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Please visit BOC 3 FilingMC numbers are very important for trucking organizations. The number gives many companies the authority to operate. Some say that understanding the basics of MC numbers is a difficult process. But that’s where this article comes into play. It will do more than inform you about who needs an MC number. It will also tell you the type of authority that’s needed, the costs, and what steps you should take. Are you ready to learn all you need to know about MC numbers and authority? Let’s get started. Know about  Georgia Intrastate Moving Tariff.


What Is Motor CARRIER Number Registration?


Click on  Employee PacketThe term MC number stands for Motor Carrier number. Having a number provides a carrier with interstate operating authority. Plus, the number serves as a specific identifier for the FMCSA and DOT. It helps them recognize moving companies that conduct operations across interstate commerce. This means that the MC number is for businesses that transport cargo across state lines. But keep in mind that some moving companies do not need to have this number. Yet, all interstate movers get required by law to have and display their US DOT numbers.

This applies to all commercial carriers in need of authority. Keep in mind that FMCSA operating authority is sometimes not identified as an MC number. That’s right- MC is not the only compliance designation. There are also FF and MX numbers. The classification of numbers depends on the type of trucking authority granted. Know about under arbitration.

Who needs MC Number

Who Needs To Get Authority to Operate?


Click on Hot shot AuthorityThere are two main types of organizations that get required to have an MC number. Both types must also have a DOT number to receive authority. In other words, the following two forms of companies need interstate operating authority. Must check out Biennial Update.


1. Companies that transport people through interstate commerce need MC registration. Compensation or a fee, whether indirect or direct, applies to this type of company. Having the number is crucial for compliance that leads to success. Know about New Jersey Moving Company Tariffs 


2. Companies that transport commodities owned by others and get federally regulated need registration. Or, this type of company arranges the transportation of the commodities. Compensation or a fee with interstate commerce applies to this type of company. They cannot operate with authority and compliance without securing the number. Click on   Broker Freight Package.

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The Types of FMCSA Interstate Carriers That Need To Get Motor Carrier Numbers


Almost all interstate carriers in the US need to have an MC number to secure authority. Otherwise, without proper registration, they’re forbidden from operating in a legal manner. When it comes to MC operating authorities, there are different MC classifications. Choosing a certain operating authority determines the type of operations for each company. The MC classification also affects the type of cargo that a company’s trucks can carry. That alters how a business can apply for each number. Let’s now go over the different types/classifications for MC operating authorities. Click on Broker Mover Package.


A Motor Carrier of Property Needs To Get a unique identifier


Please visit  Company registrationThis type of motor carrier excludes household goods. It applies to for-hire motor carriers that receive authority. These carriers transport regulated commodities other than standard household goods. The carriers perform their operations for the general public and receive compensation. The carriers focus on safety to maintain compliance. They need to secure an active number through DOT Number/FMCSA registration. Otherwise, without active registration, they will lose authority. Please visit Dot Authority

Movers need mc number

FMCSA Compliant Moving Companies Need operating authority


Know about Movers Company TrainingThese companies serve as motor carriers of household goods. This type of motor carrier has DOT-related authority. Why? Because they function as for-hire transportation services that must keep safety in mind. But nothing other than household goods get transported. This is also for the general public. This way, compensation takes place. Keep in mind that household goods count as personal items that go inside people’s homes. All the companies must have an active number to achieve compliance. Otherwise, without MC registration, they cannot operate using trucking authority.

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Brokers of Property Need To Get the authority to operate


Know about Get Company Ad 1 month StateHousehold goods get excluded from this authority-related classification of business. This is when a corporation, partnership, or person gets payment. But not for transporting property. Instead, it is for arranging the transportation of someone’s property. But once again, household goods do not apply here. The Broker of Property should serve as an authorized, official motor carrier. (And it must maintain specific DOT safety standards.) And every motor carrier must use an active number and maintain registration. Remember- without the number, there is no DOT authority. Must check out Extra consultation with a tariff specialist.


Every Broker of Household Goods Also Needs a unique identifier


Click on Membership.This classification is very much like the Broker of Property’s classification. So, what’s the big difference when it comes to registration? The Broker of Household Goods arranges the transportation for household goods. Of course, an MC Number is important here for authority purposes. (And so is maintaining the safety of drivers.) The number is the glue that holds a company’s authority together. Click on Carrier Agreement .


Other Types of FMCSA Authority That Need Motor Carrier Numbers


Click on Get Company Ad 6 month StateThere are some less common authority classifications that need to have an MC number. They include motor passenger carriers and freight forwarders. Most carriers that conduct operations in Mexico should also get the number. This is so they can receive authority and official compliance status. For example, take Non-North American Domiciled Motor Carriers. They also need to have a number to get designated authority. Please visit  Get Company Ad 12 month State.


Keep in mind that requested operating authority classifications affect insurance processes. A unique classification can alter the level and type of insurance for any carrier. Also, the FMCSA requires all carriers to have more than a number for motor carrier status. Each business must provide relevant insurance through registration to secure authority. Plus, every trucking business has to prove it adheres to certain safety standards. Know about Get Company Ad 12 month State

Who needs MC Number


Who Does Not Need to Have an FMCSA ComplaInt Number?

Getting an MC number often comes down to if the carrier’s required to have operating authority. Carriers that aren’t required to have the operating authority do not need the number. Private carriers also do not need a number. These are carriers that choose to move their very own cargo. For-hire carriers do not need an MC number if they only transport commodities that are exempt. Exempt commodities are cargo that hasn’t gotten regulated on the federal level.


Here's another type of carrier that has no use for MC numbers. They are carriers that operate inside commercial zones that are federally designated. Why? Because interstate authority rules do not affect them at all. What is a commercial zone? It’s a geographic territory where different states border one major city. A great example of a commercial zone is Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland. There is one more type of carrier that does not need a carrier (MC) classified numbers. Intrastate carriers. These carriers perform transportation/trade/traffic in the company’s domicile state. They can do with MC-related authority while not needing to have the number. Instead, their active GOV and DOT status focus on FMCSA safety standards.

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Applying for interstate operating authority Under First-Time Registration


The new MC number application process is different from the USDOT number process. Why? Because an organization might need to secure more than one operating authority number. Otherwise, there might not be enough support for any planned business operations. All new number applicants should register online at the FMCSA website. They can begin the process by using the Unified Registration System. This is where you’ll need to register before proceeding with an application. The site and the online portal are very easy to use. You can save your application data if you don't have time to complete the process. 


MC number applicants can return to their new applications any time. All they need to do is input their password and applicant ID. Once you finish online registration, you will need to pay some new fees. It will then take about 25 business days for the application to get processed. Sometimes it takes longer when FMCSA needs to conduct an evaluation. Also, the FMCSA site is where you can have more than only MC numbers issued. You can also secure a new USDOT number, MX number, or FF number.


Applying for a New Number Using Existing Registration


Sometimes existing carriers are in need of securing a new MC number. They have two options. They can either apply online using the FMCSA website or they can use OP-1 series forms. Existing carriers must have a valid USDOT number when they apply for a new number. Existing carriers should use the online FMCSA Legacy Registration System. That is where trucking companies can pay new fees for each brand new number.


Companies can check the status of their new MC number by using the SAFER website. Once they're on that website, they can perform a Licensing and Insurance Search. All they need to do is enter the number for USDOT/MC in the box and click Search. Authority History will pop up at the bottom of the page. It will display the date that the new operating authority has gone into effect. For more information about securing an MC number, use the FMCSA website.


The Fees for Getting a Motor Carrier Number


Are you considering applying for permanent authority to get an MC number? If so, the fee is $300.00. If you're filing a change-of-name notice, the fee is $14.00. There is an $80.00 fee if you apply to reinstate your authority. Keep in mind that there are separate fees for every type of authority classification. Make sure that you and your team write everything down in a correct manner. Double-check what gets written before sending out an application. Why? Because the FMCSA does not issue MC-related refunds. This policy applies to any applications that contain mistakes. In fact, no application fees ever get refunded. 


What Separates Motor Carrier Numbers From USDOT & Other FMCSA Numbers?


The difference between MC numbers and USDOT numbers comes down to the type of movers. As mentioned earlier, some movers are exempt from needing an MC number. The USDOT number gets assigned by the FMCSA to every type of interstate mover. This way, all interstate movers have an interstate operating authority for trucking purposes. 


The MC number is a second interstate operating authority that the FMCSA issues. Companies that transport passengers need MC numbers. They are also needed by companies that transport regulated commodities over state lines. Are you still confused about whether your organization needs to have a new MC number? If so, do not despair. Please contact either our firm or the FMCSA right away.


Our One Hour Registration Package

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430

Do you work for a Motor Carrier and want to receive a new number in less than an hour? If so, we have a trucking registration package that can help you secure authority ASAP. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call our DOT experts. You can let us know if you need any registration or number beyond the MC. Then, our team can complete your new registration at the speed of light. But keep in mind that we have to comply with DOT working hours. Sometimes that means we cannot supply the Number until after an hour. But we can provide any motor carrier with FMCSA registration. And we'll do so faster than our competitors so that you achieve compliance fast. This way, you drivers can start trucking fast- and with complete and active authority.



Don't forget to ask us for information about our new packages. We provide custom DOT registration packages that can help any trucking program succeed. Sure, we’ll help you secure an active DOT Number. But that’s not all. We also can provide many other resources that lead toward trucking authority.

Our firm is number one in the US when it comes to supplying compliance packages. Other firms only provide basic trucking information. Us? We provide DOT-related results. We can even create a custom registration program for any motor carrier. But that’s not all. Our DOT trucking team can also supply authority on an individual basis. No matter what your trucking company needs, the Moving Authority team is here to help.


Does Your Motor Carrier Need Registration? Contact Us Now


Does your business need one on one help securing active trucking authority status? If so, please call our MC # Help Hotline at any time. Our mission is to help every trucking company with more than only registration. We also want to ensure the safety of your drivers. Everyone on our staff has years of authority experience and knowledge. We help thousands of carriers with registration every year. No one knows the FMCSA and DOT better than us. Sure, we’ll take care of official motor carrier registration needs. But we will also share with you expert-level compliance resources. That’s so you can maintain trucking authority for years to come.


We’re ready to do more than help your trucking company with registration. Our full-scale firm has connections to national media. We can set up a program that promotes your business on the national level. Other firms struggle to provide each customer with an active DOT Number. Not us. Our team provides service after service that leads to high-performing business results. We do more than make trucking easy. Moving authority makes trucking lead to high ROI business results. Please call us right now for access to free resources. We can’t wait to help you secure a DOT Number and anything else your business needs.


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