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New Jersey Moving Company Tariffs $699.95

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New Jersey Moving Tariffs: We Provide Tariff Services to all NJ Movers

Does your NJ moving organization need help building moving tariffs? If so, you've come to the right spot. Moving Authority is the #1 choice for tariff services in the US. You won’t find better rates anywhere in the country. Plus, we can provide custom NJ moving packages to every business. The packages position us to help movers with a variety of services. From assisting with packing estimates to writing new bills of lading. All it takes is you giving us a phone call. Within minutes, we can supply you with the moving tariff help that you need.


A moving tariff serves as a US federal government regulation. It applies to all moving companies in the US. A tariff lists all charges that each mover can apply toward a customer. Those charges (and each estimate) refer to any type of service. Moving organizations must make customers aware of each tariff. This is a stipulation by law depending on if you hold an MC number. Sections of a tariff go inside each bill of lading. Please scroll down to learn more about the bill of lading.

The New Jersey Moving Tariff & Estimate

All New Jersey movers have to file moving tariff documents with the state government. These documents feature rules and rate charges. Keep in mind that each tariff stays open to public inspection. Customers can examine their tariffs at two separate locations. The first location is the moving company’s office. The second location is The Office of Consumer Protection. Of course, US moving customers have to pay each charge that a tariff lists. But there are two exceptions to this concept. First, the mover can charge less than what's written on the tariff. Second, the mover can charge more than what the tariff states. This takes place if the customer has a prior agreement to do a binding estimate.

New Jersey movers cannot impose any charge if the moving tariff does not list the charge. In fact, this goes for movers all across the US. This concept applies to packing and unpacking. It also correlates to providing packing materials. Even imposing charges for heavy/large items is a US tariff regulation. For example, a mover cannot charge more to move a piano unless there is a prior agreement.

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The NJ Bill of Lading

Say that a NJ customer’s move has gotten completed to a house or apartment. The customer must now secure a bill of lading. The bill of lading should get signed by both the customer and mover. The bill should display the following information: 

1. The NJ mover’s name. 

2. The NJ mover’s address. 

3. The NJ mover’s license number. 

4. The NJ mover’s phone number. 

5. The location where the goods moved from. 

6. The location where the goods moved to. 

7. The loading date of the move. 

8. The delivery date of the move. 

Each bill of lading lists all actual charges and rates that customers pay for. The actual charges correspond to every service that the mover provides. This applies to all bills of lading in the US.

What Is New Jersey's Move Over Law?

Say that a New Jersey mover surveys a customer’s goods. That NJ mover must provide a written estimate of moving costs within 24 hours before the move. This is an official rule by New Jersey law. It has even gotten upheld in US courts. The non-binding estimate costs cannot exceed a New Jersey mover’s tariff rates. Those exact tariff rates must get filed through the US Office of Consumer Protection. Arbitration program is required as well

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Intrastate Estimates for Movers: Moving Within New Jersey

New Jersey movers adhere to New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs regulations. Otherwise, movers can lose their licensing. The regulations/rules protect customers from dealing with unethical companies in New Jersey. One of the most important regulations is that of in-person site surveys. The surveys are crucial for written estimates. Rough estimates over the phone or through the internet often lack accuracy. New Jersey movers should see all items in every room before they’re moved. Plus, it’s best to view all loading areas, such as stairs. This will make the estimates more accurate.

Every New Jersey mover bases cost on the weight/hourly rates within a tariff. Extra charges/packing charges also get featured in moving tariffs. Many NJ movers opt to offer binding estimates for direct moves. But pricing can change if extra services must take place. Pricing also changes when there are delays on moving days. That is why non-binding estimates are sometimes more practical. The non-binding estimate works well for customers who feel undecided about packing. Many customers underestimate how much effort packing and moving takes.

What’s the Average Cost To Move From One State to Another? (A Move Outside of New Jersey)

The average long-distance move costs customers about $9,3000.  This figure's based on an average distance of 1,225 miles. It’s also based on an average weight of 7,400 pounds. 

Interstate Estimates for Movers: Moving Outside of New Jersey 

There are many regulations to adhere to when New Jersey movers cross state lines. First of all, the movers have to have current MC numbers. The MC numbers get provided by the FMCSA registration: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. NJ movers within 50 miles of a customer’s home must arrive and provide a written estimate. It is not recommended that customers use the services of brokers. Why? Because brokers do not own trucks and are not responsible for damages and delays. Each NJ interstate estimate must feature the following information:

1. The name of the NJ mover. 

2. The address of the NJ mover. 

3. The NJ mover’s license number. 

4. All required advisories & National Movers Association Membership. 

New Jersey movers base their interstate estimates on mileage and cubic feet/weight. The estimates refer to rates listed in each tariff. Sometimes movers must also charge for extra services that take place. The Actual weight for a move is the same as any moving company. But cubic feet measurements sometimes vary. The lowest interstate estimate doesn’t always lead to the lowest final cost. That is a concept that New Jersey customers should keep in mind.

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We Provide Full-Scale Moving Services for All NJ Movers

Sure, our firm excels at building tariffs for NJ moving companies. But that’s not all we do. Our experts provide a large variety of moving services. From FMCSA registration to supplying movers with new packing strategies. The Moving Authority mission is simple. We want to ensure that everyNJ moving company can have long-term success. Do not hesitate to ask our team about any type of moving service you need. Our moving experts can create a custom moving package that benefits your NJ company. Plus, we’ll do all we can to keep our rates lower than our competitors. We’ll explain every flat rate so you understand what you're paying for. Remember- when it comes to moving customers in NJ, you need to secure authority. And there’s no better authority in New Jersey than Moving Authority.

Check out are custom tariffs for movers in the states of New York, and Georgia.

Questions About NJ Moving Tariffs? Movers Can Contact Us Any Time

Do you want to learn more about how our organization processes NJ and the US moving tariffs? If so, please call us at any moment. Our experts can listen to your needs and provide an estimate within minutes. The estimate will include all rates that apply to your moving company’s situation. We promise to keep our estimate rates low. This way, you can move your customers without having to worry about finances. Moving Authority is the #1 tariff building service in the US. And we’re ready to prove why and make your team of movers happy.

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