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Moving Authority is a top-rated national trade association and a large association of movers.


We are the go-to resource for all people involved in the professional moving industry. Our organization has well over 3,500 members. Those members are individuals and businesses from all sectors of the industry. Professionals across the United States turn to us on a daily basis. Why?

Because Moving Authority provides many more full-scale services and benefits than our competitors.

Each service and benefit gets designed to exceed the needs of our audience. And that audience is growing and becoming more diverse by the day. Please feel free to make a selection from the types of memberships below. A Moving Authority membership is usually held from September 1 to August 31 of the next year.

As a world-class national moving and storage association, our goal is simple.

We want all our clients to increase their revenue and profit margins for the long-term.


Movers Membership for Moving Company

The Moving Authority's mission is to serve every type of mover. That’s why we’re considered the #1 national moving and storage association in the country. Our services assist everyone in the industry. From independent, licensed movers to local/intrastate movers. We even provide membership services for van line agents.

Your Moving Authority membership is your secret weapon.

It provides access to state-of-the-art business resources and tools. They can help you speed up your business' growth fast. Plus, they assist our clients with maintaining compliance while expanding their professional networks.

As a premier national movers association, we know what it takes to help movers reach new heights.

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(702) 333-2430

Suppliers - A unique benefit for our proffesional movers associates

Moving Authority supplier members are very important. They serve many key roles when it comes to household goods moving and storage. Without suppliers, the industry would not function. The specialized products and services that they provide ensure that moving companies succeed. Also, our supplier members have a reputation for collaborating with moving companies. The suppliers also take advantage of many industry services.

Many suppliers have clients that are affected by the moving process.

So, what will a Moving Authority supplier membership do? It can connect all suppliers to countless companies. Each company is a potential customer. They are people in need of your own company’s services and products. Our organization has the most premium, an exclusive network for suppliers across the US.

The network can connect you to more than only professional (and certified) movers.

Our supplier network also focuses on company leadership innovators and decision-makers. This way, you'll promote your brand while creating new relationships across the country. 

Moving Authoriy Professional Movers Association program was created to: 

  • Look for the best interests of the general public and professionals lawfully engaged in the moving and storage industry.

  • Educate and inform members with everything they need to know involving transportation, storage, and small business issues.
  • Promote good will and cooperation among the public in need for the services and members providing them.



Member Testimonials


I love being a member of moving autorithy professional movers association.


By  being a member i can access to the biggets networking opportunities i ever had!  way more than what  others in the industry can provide.  The expertise, advises, Insights, and tricks I learnt from being an associate  are invaluable to me. It is key  in this industry to gain everyday a little bit more of  knowledge and know-how, specially when it comes to legislation.  This industry is my way of life, That is why im I need to help protect it and make it as great as possible for us and our consumers . The resources and vendor connections Moving Authority provides are just incredible!

  1. With a fast response time and excellent customer service, this moving company is an outstanding choice for anyone's relocation needs. Their movers are not only professional but also hardworking and efficient; the epitome of kindness in action! With so much to praise, I would highly recommend them - indeed if it were possible, my rating would go beyond five stars!


  2. I took a chance on a Moving Authority membership as an affiliate, and they immediately made available to me a number of connections to different specialty companies. Now I can respond to the needs of my clients with more tools. I hope this business relationship is prosperous and long lasting.


  3. I joined Moving Authority for the Leads. The same I register, a specialist called me and showed me all the different advantages I received. That was awesome! This membership turned out to be a winner.


  4. Since I took the membership, I have received a couple of important leads that have paid good dividends. I will continue to acquire them in the future. Recommended!


  5. Moving Authority membership really worked for us, we get very good leads after getting their membership. Their membership proves to be a great boost for our business.


  6. Excellent partnership. I am in contact with hundreds of colleagues all over the country. Everything is so much easier now with this membership. I recommend it.


  7. This moving company is the best in my book!!! They showed up in a 1 hour notice when another moving company was a no show. The movers were professional, hard working. Above efficient, kind and polite. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!!!! If I could give a million stars I would!!!!





Moving Authority affiliate membership is essential.

It serves as the bridge for important business connections. We help the household goods moving and storage industry make connections. Those connections are often with specialized companies. These are businesses that offer unique industry products and services.

The companies collaborate with moving businesses and use many industry services and products. Plus, the clientele of each company often gets affected by moving processes.

There are four main categories for affiliates of our professional movers association membership.

1. Brokers.
2. Freight forwarders.
3. Self-storage/portable organizations.
4. More suppliers and non-movers.

We are the go-to national movers association for all four of these entities.

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430


What is Free Hyperlink for your Professional Moving & Carrier company Site?

Not sure what a hyperlink is? It’s simple. A hyperlink is a common solution to help people view web pages and sites. Once we send you a link, that link can go to any location on the internet. In this case, our hyperlinks positions our members to view leads on private websites. It’s easy to recognize hyperlink text because it is always underlined in a unique color. Our leads have an important reputation.


If you want leads, you're in the right spot. Moving Authority is ready to provide you with a free hyperlink to view tons of leads.

All that you have to do is become a member to receive the leads. They connect our members to a large association of movers and key players. As a top-rated national moving and storage association, we know how valuable leads are. And we’re ready to help you secure the leads that you need to succeed.

Do you have any questions? If so, please contact the Moving Authority Membership Team right now. Our phone number is (702) 333-2430.

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