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  • Improvement package is a combination of forms & documents
  • Drug & alcohol package plus Claims package
  • Carrier agreement contacts
  • Warehouse recept contract
  • Employee handbook for moving company
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The Moving Authority Improvement Packet: Improve the Operations of Your Company Today

Moving Authority is proud to help companies succeed through our Improvement Packet. All sorts of trucking and transportation organizations across the US use our packet. Why? So that they can make their business processes more efficient. Plus, the Improvement Packet focuses on FMCSA and DOT compliance. It contains processes that emphasize maintaining superb government standing. We've featured the key areas of the Improvement Packet below. If you have any questions about the packet, do not hesitate to call Moving Authority.

Drug and Alcohol Claims Package

Drug and alcohol testing and compliance are central aspects of any trucking business. Through the Improvement Packet, your business can discover new, improved processes. This way, you can have a winning system in place to keep your drivers on the road. Moving Authority can do it all when it comes to drug and alcohol claims. From helping you find a local testing facility to preparing for random testing. As you know, the FMCSA and DOT are strict when it comes to drug and alcohol use. And it’s the mission of Moving Authority to help you follow all rules and requirements.

There are thousands of FMCSA and DOT-approved drug testing locations. Moving Authority can help you find a location near your business. Then, we can facilitate consistent testing that adheres to all government regulations. This way, the Improvement Packet can do more than keep you in compliance. It can boost the safety of your drivers and other drivers across public roads. Almost all commercial truck drivers become subject to drug and alcohol testing. That’s because it applies to any vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,000+. Also, any driver transporting hazardous materials is also subject to testing. And our mission is to prevent claims through testing solutions.

Moving Authority can provide your business with all sorts of DOT clearinghouse processes. From pre-employment testing to filling out claims paperwork. The first step is for us to educate your workers on drug and alcohol requirements. We can do so by helping you create a compliant alcohol and drug policy. Once the policy is in place, we can help you set up a drug and alcohol testing program. But we don't stop there. Moving Authority can provide safety training to supervisors and employees alike. Our team can make sure that your forms, records, and files all focus on safety. Otherwise, the DOT and FMCSA could penalize or fine your company. We also focus on helping transportation organizations submit reports to the FMCSA. One key report that we can help you submit is an annual drug and alcohol report.  Our mission is to reduce the number of claims that your business has to deal with. And we can do so through this Improvement Packet.

Carrier Agreement Contract Services

Using a first-rate carrier agreement contract is crucial to the success of a company. And through our Improvement Packet, Moving Authority can improve your contract processes. Our transportation experts can do it all when it comes to contracts. From assessing pending contracts to drafting new contracts on your behalf. We also specialize in formatting and executing broker carrier agreements. This way, your business can use contracts ideal for hauling freight and goods. If you're struggling to draft contracts, our team can supply you with templates. These carrier agreements and contract templates can help your business succeed. 

As trucking industry professionals, we know how stressful it feels to execute contracts. In fact, that’s a key reason why this Improvement Packet exists. Our team can work one-on-one with any key player related to your contract. From customers to freight brokers. This way, we can help ensure that you receive the rate agreed to within a freight contract. Plus, our experts can also help you with executing broker carrier agreements. You're even welcome to contact us if someone violates your contract or agreement. In that case, the Moving Authority team can supply you with ideal solutions.

When we assist carriers with contracts, our experts apply their deep industry knowledge. And that knowledge covers all aspects of FMCSA and DOT rules and regulations. This is crucial for ensuring that every contract and agreement follows the law. But we don't stop there. Moving Authority can also supply many other services for carrier contracts and agreements. We can help your business with liability and insurance. Plus, we can teach your team advanced procedures for invoicing. After all, our mission is for every Moving Authority customer to make more money ASAP. Carriers have to know more than only when they will get paid. They must also understand the type of liability that’s at play. Without informed broker carrier agreements, trucking freight can't get booked. And we want your business to to deliver goods and freight without any delays. That can happen thanks to the processes within this Improvement Packet.

Warehouse Receipt Contract Guidance

As you know, warehouse receipts are some of the most crucial documents in the industry. Each receipt guarantees the quality and quantity of stored items in your facility. Any business could experience many claims and problems without receipt solutions. And that’s where Moving Authority thrives. We put warehouse receipt processes in place for organizations across the US. Say that you don't use a solid warehouse receipt system. That means you do not have enough proof that a commodity’s in your warehouse. This can lead to major legal and financial problems for any moving and storage business. But through an improvement to your active contract system, you can prevent trouble. That’s why our Improvement Packet can guide you toward a better contract system.

Contract review is a crucial aspect of the warehouse receipt process. Moving and storage companies can experience an emergency at any time. Your warehouse manager could call you right now and say that a break-in took place. Or, that your warehouse has gotten flooded and some goods are now ruined. This is why moving and storage companies must have the right level of insurance. Insurance featured in a contract can protect your business against emergencies. And Moving Authority can help you find the right insurance policy for your warehouse. Then, we can insert that policy into your current warehouse receipt contract template. Otherwise, your company could risk having its claims get denied. And that could lead to a massive financial burden. Your current receipt system could already limit your liability. But you still need more protection. And that’s why we provide contract review and contract template services. You can access these receipt-related services through the Improvement Packet.

If you need an improved warehouse receipt template, our experts can assist. We’ve designed thousands of custom receipt templates for transportation businesses. Let’s say your contract has inaccurate tariff wording or outdated warehouse protections. Either of these factors can restrict the coverage that your company receives. Again, this is why it’s best to have Moving Authority review your warehouse insurance. Only then can we provide you with a receipt template for your protection. Plus, we can ensure all your warehouse receipt processes are up-to-date. If not, we can correct your template ASAP to prevent claims against your organization. Remember, the last thing you want to have is an open-ended receipt system. Instead, you need a system crafted by the industry experts at Moving Authority. And you can access that system through our Improvement Packet.

The Moving Authority Employee Package

One of the most important aspects of the Improvement Packet focuses on the staff of any business. It’s called the Moving Authority Employee Package. This package exists to improve the actions and processes of a company’s workers. And there’s no better organization than Moving Authority for doing so. We can do it all. From employee training to education about FMCSA and DOT policies. Let us know your transportation company’s problems and we can put solutions in place. Our package is that simple. And it’s that effective.

Here’s one of the most important aspects of the Moving Authority Employee Package. It can function as a custom package in which we improve the processes that you request. Here’s an example. Say that your drivers keep receiving DOT or FMCSA violations. Your company can contact Moving Authority and give us a summary of these violations. Then, our trucking experts can work one-on-one with your business. (Or, one-on-one with your workers in violation of government policies.) We can help you create an improved system for training and supervising workers. As a result, you won’t have to worry so much about your staff not doing their jobs well. Instead, Moving Authority can provide the tools and resources that employees need to succeed. Do you want to learn more about the Employee Package or the Improvement Packet as a whole? If so, all you've got to do is give Moving Authority a call right now.

Call Us Now To Learn More About How You Can Benefit Through Our Improvement Packet

Ready to learn more on how your business can succeed through the Improvement Packet? Well, we’re eager to provide you with all the information that you need. Please give the Moving Authority team a call at any time. You're also welcome to send us an email or message us on our website. Our experts can begin by assessing your business needs. Then, they can help you find the most cost-effective solutions through the packet. This packet is turning the trucking industry upside down. And we’re ready to show you why. We look forward to improving the processes of your transportation business.

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