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  • Carrier Identification Number in California State
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  • For In-State California Carriers & Commercial Vehicle Operating
  • We Obtain the Number from California Highway Patrol (CHP)
  • Trucks of Two or more Axle with over gross vehicle weight 10K Lb
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CA Number

In California, you must have CA dot to operate, feel free to call if you have questions
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What Is a California DOT Number?

The California DOT number refers to the official California Department of Transportation Number. This number gets assigned by the CHP: California Highway Patrol. If you are a motor carrier within California state lines, you have to have a CA DOT number. The rules and regulations vary for in-state and out-of-state carriers.

California DOT Numbers for In-State Carriers & Out-of-State Carriers

The California DOT number process is different for each type of carrier depending on their California Intrastate authority. Let’s begin with in-state carriers. These are people that run commercial vehicle operations within the state of California. In-state carriers have to have the following three articles.

1. A CA number.
2. A USDOT number.
3. A Motor Carrier Permit.

In-state CA carriers were not required to have a USDOT number until 2016. Many out-of-state carriers must have the following three articles. Otherwise, they cannot enter the state of California. 1. A Motor Carrier Permit. 2. A CA DOT number. 3. A USDOT number. 

How to Get a California DOT Number for Trucks

Sometimes out-of-state carriers have only needed a USDOT number to drive through California. That’s why it’s best to contact the California Department of Transportation if you are unsure what you need. This applies to both in-state CA carriers and out-of-state carriers. The DOT will examine your carrier and let you know what your drivers must have. The CA DOT will also walk you through the process of getting a California DOT Number for trucks. So, how can you begin this process? By completing a California Carrier DOT Identification Number Application. The DOT can provide you with that application on weekdays. 

When it comes to the California registration process, you will need a federal ID number. This refers to your federal Department of Transportation (DOT) Number. And it applies to all organizations with transportation services as a motor carrier. Do you need to get a USDOT number? If so, you can contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The FMCSA issues all USDOT numbers. You can apply for your USDOT number on the FMCSA website.

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430

How to Display Your California DOT Carrier Identification Number/Name/Trademark

California law states that carriers must display USDOT number information at all times. That's why the information has to go on both sides of the vehicle. In fact, trademarks and names have to go on the sides of all trucks. The name and trademark have to appear legible from 50 feet away. This applies only for daylight hours and not nighttime. The DOT name/trademark should refer to the person that has the authority to operate the vehicle. But there is one exception. Sometimes the lessee or lessor’s name can get featured on the DOT name/trademark. If there is a fleet of vehicles, make sure you display the authority over the combination of vehicles. 


The CA number decals must get displayed on low areas of cab doors. Our firm recommends using two-inch letters in bold. You should also use an easy-to-read font. These are the four fonts that our team recommends.

1. Arial.
2. Century Gothic.
3. Cooper.
4. Times New Roman.

When it comes to the name, place it on the upper or mid part of the truck doors. You can use the same lettering style and size as you do for the number decals. You can also put your logo on the doors of the trucks. If the vehicle is light-colored, use dark or black truck number decals. If the vehicle is dark-colored, use light to white truck number decals. Feel free to contact our firm if you need help securing USDOT number decals. We can help you find high-quality, long-lasting decals to stay in good standing.

Who needs a motor carrier permit in California?

The state of California has a DOT rule for every commercial motor vehicle.

So who needs a motor carrier permit in California?

Any commercial motor vehicle with a GVW above 10,000 pounds must have something. It's called a California Motor Vehicle Permit. The number for the permit needs to get displayed in permanent lettering on all trucks.

The California Motor Vehicle Permit number often gets referred to as the CA number. Your official company name must also get placed on the door of the truck in a permanent manner. But there is one alternative. Instead, you can place the official company name on the box of the truck. Remember what your official company name is. It is the same exact name that’s written on the vehicle registration. 

The California motor carrier permit serves as an official DMV document. It adheres to the Motor Carrier Services branch of the DMV. Having a CA number proves that you've registered with the DMV. Plus, the permit proves something else. It is that a carrier has met all requirements to operate commercial vehicles. In other words, the permit’s needed to get your fleet trucking across California highways. The intrastate permit number permits will display the date when your CA number will expire. Every company gets provided with one CA number. That number gets used for every single vehicle per carrier. If you have never had a number before, you might need to contact the California Highway Patrol. They will help you fill out a Motor Carrier Profile.

Our Firm Is Ready to Assist You With All Your California DOT Number Needs

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430

Getting a California DOT number does not need to feel like a hassle or crisis. And with our firm on your side, it won’t be at all. Our team specializes in all aspects of the CA authority registration. The mission of our firm is to help California trucking companies get on the road ASAP. We will make sure your California carrier organization adheres to all regulations.

Whether DOT or FMCSA, we've got you covered. Our staff can do anything from helping you with a CA number search to filling out your CA DOT application. There is no compliance paper or registration form that we are not familiar with. And we’re only one phone call away at any time.

We look forward to helping you with all your California DOT needs and USDOT number California.

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I called Moving Authority to comply with the California DOT Number for my trucks. I tried to do it myself, but I felt it a little complicated. I supplied some data, and the specialists did the rest. I would use their services again if necessary.

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We needed the ca dot number for our new route. I contacted Moving Authority, and they offered me the California DOT Number service. I decided to go on. That was a wise choice. I can now carry through California, and my business is growing.

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I contacted Moving Authority to fill out the California Carrier DOT Identification Number Application for my company. As soon as I called them, they explained every detail for securing the CA Number. They were very patient and helpful.

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Looking for options to start my trucking business in California, I found that I needed the CA Number in addition to the essential permits. After a couple of online searches, I called Moving Authority. They immediately gave me the attention I needed, and I now have my CA number. Thank you.

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Thanks, Moving Authority. I got my CHP CA number. They filled my Dot number application in a snap. I will keep on using their services in the future.



Our CA number renewal was quick and painless. The service was also outstanding. A+++



I'm so please with the CA Number renewal Moving Authority provided us with. What I most liked is they took care of filling out our CA DOT application right away. The people at Moving Authority gave us excellent service. I am very grateful to them!

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