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  • Broker Authority Freight Package
  • DOT Freight Broker License to Sell Service for Truckers
  • We Register as both a Motor Carrier and Freight Broker
  • Online shopping yearly means more trucks on road & Brokers
  • FMCSA Broker Authority for Freight
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Our Freight Broker Package: The #1 Authority Resource for Freight Brokers

Moving Authority specializes in providing world-class Broker Authority Freight Packages. The packages are for organizations that transport loads. The freight gets moved between motor carriers and shippers. Our packages adhere to all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration policies. The mission of our team is simple. We want to give you and your staff everything that’s needed in one package. Our employees will do so in a fast and hassle-free manner.

Moving Authority will provide the groundwork you need for the Broker Freight Package. That’s because we pride ourselves on taking care of every single detail. We want your company to begin moving freight ASAP. Once you are, you’ll get on the fast-track toward making more money. We’re ready to provide you with the best Broker Authority Freight Package in the industry.

What Is the Broker Authority & Freight Broker Package?

A Broker Authority Freight Package includes every filing related to FMCSA licensing. The FMCSA is in charge of granting official Broker Authority licenses. The licenses position businesses to transport many forms of cargo. That’s why Moving Authority assists for-hire carriers. Our experts know what the carriers need to do so that they stay in good standing with the government. And this package is ideal for helping your company do so. It includes everything that a carrier or broker needs. Say that you go ahead and apply for Broker Authority. The FMCSA will then give you an MC number. That number with MC status is crucial for a broker or carrier. It applies to every broker overseeing the transportation of freight. Without MC status, a carrier cannot even work with freight brokers.

Freight Brokers are entities that receive compensation for arranging property to get transported. The property always belongs to other people. Each person arranges services through the authorized Motor Carrier. (This process does not include household goods.) Brokers never take on full responsibility for the property. This means that they never have actual possession of it. You might wonder how a Broker Authority becomes active. The applicant needs to have the following five articles on hand. These are important for a carrier achieving freight broker status.

  1.  An MC (Broker) Number using a form.
  2.  A US DOT Number using a form.
  3.  A BOC 3. (A BOC form is crucial for every carrier and broker. Contact us to learn more about BOC filing.)
  4.  A complete list of Process Agents. 
  5.  UCR: Unified Carrier Registration. (UCR is another crucial component for becoming a freight broker.)

Keep in mind that Moving Authority can help you secure all five of these FMCSA items. But that’s not all we can deliver to a motor carrier or freight broker. We’re ready to supply every type of FMCSA and DOT form. From a BMC to any other filing form that benefits a broker. (Contact us if you need BMC registration help.) Our mission is to supply freight broker tools to every motor carrier. We won’t rest until a carrier achieves the authority status that it needs. And this applies to all aspects of what working as a freight broker entails. When it comes to authority, there’s no better registration guide than Moving Authority.

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430

Why Should Moving Authority Take Care of My Broker Authority Package?

Our experts know the Broker Authority Freight application process better than other organizations. This means that we can save you and your employees a lot of time. All you need to do is answer some straightforward questions. We will then get your application prepared on your behalf. Plus, we will help you get an MC number issued. Our package process ensures that our clients always have peace of mind. They don't need to waste time and energy worrying about their applications. That’s because our team can help ensure that each application is 100% mistake-free. In fact, sometimes one mistake on an application can cause a huge delay. 

The last thing you want is to get your grant date postponed. Or, worse, you could get your application rejected by the FMCSA. Our team will go the extra mile to prevent these setbacks from taking place. Also- the Moving Authority team makes another important commitment. We want to do all we can to save you and your company a lot of money. That’s why our service fees are better-priced than other registration services. Plus, we combine those savings with first-rate customer service and support. This is why our Broker Authority Freight Package is a no-brainer. It's not any broker package. It's the complete broker package.

Here’s What to Expect Once You Order a Freight Broker Package

You can expect fast results after ordering the Broker Authority Freight Package. Our dedicated staff will get in touch with you once you place the order. We will ask you for some more information to ensure that we have everything we need. Next, we’ll take care of securing your Freight Package ASAP. The DOT number should get active on an immediate basis. But your MC number will become active twenty-one days after a public vetting period. That vetting period's required by the government. In the meantime, our experts can make sure that you have your filings in place. We pledge to do all we can to help your organization during the waiting period. For example, we can help secure required bonds that your company needs.

We’ll Assist You In Structuring a Surety Bond

Does your business need help create or revising a surety bond? If so, our team is ready to assist. We’ve delivered bond after bond for carrier after carrier. But wait- what is a bond with surety? It’s a bond that contains a liability promise (the surety). The bond pledges that a company stays liable for default and debt. Plus, a company also holds surety liability to ensure another company doesn’t fail. Think of a bond with surety as a three-party contract. The first party (the surety) promises that the second party (the principal can deliver. Then, a third party (the obligee) receives what the surety states party #2 can deliver. This is the most common surety bond process. 

Do you have questions about structuring a bond or executing it with a surety? If so, do not hesitate to contact us. Once again, we’ve helped create bond after bond for countless customers. We can even set up a meeting with a surety to ensure you're taking the right steps. Don't let the bond process frustrate you. Instead, the Moving Authority experts will handle all your bond-related needs. Our mission is to protect the financial safety of all our clients. And taking care of a bond is one way that we promote that fiscal safety. We have a process to help every customer reduce the cost of operations.

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430

The Broker Package That We Create Can Guide Your Company Toward Success


Are you an aspiring freight broker? Or, are you a carrier that needs to secure freight broker status? Either way, our FMCSA experts are here to help. Over the years, we’ve helped carrier after carrier become freight brokers. We guide every carrier toward success through a unique process. Sure, we take care of FMCSA registration. But we don't stop there. 

We go the extra mile to provide resources that give results to every carrier. Some of our team members have worked as freight brokers. They know how challenging it is to secure load after load every week. The process includes a lot of hard work. That’s why we offer many broker training programs. And we’ll guide brokers during the entire training process. The training can help every motor carrier become a certified freight broker. If you're interested in the broker training, please call our number at any time.

All it takes is one phone call to the number at the bottom of this page. All freight brokers and carriers can call. Our FMCSA experts will assess the needs of your carrier within minutes. Then, they can create a custom package for brokers and transportation companies. Or, a package that can help you gain freight broker status. If you have a license missing, the package can include all FMCSA registration. (And also DOT registration.) This way, your carrier won’t have to risk getting fined by the FMCSA. 

Moving Authority can supply everything a carrier or broker needs. From UCR registration to BOC 3 to an MC Number. (And all other forms of USDOT filing.) If you need to get your Number activated, we’ll do so at lightning speed. Other firms refuse to customize their packages for a carrier. This can cause carrier after carrier to lose money. But that’s not how our filing experts guide a business. We’ll get you what you need as a broker and nothing more. That way, you won’t pay for unneeded FMCSA resources.

Our Mission Is To Help Every Carrier & Freight Broker Succeed

Moving Authority has one simple authority-related mission. It is to ensure the success of every registration package customer. (Whether the customer is a carrier, freight broker, or both.) We never rest until our registration experts get every carrier the help it needs. This way, more companies can make money with broker status. Our team even helps seasoned brokers get registration help. We use a patented filing process that contains crucial resources. But don't expect to have to log in to a five-hour safety training session. Our filing resources are simple and easy to apply to the business of every carrier. Moving Authority all not rest until your workers master every FMCSA and DOT process. And if they struggle, we’ll provide a motor carrier training program. Or, we can also provide programs to workers so that they maintain freight broker status.

We know that every carrier (and broker) can't afford to sit around and waste time. There’s a large number of DOT-related resources that they need. From securing an MC Number to UCR to USDOT registration. All you've got to do is call our phone number at any moment. One of our authority experts will answer and ask basic carrier and broker questions. Then, we’ll create a custom freight broker plan to help your carrier succeed. If you have a license missing, we’ll secure that license for you ASAP. We assist brokers in all fifty states. And we apply a unique freight broker process for every company. This way, we can take care of both their basic and advanced filing needs fast.

Do You Need Broker Information? Contact Us Now

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430
Do you have any questions about our Broker Authority Freight Package? If so, please give us a call at the number on this page right now. We would love to answer any questions that you have. Our team looks forward to helping you secure your Broker Authority. We won't rest until your freight transportation operations are running well. Our goal is for every motor carrier we assist to make the news as a top-tier freight broker. Better yet, we want you to make the news as one of the top brokers in the country. And Moving Authority is ready to do all we can to get you there.

Customer Reviews

Gardener Hanley


This Broker Freight Package is one of the best I have seen. It offers every required permit, and the list of Process Agents is quite extensive. We are like the cat that's got the cream.

Julia Michael


After our organization expanded into work at seaports, legal requirements demanded proper permitting. We decided to give Moving Authority the opportunity with their Broker Freight Package service, and they did not disappoint. It is a complete package.

Buddie Barker


The people at Moving Authority were very professional and patient with my every question. After clarifying a few points, I decided to purchase the Broker Authority Freight Package and start my business correctly. I am delighted with the service.



At first, I was unsure if I needed the Broker Freight Package, but after searching here and there on the internet, I was convinced that Moving Authority offers the best solution for my problem. After calling them, they started the whole process, and in a reasonable amount of time, It was all set—an excellent decision for the well-being of my business.

Alfred Barron


I am glad to have purchased the Broker Freight Package from Moving Authority. I loved the fact that I didn't have to worry about all that paperwork. They have given me excellent service.

Zachariah Mcdonald


Wonderful service! Broker Freight Package saved us tons of time and money. If your company can do it, then get it. It's fully complete.

Julia Michael


What a splendid service we've got from Moving Authority. Our new broker package is incredible. We got the best customer support. We're back on the road. Thank you!

Lana Snutch


Moving Authority takes care of the necessary paperwork to be filled out along with the best shipping option for us considering a lot of state and federal regulations. That's crucial to our company's success.

Rashmyea Rahaman


There are many freight brokerage companies in the USA, but the Moving Authority site is straightforward to use and makes the shippers pursue you. We pretty much always hit our target price, which is well below what our vendors quote and have saved tons of money. All goes straight to our bottom line. I highly recommend it!

Rene Mcphail


After answering some questions, the Moving Authority team had our application ready. The Broker Freight Package has saved me many setbacks.

Jason T.


Excellent product.


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