiving extra charges under the USDOT number law.

The key here is that all interstate moving companies hold liability. But the liability is very, very limited. In fact, all items are not covered beyond a total of sixty cents per pound. That figure applies to all moving goods with no exceptions. Your moving claims forms package should make this concept very clear. 


Here is an example of how released value protection within moving works. Let’s say a $2,000 desktop computer gets destroyed during its transportation. The computer weighs twenty pounds. Must check out Biennial Update.

Your company’s liability standing would mean you wouldn’t have to pay much. In fact, your company would only have to pay the customer $20.00. Why?
Because 60 cents multiplied by 20 (pounds) comes out to $20.00.  Click on  Employee Packet


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As a result, you could see improvements in both ROI and profit margins. So, feel free to give us a call right now. We look forward to ensuring that you have a state-of-the-art moving claims package. Check on Employee Packet

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