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UCR Number: Unified Carrier Registration


Is your organization in need of UCR registration

If so, you've come to the right spot. Moving Authority will help you register your UCR information ASAP. We will do so with more speed and accuracy than our competitors. This way, your company can remain in good standing with the government. Plus, it can avoid expensive registration-related fines and penalties. Our UCR registration process is simple and painless. It ensures that all clients receive the filing help that they need.

What Is UCR & Unified Carrier Registration?


UCR is an abbreviation of Unified Carrier Registration.

It refers to the government program that’s been in effect for well over a decade. The UCR is a system that’s mandated by the US federal government. It ensures that all operators of commercial vehicles registered with the government. This applies to commercial vehicles that take part in interstate/international travel. The annual UCR registration date is December 31 every year. This is when commercial carriers should renew the registration of their vehicles. October 1 is when carriers can begin registration for the upcoming year.

If you have a New York DOT Number or Georgia State DOT other filings may be required

How Do I Pay My UCR filing Registration?


The most convenient method is to pay for your UCR registration online

You can do so through the official Unified Carrier Registration website. Or, our firm will complete the registration process on your behalf. Here are the online payment methods that the federal government accepts.

1. A debit card.
2. A Visa, Discover, or MasterCard.
3. An e-Check. These are the three UCR filing accepted payment methods.

These are the three UCR accepted registration payment methods. They apply to the UCR National Registration System. If you have questions about paying for registration, please contact us now.

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430

How Much Is the Unified Carrier Registration Fee?


The exact fee for Unified Carrier Registration varies year by year. Let’s use 2019 UCR fees as an example. Carriers with one or two trucks paid $68. Carriers with three to five trucks paid $204 for registration. Carriers with six to twenty trucks paid $407. Let’s now go over the UCR GOV registration fees for fleets. Fleets with twenty-one to one hundred trucks paid $1,420. Fleets with one-hundred-one to one thousand trucks paid $6,766. Fleets with more than one thousand trucks paid $66,072 for GOV registration. 


Sure, paying these UCR and GOV fees is never fun. But it’s the only way to ensure the financial safety of your company. Otherwise, without registering, you could get fined into nonexistence. Keep in mind that carriers must pay fees every year. But the cost of a registration fee might differ in the following year.

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The Background of Unified Carrier Registration & How It Affects States


The modern UCR registration system became active in 2005. That was the year when the US Congress passed a new law. That law established an official UCR safety program. (UCR stands for Unified Carrier Registration.) It replaced the SSRS system. (SSRS stands for Single State Registration System.) The SSRS was like the UCR system because they are both base-state systems. This concept is very important for carriers. It means that each carrier pays UCR fees through its base-state. That payment is on behalf of all states that take part in operations. Please contact Moving Authority right now if you need information about participating states. Some states have different rules and regulations than other states. Speaking of regulations, let Moving Authority know if you need a list of regulations. We can send out a list of regulations for every state. Motor carrier regulations can sometimes vary. And our firm has a complete list of all regulations.


Does your company need registration resources or services? If so, we can apply them to your specific state. Our experts can help you through the entire registration fee process. Sometimes navigating a GOV website can feel overwhelming. It might not provide the exact resources that apply to your state. But that’s where our organization excels. We take care of our clients’ registration needs while addressing every state GOV fee. This way, every business can complete the registration process with 100 percent accuracy.

Our patented motor private services can also keep your registration information confidential. You won’t have to risk your fee data becoming public. No matter your state, we’re ready to give you the UCR services that you need. Next thing you know, your drivers can have full DOT compliance.

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430


How Do Unified Carrier Registration Fees Affect Transportation Companies?

UCR registration is important for many different people and companies involved in transportation. The UCR process affects those who operate commercial motor vehicles. The operators work in interstate commerce. That’s why they must maintain a valid license. But these are not the only people affected by UCR policies. People and companies that arrange transportation of goods and cargo must also register. They should use their official business name within any UCR registration framework. Plus, they must pay a UCR license and GOV fee on an annual basis. The size of the fee relates to the size of a business’s fleet of vehicles. Paying the registration fee helps ensure the financial safety of carriers.


Sometimes a company can get tricked into paying fee after fee that it doesn’t need. But that’s where our services come into play. We provide resources that can reduce the fee total of many transportation organizations. Sure, this applies to registration with UCR. But our services and resources also affect registration for many other DOT-related factors. As you know, keeping up with every DOT fee can add up. That’s why our team does more than help companies pay a fee. We help them reduce every fee. Our fee reduction services can result in huge savings. And we’re ready to provide those services to your business at any time.


Registration Fees Are for Most Commercial Motor Vehicles

Before doing UCR registration, pay attention to the following information. It’s important that everyone in your office understands a key concept. It is that you should know how the US government defines Commercial Motor Vehicles. 

They’re considered self-propelled/towed vehicles that move across highways. (They must do so while applying safety precautions.) Commerce must take place that relates to the transportation of cargo or passengers. The vehicles should have a GVW or GVWR of at least 10,001 pounds. (GVW stands for gross vehicle weight. GVWR stands for gross vehicle weight rating.) Or, the vehicle should transport at least ten people, including the driver. This applies to all aspects of GOV registration. Each fee gets based on the number of vehicles in a fleet.


Commercial Motor Vehicles are also those that transport hazardous materials. They must do so while applying professional safety measures. The materials should have a quantity that requires placarding. Intrastate passenger carriers must also register with the UCR program. If your vehicles meet any of the above criteria, then you should need UCR registration. And Moving Authority is ready to take care of the registration process on your behalf. In fact, we are only a phone call away from getting the process started.


Background on the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Act & Plan


Starting January 1, 2007, the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Act went into effect. It’s now required that carrier businesses take part in the UCR program. So, who in the US government makes this registration request? It is by an overview of the top GOV transportation system: the USDOT. The office of the UCR Act has a clear demand. It is that motor carriers operating in interstate commerce register with the program. They must pay an office fee each time that they register with the FMCSA. The FMCSA states that this applies to the following six types of motor carriers

1. For-hire motor carriers.
2. Private motor carriers.
3. Exempt motor carriers.
4. Leasing companies.
5. Freight forwarders.
6. Brokers


UCR fees are what fund FMCSA motor carrier enforcement programs and resources. They also help take care of funding FMCSA motor care safety programs and resources. The UCR Act doesn’t apply to businesses that do not have wholly intrastate operations.

The size of the FMCSA UCR fees depends on two factors. So, what’s the first registration factor? It is the size of a motor carrier’s fleet for the transportation of goods. The second is the type of transportation business that the motor carrier provides. Both of these factors are crucial for the entire registration process.

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430


Let Us Know if You Have Questions About the Unified Carrier Registration Act


Do you want to learn more about the Unified Carrier Registration Act? And do you need UCR resources or any type of document? If so, Moving Authority can email you an analysis document.

(We can even mail it to your home.) The document covers all regulations and resources for every state depending on the Trucking authority package you have attached to your MC number. Let us know if you’d like us to include a sample UCR GOV application. Viewing an application helps carriers know what to expect. This is an example of the resources our organization provides carriers. 


Our mission is to pass on UCR information to ensure you stay in full compliance. You can even let us know the year and vehicle information of your fleet. Our experts can then assess relevant transportation policies. We’ll double-check to make sure those transportation policies apply to your state.

Many clients rave that an overview of the Unified Carrier Registration Act helps. In fact, reading a UCR overview can benefit all carriers across the United States. We've helped them find ways to increase revenues. But at the same time, we provide motor safety precautions that benefit drivers. Our analysis of GOV information has a reputation for protecting carriers. The mission of our firm is to help you stay in full compliance. This way, you can boost your revenue while ensuring the safety of drivers.


We Can Create a Custom UCR & DOT Registration Plan for You & Your Company


Are you tired of having to keep up with paying fee after fee for GOV and DOT registration? If so, our firm can work hard to create a plan that reduces each fee. We have access to advanced resources that address every type of registration fee. No matter your GOV or DOT needs, we have services that you can trust. Each of our resources helps ensure 100 percent compliance. That compliance relates to all DOT and FMCSA policies. And what’s the key to achieving compliance? Registration through the help of Moving Authority. We assist thousands of companies with registration every month. And our experts will take care of your registration needs today

If you find the GOV and DOT registration process to seem complicated, you're not alone. It can seem like fee after fee is always due. But that’s where our advanced services and resources can help. Our experts can create a custom registration plan for your business. This way, you won’t have to worry about an employee failing to pay a fee. Instead, our team will alert you whenever a GOV-related registration fee has to get paid. Countless transportation companies depend on our patented fee resources. And we’re ready to show you why even if you are getting a combined USDOT number with a TXDOT Number.

Plan Ahead & Complete Your Unified Carrier Registration Process


You and your business can’t afford to put off paying for UCR fee services. One missed GOV or DOT fee could result in the suspension of your drivers. But that’s where our firm’s services and resources come into play. We can complete your GOV registration process at any moment. And we can maintain that registration process so that you never miss a fee. This way, your company can maintain complete UCR, DOT, and GOV compliance.


Our experts know all about the GOV registration and fee process. In fact, they understand registration better than any other organization. We use patented resources that keep organizations in full compliance. And we’ve been doing so for well over a decade. No matter your state, we can provide guidance for every GOV related registration fee. This way, you won’t pay for services and resources that you do not need. All it takes is you making one phone call. You’ll then get connected to the #1 GOV registration service in the US. We won’t rest until our fee resources ensure the success of your organization.


Contact Us Today With Any Questions About Unified Carrier Registration Plan

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430

Do not despair if you're confused about the UCR registration or application process. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out whether a company's mandated to register. But that’s where Moving Authority comes into play. Our experts can check to make sure that you do or do not need to get registered. And if it turns out you need UCR registration, we’re ready to get to work. 


The Moving Authority team can make sure that your registration process is efficient. But that's not good enough. We can also ensure that your registration information is accurate. This way, you can get your vehicles back on the road ASAP. Plus, we can help you stay on top of paying your annual fees based on fleet size. Our team looks forward to serving as your go-to resource for all your UCR related needs. And if you have any other questions related to interstate commerce, do not hesitate to contact us. Are you a Texas DOT Holder? If so, let us know. Our team can provide services or a plan that can provide Texas DOT related resources.


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