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The New Apartment Checklist

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1. Need a Few Tips to Put Your Stress At Ease?

The experience of moving to your first apartment is unlike any other type of move. It will bring with it a lot of excitement as well as stress if you do not handle things right. We know that your time spent apartment-hunting has most likely stressed you out. This is why we have some lifehack tips to put you at ease. If you're a first-time mover, then you might not have taken the time to think about everything you need to move.

2. Keep Track with this Extensive Checklist! 

Luckily, we have moving checklists that you can read to help you out with your apartment list moving. Your friends and family will likely be there to help with little things that may slip your mind. But, a majority of the moving process will be up to you.
The common essentials are things you've likely already covered. Yet, things you need for a new apartment span past the basics. There are many items in your current home that you may not realize you'll need when you get your first apartment. Small kitchen appliances, for example, are things that often slip young adults' minds.
Following an efficient checklist will help first-time apartment movers stay organized. This is tenfold for those who are renting a place for the first time in their lives. This is also very helpful to people who switch apartments throughout the year, such as those who are in college. It might be helpful and reduce stress to make a moving timeline, which is similar to these checklists it just sets times certain tasks need to be finished by. For some, this is helpful because they work better with a deadline. However, with others, a checklist is also a great way to stay organized and keep track of everything during such a busy process. It will also prepare you for any surprises you may encounter during your move that you may not have considered. 

3. New Apartment Checklist: Printable for Your Convenience!

4. Moving Out Checklist: Prior to Moving into Your New Place

Moving to a new apartment is a fun and exciting new adventure. As you may have gathered by this point, it can also be very tiring. Well, here's another checklist to make moving into your first apartment fun and easy. Keep this checklist with you, and feel the satisfaction when you check off things leading up to the move. This checklist breaks down what you should get done week by week when moving to a new apartment. 

Sometimes, it is difficult for people to work through a new apartment checklist. Some people may consider different things to be a priority. A lot of people get caught up in the hustle and bustle of moving out of their current home. Then, they neglect the requirements of moving out of beginning life in a new apartment. It's normal to feel overwhelmed when moving into a new apartment. There is so much to take on and handle in the span of a few days! Moving can be a difficult decision and move to a new city has some pros and cons, but we have a comprehensive list of some of the best cities to live in the US to check out. 

5. Checklist for 8 Weeks Before the Move

  • Sorting and Getting Rid of Things. Before you even think about moving to your new apartment, go through your things and get rid of what you don't need. You can donate items like old furniture or just get rid of what you no longer want. 
  • Moving CompaniesMake the executive decision of whether you will be using the services of a moving company. Check to see if they have movers insurance. Otherwise, confirm that you can move the apartment by DIY with help from friends or family.
  • Look into the New City If you are moving to an apartment in a new city, take a look at what it has to offer for your new list checklist essentials. If you are making the move with children, look into schools and other things for them to do around home. Even if you're staying local, look for things to do around the apartment ahead of time so you don’t feel so isolated. Use Google Earth for a better sense of the new area, and mentally prep yourself to explore when you arrive.

  • Notify the Owner of your Current Property (if applicable).

Packing Tips For Apartment Movers

6. What You Need/Should Have 6 Weeks Before Moving

Congratulations! You have made a sizable dent in the tasks piling up before you move to your new apartment. Here are a few more tasks you should complete in this month and a half before moving to your new apartment.

  • Change Your Address. Begin to have mail forwarded to the new apartment if it is unoccupied.
  • ArrangeMake contact with the owner of the apartment complex and notify them of the exact date of move in. Ask if there's a set time during the day for move-ins, and confirm that there will be a place for the moving truck to park.
  • Insurance. Get renters insurance for your new apartment if you will be renting.
  • MeasureGet dimensions for the rooms of the new apartment. Take extra care in doing this if you have a lot of furniture or valuables that you will be moving into the apartment. You have to make sure they fit before taking the trouble to get them into the apartment unit. Don’t forget to measure doorways.

7. Apartment Necessities: 4 Weeks Out & Counting

Here it is - the final month before the move!

  • Items of ValueList out all the valuable items you own. Ask yourself whether these items require special attention from the movers.
  • Use Up What You Will Be Buying More of. Eat foods and use supplies that you don’t want to move.
  • Begin the process of packing. Start packing up things that you won’t need to use in the next month. Don’t forget to leave a box for essentials that you will need on the actual move day. Feel free to read this article for tips on making packing easier for yourself.
  • Transfer UtilitiesCall utility companies and arrange to have service transferred to the new apartment. Arrange for a date to have the cable at your current home shut off after your move to the new apartment. It has become a snap these days to switch over utilities online, and it only takes a few minutes. Even the task of changing your mailing address is now much simpler because of the internet. Remember to update your address for all online services and subscriptions as well. Updating your billing address with your bank will keep all payment information valid. Also be sure to change shipping addresses for online services, such as Amazon.com. 
  • BanksIf you are moving long distance, notify the bank and find out if you have to transfer branches.

8. Double Check Your List: 2 Weeks Out

  • Have a talk with the apartment leasing office. Contact the apartment manager to arrange a time to pick up keys, get parking transponders, etc.
  • Moving Van. Get ahold of a moving van for a move at a specific time of the day. Confirm the time with the movers, if needed.
  • Clean Up. If you're vacating your current property, take a look at the lease to clarify who handles cleaning. If it's your responsibility, now is a good time to get this started. There likely won’t be enough time later on.
  • Medications. Take care of medications that you may need to refill for use in the coming days.

9. 1 Week Left Until the Big Move

Yay! You have almost made it! There are just a few more things that need to be taken care of before you move to your new apartment.

  • Check Again. Look at the moving notebook you made weeks ago and be sure that you completed everything that you had to. Make sure there are directions in writing to get to the new apartment complex. Add your cell number to the page and give two copies to the moving company drivers. 
  • Paying Things. Make sure you have paid all last-minute rent and deposits to the new apartment. Also be sure that you have enough cash on hand to give to the movers the day of the move. Most moving companies accept payment in the form of cash, check, or credit. Also, remember to tip movers if they did a good job.
  • Essentials Box. Here we will revisit the box of essentials you begin to prepare weeks ago. Keep this box, bag, or suitcase in the trunk of your car so you will have the things you need with you at all times. Also, move small items of special importance in this box. Don’t forget to have a few snacks and toiletries as well.

10. The Big Day: Things to Remember

  • Cleaning. Do any final cleaning of your old place before going to the new apartment.
  • Walk Through. Take a walk-through the old home or room to make sure nothing has been forgotten.
  • Get there Ahead of Time. Make sure you are at the new apartment before the movers get there. They can’t begin to unload until the customer is present. Make sure all the utilities are functioning. Sign any final paperwork with the apartment manager. Move in with as much speed as possible. It's an inconvenience to take up shared elevators or stairwells with moving boxes. Begin on good terms with your neighbors and the owner by making sure that your move won't be a disturbance.
  • Unpacking the essentials. After the movers have taken care of their part of the job, it's time for you to begin unpacking. Find the boxes holding things you need most, such as toiletries and perishable food. Also, be sure to set up beds and furniture.
  • Check with the apartment manager to make sure nothing else needs to be done.
  • Introduce yourself to neighbors and thank them for their cooperation on move day.
  • Apartment Supplies. This section of the Apartment Checklist will come in handy if you are living on your own for the first time. Although, it is also very useful for anyone moving into an apartment.
  • Furniture. It's not advised to spend a fortune on furniture right before you move into your first apartment. You can make it through with the essentials until you get more established. You should focus your budget more on things you will need to have.
  • Loved Your Movers?  Leave them a great review and let them know that you appreciate all their hard work!

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Adriene Berman

3 years, 3 months ago

I am so glad I came across this list before I got settled into my new place. I honestly had no idea how to furnish my apartment until I got the list from Moving Authority. I didnt get any mover help because the moving labor service was not the most reputable out there. Anyway, this apartment checklist was great and I am grateful for that.


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