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  • A two-yearly update is a requirement set by the FMCSA
  • Complete your biennary update in even-numbered years
  • Less stress and let your compliance be up to date with us
  • Motor Carrier Identification Report
  • Renewing your truck/fleet registration
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USDOT Biannual Update: Securing Your FMCSA Registration

USDOT Biennial Updates are more than important. They are also required by law. The FMCSA stipulates that companies must update their USDOT information every two years. Otherwise, companies can get fined or lose the authority to operate. Are you ready to learn how to conduct USDOT Biennial Updates? Let’s get started.

What Is a USDOT Biannual Update?

The USDOT Biennial Update is a registration form carriers have to sign every two years. (That’s why the update is “biennial.”) The form's known as Form MCS 150. Here is the main registration information that appears on the MCS 150 form.

1. The name of the company.
2. The location of the company doing registration.
3. Registration information about operating procedures.
4. The number of vehicles in the fleet.
5. The number of drivers in the fleet.
6. Some other FMCSA biennial update registration information.

The FMCSA website contains more information about the biennial update. If you can’t find information, try searching for “MCS 150 biennial update.”

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430

Do I Need to Update My DOT Number?

Yes, trucking businesses have to update information associated with the DOT numbers. This has to take place every two years. That’s why it’s called a “biennial” update. All a carrier has to do is file an MCS 150 registration form. Trucking organizations and contractors must keep the following notion in mind. The sides of all trucks must have an attached DOT number. (Department of Transportation number.) That number has to get updated on a biennial basis through registration. Failure of registration can result in massive fines and penalties.

How do I file a biennial update

How Can I Update My USDOT Number Company Information?

Here are the two most common ways to update your USDOT number. 

1.- You can update the USDOT number/company information online. Do this through the FMCSA L&I website. L&I stands for “Licensing and Insurance.” Through the L&I site, you can file a Motor Carrier Identification Report. This refers to the MCS 150 form.

2.- You can update the USDOT number/company information using email. Do this through the FMCSA web form. That’s where you update, print, and sign the MCS 150 form. Once you submit the MCS 150 form, you’ll get an automatic tracking number. That number refers to the official DOT Biennial Update online process.

What Is an MCS 150?

The MCS 150 refers to the FMCSA’s Motor Carrier Identification Report. That is the official form where you can update the USDOT number. This is also the form that's used to get a USDOT number with registration.

Through the MCS 150, the FMCSA will analyze your information. Their goal is to ensure that the DOT number is correct during the registration process. All motor carriers that have DOT numbers have to fill out the biennial MCS 150 update form.

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430

FMCSA Registration Requirements for Online USDOT  Updates

The FMCSA has certain USDOT Biennial Updates rules and regulations in place. Here’s the main rule. Every company has to update its information after two years. It doesn’t matter if your company’s information has not changed at all.

You still need to provide the FMCSA with a two-year update. In fact, an update must happen even if your company has ceased interstate operations. A company that has gone out of business must also provide a USDOT Biennial Update.

Failing to provide a Biennial Update can have severe consequences. For example, your USDOT number will become deactivated very fast. Plus, you can face civil penalties. The penalties can cost up to $1,000.00 each day. But the total amount should not go over $10,000.00. 

How Do I Take Care of a USDOT Bienary Update? Do I Have to Send a Fax?

There are some solid options for completing USDOT Biennial Updates. And you do not have to update with fax. Carriers used to assume that fax was the only way to do a DOT biennial update. Companies can use the FMCSA website, physical mail, fax, and email. 

Online Biennial Updates are easy as long as the USDOT Number is active. Online registration takes place on the official FMCSA website. This type of update gets processed on an immediate basis. Mail, email, and fax updates can take up to three to four weeks to get processed. Biennial Updates through email need an MCS 150 document to get signed.

Once the document gets signed, you can upload it into an email. Next, you’ll receive a tracking number for your Biennial Update. You should also complete an MCS 150 form if you want to mail your update. The form has to get printed and completed. Next, you can mail it to the official FMCSA Biennial Update mailing address.

The process for faxing USDOT Biennial Updates is very simple. There are two number-options for sending out your fax. You can send it to 606-330-3802 and 202-366-3477. Do you need to have an MCS-150 form mailed to you? If so, all you need to do is call 800-832-5660. Once you have the form, you can mail it to the address listed on the form. Keep in mind that you cannot conduct USDOT Biennial Updates over the phone. All Biennial Update processes need signed forms put in place.

Information for Updating Online

Do you want to complete a USDOT Biennial Update online? If so, there are four things that you will need for a USDOT Biennial Update. 

1. You will need your complete USDOT number.
2. You will need an assigned PIN to finish the update.
3. You will also need your SSN/EIN for the update.
4. You will need official information about your company.

If you need a PIN, you can request the FMCSA to email or mail it to you. Some people cannot complete their updates online due to not having USDOT PIN numbers. Do not panic if this happens to you during the update process. It is very common to have to request a USDOT PIN from the FMCSA.

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430

The FMCSA Schedule & Deadline for Your Registration Update

There is a certain filing schedule to adhere to for all USDOT Biennial Updates. All carriers must file an update according to the following two conditions.

  1.  Before a carrier can begin conducting operations.
  2.  Every twenty-four months.

This twenty-four-month schedule consists of the following information.

  1.  USDOT numbers ending in 1 must file by the final day of January.
  2.  USDOT numbers ending in 2 must file by the final day of February.
  3.  USDOT numbers ending in 3 must file by the final day of March.
  4.  USDOT numbers ending in 4 must file by the final day of April.
  5.  USDOT numbers ending in 5 must file by the final day of May.
  6.  USDOT numbers ending in 6 must file by the final day of June.
  7.  USDOT numbers ending in 7 must file by the final day of July.
  8.  USDOT numbers ending in 8 must file by the final day of August.
  9.  USDOT numbers ending in 9 must file by the final day of September.
  10.  USDOT numbers ending in 0 must file by the final day of October.

Say that the next-to-last number within a complete USDOT number is odd. This means one simple concept. The carrier should provide a Biennial Update during an odd-numbered year. (For example, 2023.) This same concept applies to even-numbered second-to-last USDOT numbers. (For example, 2024.) This refers to the official Biennial Update DOT guidelines.

The Online DOT Update

Carrier after carrier claims that it’s easiest to submit updated information online. You can do so via the official FMCSA GOV website. Look for the section titled “Biennial Update DOT.” But please keep in mind that there are other options for USDOT compliance. You can also fax or mail your updated information.

When doing so, make sure that you have all the information in front of you. The last thing you want to do is have to restart the update process. The sections of the form might vary on a state by state basis. Make sure that you make your state information clear. 

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, updating online is your safest option. You don't want to risk coming into contact with people when submitting the MCS 150 form by mail. And you don't want to risk contracting COVID 19 by touching a fax machine. When conducting an update online, the FMCSA GOV website might remember your information.

If not, the forms should not take that long to fill out. The FMCSA might provide a pin number to access your DOT information. Share that pin number with one of your associates so it’s not forgotten. The pin is your key to having a successful Biennial DOT update. You might need it to access the pin number for your registration.

Contact Us for Information About Your MCS 150 Update

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430

Do you have questions about USDOT biennial updates? If so, Moving Authority is here to provide the best information and resources. Our experts can help you with every step of the biennial update process. From DOT number information to MCS 150 form information. Our trucking compliance experts are standing by on the phone and through email. The mission of our organization is to do more than help you maintain compliance. We also want to ensure the safety of every driver working for a carrier. 

Our state-of-the-art services have provided success to carriers for decades. That’s why ABC News and CBS News have profiled us in online news pieces. But we’re not here to brag. We’re here to ensure that you maintain DOT compliance. If you’d like to ask us a question now, please go ahead and fill out a form. Or, you can call or email us at any time.

You could even fax us the form or file that you're having trouble filling out. Our experts will assess the form/file and share relevant DOT biennial information. We’ve helped countless carriers update their MCS registration forms. And we’re ready to help you and every employee in your trucking company.

FMCSA Update Resources & DOT Update Online Support

Does your carrier need more FMCSA resources to update official biennial information? If so, our team is ready to share those resources with you. Sure, the official FMCSA GOV website contains some resources. But trucking companies often state that there aren’t enough. That’s why Moving Authority has compiled a complete list of resources. Here are some of the resources and documents that we can email you. 

  1.  How to update biennial DOT information. 
  2.  FMCSA safety requirements and safety services.
  3.  MCS number compliance information for US truck companies.
  4.  Where to put your DOT tag on your truck.
  5.  News about updated FMCSA/DOT compliance information.
  6.  The easiest way to share information with the USDOT.
  7.  Tips to ensure that every truck with a US carrier meets all safety requirements.
  8.  DOT and FMCSA services that could increase the safety of truck drivers.
  9.  How to file other FMCSA/DOT registration and compliance forms.
  10.  Biennial update tips from other carriers.
  11.  FMCSA biennial update policies and procedures.
  12.  DOT biennial update guidelines for all US carriers.
  13.  MCS 150 biennial update sample forms.
  14.  USDOT biennial update testimonials.
  15.  Biennial DOT update tips to ensure complete compliance.
  16.  More information about how to update all compliance information.
  17.  Online biennial compliance support resources and services.
  18.  Safety guidelines to ensure that every truck driver follows official DOT safety procedures.

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As the biennial update time was approaching, I called this company, Moving Authority, to fill out the MCS-150 form on our behalf and do all the paperwork. It took them very little time to do it. We sent them a couple of pieces of information, and they sent us back the completed paperwork.

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I needed an MCS 150 update for my company was due. I asked Moving Authority to fill my usdot biennial update, and they immediately began the process. After answering five or six questions, it was set. No more worries about it.

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Because my company changed address and phone number, we needed an update. We took advantage of the biennial update that was due and asked Moving Authority for their services. They did it very well and fast. I highly recommend them.

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Now that my company has been updated, I can concentrate on continuing to serve my customers. I was actually worried about my biennial update due date. I called the specialists at Moving Authority, and they solved it.

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After my company registered with the FMCSA, I forgot about it until I received an email stating that the biennial update date was coming up. I called the experts at Moving Authority, and they took care of it.

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Our biennial is up to date. I checked the status of the MCS-150, and it is okay. Thanks, Moving Authority.

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Our company checked the MCS-150 status on the FMCSA portal and the biennial update was due. Moving Authority did a great job in updating.

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The date was getting closer, and we need to update our USDOT Number. I don't have much time to do paperwork. We hired the Biennial Update service, and we continued working as usual.



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