What can I do Once I Get Fined?

What are your options? Even if you have had contracts that you’ve used in the past for local or long distance or purchased them before 2012, you must hear what I’m about to say next. There are many services in the market that are knowingly selling moving companies rubbish contracts that do not protect them. DOT agents are educated and freely communicate with each other on what these contracts hold and provide. Purchasing our contracts is not a guarantee that you won’t be fined for any infractions that you have done wrong, but it won’t allow other known infractions that actual contracts hold within them in the market today. If you do decide to purchase Moving Authority’s long-distance moving contract or local state contract you will have one of our personnel explain to you how to execute the population of the contract.

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What Is A Moving Contract?

Moving contracts need to be used on every shipment provided to a customer. While the mover is only required to provide a copy of the Bill of Lading, you should have the other supporting documents that protect you and your customers alike. It also shows your pricing for all services, materials, and specialty services you provide. Having a custom tariff populates pricing on your paperwork.

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Since the 2012 STB ruling has been released by the DOT a copious amount of moving companies have been closed or fined for simply not being up to date with the new requirements. These fines can range from $1,500 to $120,000.00
Our Company Got Fined!

Okay, now don’t freak out! If you get a $120,000.00 fine, there’s something seriously wrong with your company and you need to make some serious adjustments, but I will say from my experience, the $10,000-$50,000 mark is probably a good average of what companies get fined for contract violations. Each inspection can be different and each violation can be different. Understanding the requirements and boundaries is key to be successful in the moving industry. Knowing these key elements will allow you to prosper, grow and become more profitable.

Common Causes of Fines

One of the biggest problems with new moving companies is the company employee not knowing what to charge in different situations. Let’s say you have a good employee that creates a charge that is not on your tariff and places it on the Bill of Lading, your company has broken the law right there. It could have been a validated charge for a good reason but if you cannot support it on your tariff, it is not legal. There is no grey part in the law with the Department of Transportation. The law is what it is.






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Below is some comon question that are asked before getting local contacts of Long Distance contacts with a matching tariff. 

Does it come with a Bill of Lading?

Yes, our contracts come with everything from the Bill of Lading, to the Order for Service and Inventory right down to the Closing Form. At Moving Authority we worked very long and hard with a federal Department of Transportation compliance investigator to ensure that the contracts that we created were written to be compliant with every current legal requirement. They were designed to be easy to understand and to fill out. They are fully customizable to meet your company’s needs. We have representatives available to answer your questions and help you throughout the process of customizing your contracts. We also have a fully customizable tariff that works hand in hand with your contracts to ensure that you are fully compliant with all current interstate regulations.

How does it benefit from other contracts?
Our contracts were customized with the help of a Department of Transportation compliance investigators and have received his seal of approval!
You can rest assured, knowing that if filled out correctly, your contracts will pass any DOT inspection. We offer training to help you learn to fill out your contracts correctly as well so that you can pass that knowledge on to your employees so they too can know how to fill out the contracts to help you avoid violations for simple clerical errors.

How does it protect me?
Our contracts were inspected by a federal DOT compliance investigator throughout the creation process so that we could ensure that you will not receive a violation for errors made in the verbiage of the contract. Our contracts are up to date with the most recent department of transportation and surface transportation board regulations. We have representatives that monitor our industry and are prepared to make any additional changes or corrections to the contracts as new regulations are made or changes to current regulations take effect. Knowing that Moving Authority is on top of our game in the moving industry and that if/when regulation changes occur, corrections to your contracts will be made and you will receive updates within the time limits allowed. Your moving company working in compliance is the key to sucess. 

How does it financially benefit me?
Moving Authority has not only worked with the DOT in the creation of our contracts but we also consult existing moving companies to get their ideas and opinions as to what they felt was important to be included in not only the contracts but in the tariff as well.
Many companies, especially those new to the moving industry, are not aware of all of the regulations and what they can and cannot charge a customer. That’s where we come in! We have representatives that can offer suggestions, ideas or advice as you are filling out your contact questionnaire. But keep in mind that if a charge is not listed in your tariff, it CANNOT be passed along to your customer! You can face oftentimes excessive fines for charging a customer for something that you are not permitted to charge in your tariff or for offering discounts that are not permitted in your tariff. Click and Purchase your tariff and moving contracts.
Call with any questions, we are here to help. (702) 333-2430

Do you offer Local and intrastate contracts as well?
Yes! We have been working with state agencies across the United States to create intrastate contracts as well. Not all states are currently available but we are and will continue to consult with each State’s governing agency until we can offer contracts and tariffs when permitted in each and every state