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We’re Ready To Take Care of Your Motor Carrier Identification Report Right Now

We’re Ready To Take Care of Your Motor Carrier Identification Report Right Now


Moving Authority can help your organization file the MCS-150 form today. All carriers must update MCS-150 related information on a two-year basis. That’s an official motor carrier policy that the FMCSA puts in place. Your company shouldn’t have to risk getting fined. Or, having a DOT number get deactivated. Instead, our team is ready to fill out all paperwork for you.

Our patented MCS-150 update process gets results. It helps transportation companies stay on the road at all times. The Moving Authority team is one phone call away at all times. Once you call us, we can get your MCS-150 registration out of the way ASAP. Our experts can update the MCS-150 information faster than all other organizations. But that’s not all. We provide some of the lowest registration rates in the nation.


The Moving Authority Team Can Update Your Registration Form at Any Moment

The Moving Authority Team Can Update Your Registration Form at Any Moment

Failing to update an MCS-150 form carries big-time consequences. Your company could face a  $1,000.00 per day fine. (This FMCSA fine can go up to $10,000.00.) This penalty will happen even if your company’s information remains the same after two years even if you hold an MC number. But that’s not all.

Your USDOT number could face deactivation by the US government. Do you want to prevent these horrible consequences? If so, it’s time for the Moving Authority experts to assist you. We’re ready to help you with FMCSA registration at any moment.

Our experts have assisted countless transportation companies. From all across the US, we’ve ensured their compliance with FMCSA policies. Do you need more than only MCS-150 registration? Moving Authority provides custom USDOT registration packages.

This way, we can address the needs of every business in transportation. Sure, some of our customers only need MCS-150 information and registration. But others use our complete, full-scale packages. They can feature an MCS-150 update plus any other type of DOT service. We never rest until every customer has compliance with US law.

A USDOT Number & Motor carrier identification report Form Will Help Your Company Maintain Compliance

A USDOT Number & Motor carrier identification report Form Will Help Your Company Maintain Compliance

USDOT Number registration matters. The number is the US government’s go-to identifier for your business. Do you want to secure a USDOT number? If so, you must file the MCS-150 registration form. It’s part of the FMCSA Motor Carrier Identification Report.

The MCS-150 displays certain information about motor carrier operations. Without it, the FMCSA cannot access certain details about a business’ key processes. This is why the FMCSA has organizations update MCS-150 information every two years. It’s part of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations official policy. 

In years past, say a company secured a USDOT number, there wasn’t the need to update. But USDOT and FMCSA policies have shifted. The FMCSA now uses a different standard of the safety measuring system. The system is harsh on transportation companies. Sending out wrong or outdated information leads to big-time trouble.

Companies can face all sorts of fines and severe US government penalties. This is why transportation businesses must take care of their USDOT compliance needs. And they are. Company after company across the US is turning to Moving Authority. Why? Because we help them process all types of trucking documents. And can we do so fast, without any errors?

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What’s the FMCSA Motor Carrier Identification Report Filing Form?

What’s the FMCSA Motor Carrier Identification Report Filing Form?

The Motor Carrier Identification Report refers to the standard FMCSA MCS-150 form. It’s a document that transportation companies must file. Why? So that they can get or update a USDOT number. Once this takes place, the FMCSA will verify all DOT Number information. Is your company a US motor carrier using a DOT Number? If so, your team must file biennial MCS-150 updates. There are no exceptions. It’s an official US DOT motor carrier policy.

  1. We added a new truck unit into our business. So, I called the Moving Authority experts to file the MCS-150 form for us. I was surprised at the fast they did the update. They were very attentive to the customer service.


  2. Moving authority helped me file a brand-new FMCSA MCS-150 form. I love the idea of letting them do all the paperwork on our behalf. They made it simple.


  3. It was much more convenient for me to hire an expert than to go through the paperwork. For a fairly reasonable amount, the folks at Moving Authority filled out my MCS-150. Now I can get back to work.


  4. The MCS-150 product is very accurate and does just what it preaches. The cost of the service is quite fair, and the specialists give outstanding customer service. Moving Authority has this under control.


  5. I filed the MCS-150 the same day I called Moving Authority. The update process was quick and hassle-free. Next time I will call them again for sure.


  6. I contacted Moving Authority to update our company's USDOT number. The specialists filled the form MCS 150 on our behalf. The process was expeditious and hassle-free. Excellent service.


  7. Moving Authority agents did a great job updating the MCS-150 format online. Within minutes the process was completed. They were very courteous and diligent. Thank you.


  8. I changed my company's address and phone number and had forgotten that I needed to update the MCS-150. I hired Moving Authority once again, and as usual, their team made the changes in record time, saving me from a possible fine.


  9. I especially liked the service price. Just a phone call away. Moving Authority did an excellent job. The MCS 150 filling was hassle-free.Thanks a ton.


  10. We were very impressed with the Moving Authority's work on updating our MCS-150 format. They did a great job and finished in no time at all! The agents that completed this task were courteous, diligent - I can't say anything about how much we appreciate them or their service enough here . Thank you so much!!


Can I Check the FMCSA Status of My Motor Carrier Identification Report?


Yes, you can check on your company’s MCS-150 status using the FMCSA website. This is the best place for your transportation company to see current information. First, go to the SAFER System's Company Snapshot. You’ll see a link on the FMCSA website.

Then, can see when you need to update through the FMCSA online registration system. Your company must access this information by using your USDOT PIN. You cannot file the MCS-150 form without having your PINDo not panic if you cannot find your PIN. If that’s the case, contact the Moving Authority experts for help.


How Can My Company Update the Registration form?


DO you need to update your MCS-150 registration information? If so, try using the FMCSA online registration system. That is where you can input your USDOT PIN. Doing so will give you access to your company’s information. That is where you might receive a prompt to file your MCS-150 form. Are you struggling with this process? If so, you're not alone. A lot of transportation companies are. But do not despair. You can contact Moving Authority right now. Our team is ready to file all FMCSA paperwork for your business.


What Is the FMCSA & DOT Biennial Update?


Is the US government asking for you to submit a biennial update? If so, it needs Information about your DOT Number. You have to update this information every two years. (That’s what “biennial” refers to.) To update, all you do is file a brand-new FMCSA MCS-150 form. Otherwise, the government won’t have crucial information. That information applies to both your fleet and the business itself. Try to ensure that the information that you submit is recent. Plus, it has to contain 100 percent accuracy. If not, you risk getting fined with harsh FMCSA and DOT penalties.

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When Should My Company File a Motor Carrier Identification Report?


Transportation companies file each MCS-150 FMCSA form on a two-year basis. Don't panic if you've lost track of which year you must file the form. Instead, start out by looking up your official DOT Number. Say that the second to last digit is odd. This means you must file an MCS-150 form in a year ending with an odd number. The exact concept applies to all even second-to-last DOT Numbers. Do you need to find out more about the process? You can call or message our experts at any moment.


Our Team Is Ready To Fill Out Your FMCSA Registration


Moving Authority helps with much more than only MCS-150 DOT registration. We assist carrier after carrier with EVERY registration and/or compliance document. Our team does not rest. Not until every single transportation carrier has up-to-date forms. Are you confused about which DOT registration forms you have to fill out? Well, we’re only one phone call away.

You can connect with our registration experts about forms at any time. Moving Authority can then conduct a full-scale FMCSA compliance review in any state such as incorporating NY tariff, CA Number.

We’ll go document by document and make sure you're not missing anything. Next, our team will figure out the exact DOT compliance resources that you need. Say you're missing specific FMCSA or GOV forms. In that case, don't even worry about filling them out. Our professionals will complete the entire form registration process on your behalf. This process applies to all types of motor carrier forms.


Priority number one is the financial safety and security of your transportation company. And we’re ready to help you achieve full financial safety right now. And you can achieve it without filling out your FMCSA compliance forms. Instead, our team leaders will do it for you. Remember- you cannot afford to miss out on application filing. Doing so can lead to severe DOT penalties and fines. That’s why our carrier registration resources exist. They help carrier after carrier get first-rate help each week.

So, go ahead and send us an application. Or, you can call us right now. Our GOV and DOT Resources experts will get the ball rolling. Say that you have a registration form (or forms) missing. We will then contact you right away. Why do we work so hard to help transportation companies maintain compliance? Because we’re number one in the US for FMCSA registration. We plan on maintaining the number one status for many years to come even if you open one for Texas Dot Number.


Moving Authority Can Give Companies FMCSA Safety Training Resources


Does your business need any DOT or FMCSA compliance safety training resources? Because our team can provide safety resources to you at any time. The USDOT is serious when enforcing the safety of all motor carrier workers. That’s why carriers have to fill out so many safety registration forms. But safety is about more than the drivers that work for a carrier.

Safety also involves the other drivers on the road. That is why Moving Authority offers safety training resources and information. It’s about more than helping you stay in compliance with USDOT and FMCSA rules. Our experts also strive to provide GOV safety resources with important information. The safety information can help protect workers at any carrier.


The Moving Authority FMCSA and USDOT safety resources/services do not have limitations. Our team is ready to provide everything that is safety-related. From safety forms to alcohol and drug testing resources. In fact, our experts can help turn around your alcohol and drug program right now. After all, alcohol is a compliance killer for US carrier after carrier. That’s why we provide advanced safety resources. Our team is passionate about preventing alcohol-related fatalities. Our workers can also assist in providing you with intermodal equipment. 


Our team of professionals can ensure every carrier maintains full FMCSA compliance. That’s why we’re industry leaders in providing safety training. The training refers to every USDOT and FMCSA registration policy. The DOT places safety far above everything else. And so do we. This is why the gov views us as a top-tier FMCSA compliance organization.

Our experts care about so much more than helping businesses secure operating authority. We also care about safety that applies to every aspect of the motor carrier industry. Do you wish to view sample safety forms and resources? If so, we have a large number of them ready to send. Our compliance experts are standing by at any moment.

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430


Do You Have Questions/Other FMCSA Registration Forms? Contact Us Today


Companies will make a carrier fill out a compliance application to learn more information even CA Number holders. Not us. All it takes is one phone call to our dedicated professionals. Then, you can receive FMCSA registration help that gets results. Find our phone number on the homepage of the Moving Authority website. Once you call, our team will figure out the exact registration forms you need. Then, we’ll help your staff out with every single DOT registration step. Why? So that you can secure complete GOV compliance through the FMCSA and DOT. Plus, you can help ensure that your carrier takes steps toward financial safety. Are you ready to receive registration resources that get results? If so, the Moving Authority experts are standing by. We’re number one in the US with FMCSA registration. And we’re prepared to show you why at any moment.

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