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  • New Employee Packet for Human Resource Management
  • Provided at start of employment to help streamline the on-board
  • Phases are Onboarding, Initial Development & understand of Job
  • Moving company employee packet
  • employee handbook for moving company
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New Hire Packets

Does your company provide state-of-the-art employee packets? If not, it’s time to consider using them. Employee packets do more than help protect companies from legal issues. They motivate and inspire workers to do their best at all times. More and more business owners are realizing that employee packets are not paperwork. Instead, they are keys toward ensuring workers follow all rules and regulations. Sure, packets can help new-hires get acclimated. But high-quality packets are for more than new-hires. Plus, they focus on so much more than acclimation. The packets are about getting winning business results on a consistent basis. So, are you ready to learn more about employee packets? Let’s continue.

What Are Employee Packages?

The concept of an employee packet is very simple. It is a brochure or booklet that you give an employee to sign. This can apply to both new hires and seasoned workers. The packet contains a set of rules and regulations for the employee to follow. It can also feature other information such as company requirements and expectations. Each employee has to sign the packet before he or she can start (or continue) working. This prevents employees from saying, “I didn’t know about that,” when something goes wrong. Plus, the packet can serve as evidence an employee violated conditions of employment. After all, the conditions get written into each packet. That is why getting an employee’s signature on a packet is so important. 

Why Are Hiring Packets Important?

Having high-quality employee packets is crucial for both small and large companies. Without a packet of information, it is difficult to convey expectations to workers. But using an employee packet will make your expectations very simple and obvious. Once an employee acknowledges the packet and signs it, then there’s an official agreement. That agreement can last as long as the signee works at a company. 

The packet can also contain relevant forms and documents about the employee’s job. This will do more than streamline your on-boarding process. It will help illustrate the culture of your company to both new-hires and current workers. In fact, don't make the mistake of assuming employee packets are only for new-hires. They are important for managing workers of any level of experience. Plus, the packets can help your staff adhere to employment and labor laws. Quality employee packets assist business owners while mitigating worker-related disputes.

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We Build Custom Employee Application Packets

We pride ourselves on building custom employee packets. We create them for a diverse range of businesses across the United States. From small mom-and-pop stores to large corporations. We have worked with clients across a broad spectrum of industries. From IT companies to martial arts academies. Our team believes that each clients’ business is unique. That’s why each packet that we create is 100% unique. How do we make our packets so one-of-a-kind? It’s simple: we listen. 

Our team of experts make the effort to listen to every client. Through listening, we observe the culture of every business. We write down what employers expect out of each sector of their respective companies. And we make sure that all regulations and policies within the packet get adhered to. Next, we develop a draft and provide it to the client. The client then informs us of what to change. We then finish the writing process of the packet and apply appealing graphic design. 

So, what’s the end result of our packet-building process? It is the creation of a one-of-a-kind employee packet. It’s a series of connected documents. The content illustrates everything that your employees need to know. We never waste our clients’ time or money with unneeded words or paragraphs. Instead, our employee packets are straight-to-the-point. This is so important messages and directives are 100% clear for every worker. 

Contact Us Today About Our Custom Packets

Are you interested in our firm helping you build custom employee packets? If so, please give us a call right now. Our experts can provide you with any information you need. Plus, we will listen to you and provide as much guidance as we can. Our mission is not to create an employment packet for you. It is to serve as your lifeline that helps enable your employees to do their best at all times. We look forward to ensuring that your company will prevent and address non-compliance.

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Customer Reviews

Dimitri Pooley


This employee package is what we had been requiring for our new hire. The agreement in place is clear and explicit. Great work by the Moving Authority team.

Neil F


Thanks for quick help on Employee Sign Agreement.

David King


Our company has adopted the employee packet to set of rules and regulations for our employees. Now all our staff are aware on what is expected from them in terms of conditions here at work, this includes pay rates as well as holidays off etcetera! The Moving Authority crew have really came up trumps with creating such an excellent product - well done guys!

Lion Sidney


It seemed like a simple thing to do, but it was the perfect solution to misunderstandings with workers. Everyone knows the company rules and what is expected from them. I love this Employee Packet tool.

Terri Olsen


Thanks to the Employee Package, I have standardized the work rules and procedures in my company. The price is quite competitive in return for the benefits.

Dayan Novak


We bought the employee packet to set of rules and regulations for the employee to follow. Now all the employees are aware of the conditions of employment. Excellent product from Moving Authority crew.

Lana Snutch


I tried to download some formats and adapt them to my moving company, but they were too generic to tell you the truth. So I called a friend, and he recommended Moving Authority's Employee Packet. After answering a few questions, I was presented with some brochures that look spectacular. It's worth every dollar.

Marvin Roosvelt


We acquired the Moving Authority employee packet and renewed our company's personnel organization. I like that everything was established and understood. It is a very good product.

Jessey Figgins


Our company needed an employee packet renewal since we were starting to have difficulties with staffing. Surfing the web, I found Moving Authority and called them. Best decision ever. Rules are clear. Everything is running smoothly. It's an excellent tool for companies. Get it.

Erica Evans


I was amazed by the employee packet I received from Moving Authority. I actually love all our policies and regulations are in the packet in such an attractive graphic design. Additionally, Moving Authority's customer service is magnificent. I'll surely return if necessary.

Vincents Cowperthwaite


I was curious about the new hire packets other companies used for human resources. Now that our company's growing up it's an essential tool for us. Every company should ask Moving Authority for an employee packet.

Alex Stoker


The new hire packet turned out to be very helpful. Moving Authority company built the exact custom employee packet we were looking for.

Antoinette Tyrone


We really liked this product. We have clear rules and we want all of our staff to be aware of them. The Employee Packet was made according to our needs and we are very satisfied.

Andrew S.


Really thankful I purchased this Product.


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