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  • An Inactive USDOT Number status means number has been suspended
  • If deactivated let our agents US DOT Number Reactivation
  • Every 24 months as required you must file to keep DOT active

USDOT Number Reactivation

Companies should pay close attention to USDOT Number reactivation policies. Why? So that they are always in good standing with the government. This will help prevent losses in revenue and profit margins. Reactivating a USDOT Number is a simple process. Please read below to learn how to do it.

How to Do USDOT Number Reactivation

Let’s begin with the first step of USDOT Number reactivation. You must assess what your USDOT Number status is at this moment. It’s easy to look up the status. All you need to do is go to the FMCSA SAFER Company Snapshot website. Once you log-in, the reactivation status might say one of the following two things. 1. Record Inactive. 2. Inactive USDOT Number per 49 CFR 390.19(b)(4). If #2 is at play, that means a biennial USDOT update has not gotten completed. Whether you see #1 or #2, it means that you must complete and submit a report. That report's known as the Motor Carrier Identification Report. The official form has its own name. It’s called Form MCS-150. Submitting that form will put you in position to reactivate your USDOT number.

You can find Form MCS-150 on the FMCSA website. The site lists directions about how to sign and submit the form. Never use a form that comes from another website. Why? Because the FMCSA updates its forms on a regular basis. You do not want to risk submitting an outdated form. The FMCSA has a reputation for rejecting the following three forms, if outdated. 1. The MCS-150 form. 2. The MCS-150B form. 3. The MCS-150C form.

Say that after the New Entrant revocation, you need to reactivate a USDOT Number. This also means that you should use the FMCSA website. But you will need to follow separate reactivation instructions that the FMCSA provides. These instructions are easy to find on the site. Has your operating authority gotten revoked? If so, you need to reinstate it ASAP. You can also do this through the FMCSA website. The key to doing so is having a clean USDOT Number record. This refers to a record that is up-to-date and active. Otherwise, processing delays could take place while requesting reinstatement. There is one other option for this process. You can also submit the MCS-150 form. But keep in mind that the form must go alongside a reinstatement request.

PIN Numbers For USDOT Number Reactivation

Knowing your PIN number can help you with USDOT Number reactivation. Say that the USDOT status reads: Inactive USDOT Number per 49 CFR 390.19(b)(4). This means that you should get ready to input your USDOT PIN. That is the fastest way to reactivate when receiving this message. Have you forgotten your PIN? Or, do you need a new one? Either way, you can request a new PIN on the FMCSA government website. Resetting a PIN number does not take much time. Plus, having one is crucial for reactivating your USDOT number.

Contacting the FMCSA About USDOT Number Reactivation

It’s okay to ask for help with your USDOT Number reactivation efforts. The FMCSA encourages people to contact them. Their employees will answer any questions about their USDOT status. (You can also contact our organization for USDOT Number reactivation help.) The FMCSA is available through these three channels of communication. 1. Phone. 2. Chat. 3. Email. The FMCSA website also features co-browse functionality. This means that an FMCSA rep can help walk you through the USDOT Number reactivation process.

Using Fax or Mail to Conduct USDOT Number Reactivation

USDOT Number reactivation processes can take place through fax or mail. All you have to do is mail or fax a completed MC-150 form. Make sure that the form's addressed to the FMCSA. There are two common situations in which faxing or mailing the form is ideal. 1. You need to reactivate the USDOT number due to having an incomplete biennial update. When it comes to this, you've got to make sure the processing is correct. You can do so by checking off the box with the following title: Biennial Update. You might also need to check off this box: Changes in the Reason for Filing. 2. You are reapplying for a USDOT Number because your status has gotten revoked. The most common status that gets rejected is the New Entrant status. If this is the case, you should go over to the Reason for Filing section. Next, check off the following box. Reapplication After Revocation of New Entrant.

Make sure that you double-check expiration dates before mailing/faxing forms. You don’t want to risk having to begin the reactivation process again from scratch. The USDOT and FMCSA are strict about not accepting expired forms. In fact, the rejection of all expired forms became an official FMCSA policy in 2018.

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