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Your Guide for Securing a DOT Number in Compliance With the FMCSA

Your Guide for Securing a DOT Number in Compliance With the FMCSA

Does your organization face the possibility of needing to secure a USDOT number? If so, you've come to the right spot. Please follow along as this article explores how you can get a DOT number. Why does having a DOT number matter so much

It helps identify companies during standard safety monitoring processes. For example, your organization might need to take part in a compliance review or audit. Or, your company might need to undergo an inspection. It could even need a crash investigation in which an insurance company gets notified. Let’s jump right into how you can secure a USDOT number.

How to Secure a Registration Number for a Carrier Across All US States

How to Secure a Registration Number for a Carrier Across All US States

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Getting a USDOT number is not a complicated process. Many movers believe that it is. But it’s not as long as you use the right resources. That’s why Moving Authority created this USDOT registration guide. It is so you can maintain compliance with the FMCSA. The registration process can get broken down into four steps. Here are the key registration steps:

Step One: Figure Out if a New DOT Number’s Needed for Your Particular Carrier

Step One: Figure Out if a New DOT Number’s Needed for Your Particular Carrier

The process of getting a USDOT number begins by asking yourself a simple question. It is: Is my organization required to file a USDOT application? Almost all commercial carriers must have a DOT number. There are very few of them that do not need to have to have one. Motor carrier operators need to complete registration if they conduct interstate travel operations. But that’s not all. The carriers must also meet one of the following pieces of criteria for compliance: 

1. They operate trucks that weigh more than ten thousand pounds.

2. Nine to fifteen passengers get transported for pay. (One of nine through fifteen individuals counts as the driver.)

3. More than sixteen passengers (including a driver) get transported with no compensation.

4. Hazardous materials get transported. Say that none of these criteria applies to your organization. That means you do not need to file a USDOT application. Instead, you might only have to register with a state office/local jurisdiction.

Step Two: Provide Every Piece of DOT Carrier Status Information for the FMCSA

Step Two: Provide Every Piece of DOT Carrier Status Information for the FMCSA

Sure, the USDOT application process is very simple. But it will get complicated if you do not provide basic information about your company. Make sure that you and your team fill out the following pieces of information.

1. The company operation. (This applies to operating authority status.)

2. The operation’s official classification.

3. The official cargo classification.

4. If it applies to your commercial carrier company, a HazMat classification.

5. The number of vehicles that your company uses.

6. The type of vehicles that your company uses.

7. The ownership status of the carrier vehicles. (There is either a trip lease, term lease, or the vehicles have ownership.)

8. The driver status of the carrier vehicles. (This applies to total drivers, total CDL drivers, interstate, and intrastate.) 

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Step Three: Download the Official Registration Status Application

You can now either file online or download a USDOT application. Keep in mind that there are three separate USDOT forms for applications. You only need to fill out a single form that applies the most to your company. Here are the three forms to choose from.

1. An MCS-150. This is the standard form that applies to almost all carriers.
2. An MCS-150B. This combines a HazMat application with the USDOT number application.
3. An MCS-150C. This combines the Intermodal Equipment Provider application with the USDOT number application.

Say you choose to file the DOT application online with the FMCSA gov portal.
In this case, the online system will need you to select the right form to use


-Step Four: Send Out the Form or File the reRegistration Online for FMCSA

You're almost there toward securing your USDOT number. You can go ahead and fill out the form and send it out. Or, you can file your DOT registration online. Make sure that you send a physical copy to the Washington, DC FMCSA address listed on their website. Keep in mind that there is never a fee for filing a DOT registration online. But enforcement is strict.

Your registration cannot contain any errors. (This also applies to MC number registration.) If you need our team to check out your registration, send it over right now. When you send us information, it will remain confidential.

It is always best to talk to the FMCSA authority before you attempt to secure a USDOT number. Contact can take place over the phone or through email. You can find relevant contact information on the official FMCSA government website. Their website also contains copies of needed forms that you can download. You can even request the FMCSA gov authority to mail you all the forms that you need.


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DOT NUMBER STATUS: Requirement Information for Registration


Understanding DOT number requirements is crucial to the success of any organization. A company must register with the FMCSA when one of the following factors is at play.

1. The company hauls cargo in interstate or trucking commerce.

2. The company operates commercial vehicles that transport people. But FMCSA registration is not enough. These companies also need to have USDOT numbers. 

3. Is your commercial carrier service based in Florida? If so, some Florida registration regulations are different than other states. They used to appear the same. But they have gotten adjusted over the years. Make sure that your carrier has the gov authority to operate in Florida. If you need help doing so, contact our firm right now.

This is about much more than securing an MC number in Florida. It’s about every driver at your commercial carrier knowing the law. That’s why our team can teach you about every US GOV factor that they need. We’ll make sure you're aware of all intrastate operating requirements. That’s because our workers have helped carriers secure every license in the industry. No matter the license, we’ll help your team secure it fast.

So, when is a carrier/household goods mover required to get a USDOT number? You’ll need one if one of your vehicles transports hazardous materials. If so, you're going to need to have a safety permit for interstate commerce. You’ll also need a DOT number if the gross weight of one of your vehicles exceeds 4,536 kg/10,001 pounds.

As mentioned earlier, the number of transported passengers also matters. You’ll need a DOT number if a vehicle transports more than eight people with compensation. When will you also need one? If you transport more than fifteen people without compensation. If one of these factors is at play and you're involved with an Interstate trucking authority package for commerce, a DOT number’s a must-have. 


Interstate commerce applies to United States transportation enforcement, traffic compliance, and trade. Many companies transport goods between one state and another state or country. If your company does so, having a DOT number is a necessity. Some companies conduct transportation from one place in a state to another. A DOT number is also required for this type of operation. Under what circumstances? If origination/termination took place in another state or outside the country.

Say that you are unsure whether your company qualifies to get a USDOT number. If so, you should contact the FMCSA as fast as you can. This will help ensure that your company complies with all federal regulations. Doing so will do more than protect your company from legal concerns. Adhering to safety regulations can also save the lives of drivers and motorists. In fact, safety is the biggest issue when it comes to FMCSA rules and regulations for motor carriers.

It is common for intrastate companies to get confused about their DOT requirements. Here is one of the most standard situations of confusion. Say your company does not transport hazardous materials. Plus, your vehicles never go outside of your company’s state. Do you still need to have a USDOT number as part of US government requirements? Well, that depends on the rules and regulations of your state.

It also depends on what type of cargo your company transports. In most states, your company would still need to have a DOT number. But in some states, you would only need a state identification number. If you're confused about this or anything else, do not hesitate to contact the DMV in your state. The DMV will help motor carriers figure out whether they need a DOT number or not.


How Long Does It Take a Carrier to Get a Required DOT Number in the United States?



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The process of securing a USDOT number should not take very long. In fact, online USDOT registration will process on an almost-immediate basis. Your DOT number will get issued on-the-spot. But, that will only happen if your company does not get rejected upon review. Say that you need to send out your USDOT application by mail, email, or fax. If so, expect the processing time to last about four to six weeks. 

Keep in mind that by-mail applications get rejected more often than online applications. Why? Because some by-mail applications are hard to read, unsigned, or are not complete. This is why your by-mail application must contain all the needed information. And that information must be easy-to-read. Otherwise, you will have to send out another by-mail DOT application or apply online.

Keep in mind that you cannot apply online without a credit card. The FMCSA uses credit card information as a digital signature. It also uses the information to confirm identity. But do not despair. You shouldn’t get charged for securing a USDOT number online by using a credit card. Another form that needs to get done is the BOC-3 form to be filed annually


Displaying Your Number and Registration in All States


The US Department of Transportation has regulations about displaying USDOT numbers. Let’s go over their size and location requirements. The USDOT number and company name must get displayed on both sides of every vehicle. The name and number should go on the sides of vehicle power units. In other words, place them on vehicles and cab doors. This should happen before any vehicle gets put into service. Make sure that the lettering is bold and contrasts with surface colors. At least two inches is the needed height for USDOT-compliant lettering.

Try to make your lettering as big as you can to prevent negative issues from taking place. Applying magnetic signs and vinyl graphics to vehicle doors is very easy. Double-check to make sure that your DOT numbers are visible from 50 feet away from each vehicle. Also, contact our firm if you’d like a list of products. This refers to ones that could make your vehicles get more USDOT-compliant.


Third-Party DOT/FMCSA Registration Information and Help


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Organizations such as ours serve as third-party DOT registration compliance services. These are FMCSA-compliant entities that provide help for all sorts of trucking businesses. Whether your fleet is small or large, it’s sometimes challenging to stay on top of compliance matters. That’s where we come into play with resources to help.

So, if you need help with registration or something else, our team is standing by. We can contact the FMCSA on your behalf and help you get to the bottom of any DOT-related matter. This will ensure that your team stays compliant with all rules and regulations. We know all the nuances of local and federal laws. This includes local state household goods that may need extra gov authority. In fact, many of our clients have gotten overwhelmed by household goods regulations.

But time after time, Moving Authority has turned the worries of a carrier into success. Don't let your fear of regulations impact your business. Instead, let Moving Authority help you maintain compliance.

We’ll help you take care of the Published Tariff paperwork so that your workers have time for other tasks. They’ll have more opportunities throughout the day to manage fleets and dispatch. Plus, we can help your company avoid paying steep fines. (Especially if you don't keep your insurance active.)


Contact Us for More Information About DOT Registration and Carrier Requirements


Do you need more information about how to get a USDOT number or an MC Number? If so, please contact our organization today. Our mission is to ensure that your company has complete operating authority at all times. Also, Moving Authority commits to helping motor carriers take safety precautions. That’s why we are creating a vehicle safety course.   

We plan to release the material soon. It will help ensure that each driver knows information that can help him or her stay compliant. In fact, safety is one of the top priorities at Moving Authority. USDOT registration is about more than preventing involvement with legal problems. And it’s about more than not having the correct forms and material. It is also for the safety of you, your employees, your customers, and every driver. Our mission is for the interstate to have complete safety at all times. 


We would love to provide you with more USDOT number guidelines to help you and your team succeed. Even if you only have a quick question about your DOT application. Or, you could have a question about intrastate truck insurance. No matter what you need, our live agents are standing by. And they won’t rest until your USDOT registration is in 110% compliance.

In fact, we have an entire Compliance Services department. Our Compliance Services team specializes in one simple task. They ensure the success (and authority) of all carriers. USDOT registration is not as complicated as some commercial carriers think it is. The key is to follow the Moving Authority step-by-step USDOT registration process.


We Have the Best Resources for Every State



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Does your commercial carrier organization need certain USDOT resources? If so, the Moving Authority team is ready to help. We can share material that applies to any location in the United States. And it applies to a lot more than securing an MC number. If you're used to working with other companies, you're in for a treat. (You are even if you're not used to an organization like our own.)

Our resources go over every operating requirement in the country. After all, how can your business make money if your drivers don't have operating authority? But do not worry. Here's one of the main missions of our firm. It is to provide every carrier’s driver with immediate operation authority.

And we have the advanced resources to do so. Trucking is an exciting industry that Moving Authority is proud to support. And we look forward to supporting you and your household goods team. Please ask us about TX DOT or NY Tariff

Also, check out Arbitration Programs.

Please read the resources, including the material information on Published Tariff for Movers.

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