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BOC-3 Filing

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What is a BOC 3 and why is filing one so important? You're about to find out. This article covers everything you need to know about BOC 3 Filing Are you applying for an FMCSA certification? If so, there is an important rule made by the United States federal law. All transportation organizations have to name an SOP agent. SOP stands for service of process. This is to ensure that a company can get the authority to conduct operations with the FMCSA.Click on MCS 150


FMCSA stands for Federal Motor Carrier Authority Administration. The FMCSA focuses on regulating the entire trucking industry of the US. Filing a Form BOC 3 is important for more than receiving FMCSA authority. It’s also crucial for maintaining that service for a long period of time. This article details info on BOC 3 filing processes. Know about  
Dot Authority

It also teaches how processes affect trucking companies. The companies include brokers, freight forwarders, and motor carriers. They all conduct business across state lines on a daily basis. That’s why they should choose a process agent or SOP. Are you ready to learn more about BOC 3 filing? If so, let's continue. Know about Get Company Ad 1 month State.


What Is an FMCSA Process Agent and BOC 3 Process Agent?


DOT Number Deactivation. FMCSA agents and BOC 3 process agents are crucial for transportation companies. Say you operate one. That means you have to select a specific USDOT agent. This type of agent is also known as the service of a process agent. The agent has to conduct business in every state where your company operates. So, what is a process agent/SOP agent? It’s a person or organization that gets appointed by your company. That entity has the authorization to get legal documents on behalf of the principal. The process agent must have complete availability during standard business hours.Please visit  Company registration 


Movers Company Training  Say that you choose to allow a process agent to help your company out. The entity has legal protection to receive and distribute legal and court documents. These are documents that affect your trucking organization. One of the most common document measures is the service of processThis is where documents get delivered, such as a complaint or summons. These documents contain an official notice that litigation has begun. A specific party gets named as the defendant in the case. Next, a series of legal actions must happen  Know about Drug and Alcohol Program


When selecting a BOC 3 agent, make sure that there are no hidden fees. There should be one single low-dollar charge and nothing else. But keep in mind that more and more BOC 3 agents are adding extra costs. For example, there could be an extra cost for forwarding documents. Also, make sure that the agent you choose works for a firm with great customer service.TKnow about Leads Long Premium 

You don't want to risk getting on hold when you need to speak with an agent ASAP. High-quality process agents give organizations everything they need well in advance of deadlines. This is very important if you are dealing with legal action. You might need certain documents sent to you right away. Why? They could prevent a judgment from getting levied against your company.Please visit  Get Company Ad 12 month State.

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What Is the BOC 3 Filing form and What Are Blanket Agents?


Know about Get Company Ad 12 month State You might wonder what BOC stands for. It stands for blanket coverage. This is where the term blanket agent comes from. That’s the BOC 3 form meaning in a nutshell: securing coverage. Transportation companies cannot operate without a blanket of coverage protection. BOC 3 filings often get referred to as the Designation of Agents for Service of Process. This is a US federal filing process in which a process agent gets assigned. That agent's tasked with accepting legal documents. Click on Local Contracts.

All the documents are on behalf of a logistics/transportation organization. The agent must conduct his or her job in every state where the organization does business. When are BOC 3 filings required? They are often required before an organization secures authority to conduct business on Tariff with Contracts

Do you own or work for a motor carrier? If so, no one except the process agent can conduct BOC 3 filings. Plus, those types of filings have to take place online. But say you are a freight forwarder/Broker Freight Package. with no commercial vehicles. In this case, the process agent does not need to conduct the filing. You can file a BOC 3 on your own using a paper copy. This is part of the FMCSA broker authority process. Know about Leads Long Premium 

Click on Emergency service Say that you choose to file a BOC 3 form using the official USDOT site. If so, make sure that you provide all the needed information. Leads This includes your full name and the address of the freight forwarder/broker/carrier. You should also specify who's authorized to sign the document. An official title should go next to that person’s name..Hotshot Authority

You also must provide the SOP agent’s name. Make sure that you write a street address next to every state. You can either use a blanket designation or list the addresses one-by-one. Are you unfamiliar with a blanket designation? It’s when you name one corporation/association inc that has filed with the FMCSA. That entity then serves as the process agent for all the country’s relevant states. Must check out Extra consultation with a tariff specialist


The BOC 3 Form File Process and Registration Service


New Jersey Moving Company Tariffs Say that your BOC 3 form has gotten completed. You then choose to create an electronic file by way of the FMCSA. Next, the FMCSA will provide operating authority. If that authority’s granted, they will mail an official document to your organization. Interstate Without tariff The documents often get sent out after three or four business days. When should you consider contacting the FMCSA? Do so if you don't receive the document within 10 business days. But before you contact them, you can check up on the application status online. All you need to do is access the FMCSA Licensing & Insurance site. It should state if the operating authority has gotten issued to you or your organization.Click on  New York Moving Tariff


Sometimes a BOC 3 needs to get refiled. There are three common reasons for this to take place.

1. There has been a name change.
2. There has been the reinstatement of the motor carrier operating authority.
3. There has been a transfer of authority.

Keep in mind that PO boxes are never accepted as the address of an agent. The original copy must get signed and filed under the following heading. FMCSA: Office of Registration and Safety Information, MC-RS. Click on Trucking Authority Packages



More About the Need for a BOC 3 File Form and Process Agent


Leads Local Many business people make the mistake of assuming that they have the authority to file a BOC 3. But on behalf of a carrier or applicant, no one except a process agent can file it. The FMCSA stipulates something very important. The carrier or applicant has to write down the official process agent on the form. But say you're an applicant that’s a freight forwarder or broker.Click on Carrier Agreement .

As long as there are no CMVs, you can file Form BOC 3 without the agent. But keep in mind that only one form can exist on file. Make sure the form lists every state that requires agency designations. The broker/carrier should hold on to a copy of the BOC 3 form at its headquarters.Know about Leads Long Premium 

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The Cost (and Need) of BOC 3 Process Agents/Blanket Agents


You might have questions about how much a BOC 3 process agent costs. Appointing a registered, professional agent is not as expensive as many people assume. The cost is sometimes as low as twenty dollars. But it can sometimes cost more than one hundred dollars. It depends on the scope of service that an organization chooses. For example, most SOP agents provide extra compliance services. In other words, the agents can do a lot more for companies than only filling BOC 3s. Know about  Unlimited Membership.


Keep in mind that the structure of fees can vary. Quite a few standard process agents charge annual fees. Plus, there are sometimes extra charges for every document that gets handled. But other agents only charge a one-time fee for each BOC 3 Filing. This is why it’s best to ask every potential agent what he or she charges. Here are two common extra fees.Click on Movers Association Membership.
1. A change-of-address fee.
2. An expedited BOC 3 form filing fee. 


The BOC 3 File and Registration Process Is Not As Complicated as You Think for your business


Starting a Trucking Company Here’s some good news when it comes to the BOC 3 file and registration process. It is not as daunting as it seems. Our organization is ready to walk you through the entire process. From help with registration to sending a fax to the right trucking company. Our mission is to ensure that your process agent needs to get taken care of. Please browse our website for more information about US government regulations. If you see something you don't understand, give us a call. Or, you're also welcome to send our team an email. We even accept faxes of all BOC related documentsClick on US DOT Number Reactivation  


Get Company Ad 3 month StatAre you already underway in the registration process? If so, our experts can look over your current file and form. They can assess what factors within each document need to change. Rest assured that our organization has advised company after company. We do business with all trucking INCs and LLCs. That experience makes us one of the top process agent advisors in the United States. We’ve worked with countless blanket agents to ensure the success of every client.Click on Local Contracts.


 Oftentimes, our clients get surprised to learn how many US government rules there are. Of course, the rules and regulations are going to vary based on your state.Dot Authority That’s why it’s best to leave the dirty work to us. We’ll assess any business need and find a fast solution. That way, your workers can get back on the road in no time. Our firm has advanced tools and resources. These position us to assist motor companies of all kinds. No matter your state or need, Moving Authority is here to help. And we will make any trucking process simple for you.  Know about   Georgia Intrastate Moving Tariff


Contact Us for More BOC 3 File, Registration, and Process Agent Information


Do you want to learn more about BOC 3 forms and FMCSA certification? If so, please pick up the phone and contact our organization today. Our live agents are ready for your call. They will help you and your company take care of all BOC 3 related matters. We will assist you in making the most of your blanket of coverage.  Click on Movers Association Membership.

Whether you are in need of basic information or BOC 3 tips and strategies, we’re ready to help you succeed. Plus, you are welcome to face over any trucking documents to us. We’ll either help you fill them out or ensure that they are accurate. And we’ll do so within one or two business days. Also, let us know if your business is in need of any other services. Know about Local Contracts

 Product Test.Our team can create custom trucking services and processes. These services and processes aren’t listed on our website. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you out. Next thing you know, you and your company will get on the road to more than the next destination. You’ll get on the road toward victory, thanks to our patented BOC filing process. click on Just Tariff.

We also can help you with Arbitration program participation if you are a household goods carrier. 

Please read about Published moving Tariffs.

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