When you are moving from on place to another, a USDOT number check is one of the best precautions you can take against fraudulent movers
. This is one of the best ways to confirm that you have chosen a reputable mover.While you should not stop checking here, this is an important step to take in ensuring that your move is successful. This is why we have chosen to spend an article on how to check a USDOT number. No matter how long your move is, you can never be too safe when researching the validity of a company.When you check status DOT number, you are taking one of the many steps necessary to ensure move protection.Justbecause the phone representative sounds trustworthy, does not mean they are. Always take the proper steps in ensuring that you are choosing the right moving company.

How to Do a USDOT Number Search?

It is very easy to check the USDOT number of the company that you are considering using for your move. The first step is to proceed to the SAFER website.A DOT Number lookup can thenbe done byeither searching the mover's name or entering the DOT number from their website. Once you do this, the profile for the company you are searching willbe presented.When you search USDOT Number, the first thing you should look for is whether the companyis registered. This will be easy to see on the SAFER website. A registered mover is active with a valid USDOT number.Other things to look for are a number of trucks the company has in operation, as well as the number of drivers thatare authorizedto drive them.
Continue the DOT Number search by scrolling down to the classification section of the page. Be sure the companyis authorizedfor hire by looking for the 'x' next to "auth. for hire". When looking at this area of the page, you should also check a few more things. First, you should ensure that the company can carry household goods. Next, be sure to see whether they can make interstate moves. This is important to check if you are going to be moving out of state lines.
When you check USDOT number status, you should move on to the accident report.This section shows how many accidents havebeen reportedunder that specific company name. The satisfactory mark means that the company has been in violation of one FMCSA law.However, they may have already fixed the problem.An unsatisfactory rating means that the company has violated standards more than once in their operational life.

Why Check USDOT Number Status?

check dot number status

When doing a USDOT lookup, remember that this is a good way to begin the search for a reputable moving company, but it should not be all you do. There are plenty of other steps that canbe takento confirm the trustworthiness of a company. Once you run the USDOT number, you should browse the internet for more details about the company. You can never be too safe when looking for a good moving company that will be in charge of all your possessions.Checking the USDOT number on the SAFER database is a great way to confirm the basics of the moving company that you have chosen. You can take the search of the company to another level by doing a USA search.This page is another great page to use when looking for the reputability of a moving company. You can also use Moving Authority looking for a good moving company.

Check USDOT everytime

The best way to get an unbiased view of what the company is like is to read online reviews.Customers who have used them in the past will feel a need to share any experience that was good or bad when using the company. Online reviews make it easier than ever to find a good mover. Check us dot numbers status is also a good way, but when paired with reviews, you will get everything you need to know about the company.
When you check DOT Status, you are taking active steps in protecting your move.With the help of Moving Authority, we can assure you that the only move you make is a safe one, with a reputable moving company. Our devotion to the customers does not stop there. Our site only works with movers who have a valid USDOT number, and who are willing to go through a background check. It is easy tobe fooled bya dishonest moving company.However, it is even easier to check the DOT number of any company before beginning business with them. This will ensure that you will be happy with the outcome of your move, and it's all thanks to yourself.



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