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Do you need help securing a Texas DOT numberrequirementIf so, you’re in the right spot. This article will assist you with all your Texas DOT needs. Staying in compliance with the TxDOT is crucial to running a successful business. That’s why our firm stays in close contact with both the TxDOT and the Department of Transportation. Why does our consistent communication matter? It ensures that we can help our clients with all the Texas trucking industry needs. So, are you ready to learn about getting a Texas DOT number for any type of vehicle? Let’s jump right in.

What Is a TEXAS DMV Number?

The TxDOT number refers to having an official Texas Department of Transportation number. This is a number that gets issued for almost all commercial vehicles across Texas. Any operator that receives a new TxDOT number gets required by law to display it. Operators display their DOT numbers in easy-to-see locations on any registered vehicle. The Texas DMV will tell you where to place your new DOT number on a vehicle. 

Remember that a USDOT number and TxDOT number are separate operating authority numbers. But they do share many things in common for every carrier. So, what is the main difference with carrier registration? The FMCSA mandates USDOT numbers for any vehicle. But the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles mandates TxDOT numbers. Does your trucking company operate a vehicle that picks up and hauls loads only in Texas? If so, you're required by law to use new Texas DOT numbers.

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How Do You Know if You Need To Get Texas DOT Registration for a TxDOT Number?

Securing new Texas DOT numbers applies to certain carriers. These are carriers that operate intrastate commercial vehicles within Texas. If your company features this type of vehicle, you must register a valid TxDOT number. It is crucial that every carrier register. The vehicle application process is simple and easy. But keep in mind that any carrier must pay a registration fee.

Once the vehicle application is complete, your insurance company can assist you. It will file a form containing the amount of the registration fee. Once you pay all fees to the Texas DMV, the DMV will provide you with a UIN. You can then convert the UIN into an active Texas DMV certificate number. Say you run a motor carrier. And it operates intrastate commercial vehicles on roads and highways in Texas.

What does this mean? You've got to register your new vehicle and carrier operations which include an MC number. Do so with the 
Texas DMV Motor Carrier Division. But make sure that you register with the USDOT as an INTRAstate carrier or company. This is instead of an INTERstate carrier or company.

The 6 Requirements for Getting a Texas Motor Carrier Number

So, when should you get a Texas DOT number and complete the registration process? Do so if your organization or carrier meets one of the following six requirements:

1. You own or operate at least one vehicle that weighs more than 26,000 pounds. This can apply to gross-weight rating, registered weight, and gross weight.

2. You operate a farm vehicle that weighs more than 48,000 pounds. This can apply to gross-weight rating, registered weight, and gross weight.

3. You transport enough hazardous materials that placarding’s required. 

4. You operate a vehicle that transports more than fifteen people. That number of individuals in the vehicle includes the driver.

5. You operate any form of commercial school bus or vehicle.

6. You move household goods using a vehicle in exchange for money. Vehicle weight does not apply when it comes to moving household goods in Texas.

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How Long Can TxDOT Number Vehicle Registration Last?

Some people complain that the Texas DOT number registration process can feel stressful. But our firm’s mission is to prevent that from happening to you. That’s why we have created the following TxDOT step-by-step registration guide. It will walk you through how to get either a Texas DOT or Texas DMV number.

TxDOT Step 1: Assess Your USDOT Vehicle Registration Needs

Make sure that you do indeed need Texas DOT number registration. You can do this by visiting the Texas DMV requirements website. It should list all vehicle/carrier fees and insurance requirements. The fees and requirements apply toward many forms of motor carriers. 

TxDOT Step 2: Assess the Vehicle & Registration Information of Your Business

Ensure that all your vehicle and financial registration information is ready-to-go. Write down all relevant information such as your credit card and vehicle information. The vehicle information should include the VIN, model, make, and year.

TxDOT Step 3: Get a USDOT Number

-Step 3. Apply for an Interstate Trucking Authority Packagethat will benefit your carrier. Once again, you need to have this vehicle registration number first. Otherwise, you cannot begin the TxDOT number application process. Go to the USDOT registration website for more information. It will inform you how to register with the FMCSA so that you can get a USDOT number. You can then continue the application process by way of answering routine questions. Once you have your USDOT number which also requires you to be a part of an Arbitration Program and a Published Moving Tariff to move household goods, you can jump over to the next step. 

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TxDOT Step 4: Your Business Should Apply for a TxDOT Number

A carrier is now ready to apply for a Texas DOT number. Make sure that you select the motor carrier timeframe that works best for your team. The Texas DMV website has experienced many new updates. This is so motor carriers can set up vehicle authority with relative ease. The site has an eLINC registration system that is simple to follow. eLINC will provide a carrier with options for securing your Texas DOT number. If you encounter difficulty at this step, it’s best to call the Texas DMV for help. Or, you can call our organization.

TxDOT Step 5: Process Your Vehicle Registration Through an Insurance Company

It’s now time to submit your insurance’s carrier requirements. Go ahead and call your commercial automotive insurance agent. Let the agent know that you are almost finished securing a Texas DOT number. In fact, you might even have a temporary number at this stage. Your insurance company can now take care of all e-filing requests and requirements. This will open up communication between your insurance and the state of Texas. Once the insurance requirements have gotten taken care of, you’re ready to start trucking. But, as a compliant carrier, make sure that you take one key action first. Print out your Tx Dot registration and all accompanying carrier information. Also- go ahead and double-check the Texas DMV registration page. Why? To make sure that your TxDOT number is now listed with your carrier information.

Let Us Know if Your Business Needs To Get a TxDMV Number

Does your business need to secure a TxDMV Number for any type of vehicle? If so, our firm has the resources to assist you right away. Sure, we provide plenty of TxDOT resources. But our TxDMV Number and permit services are also important for every carrier. They address new carrier rules that the DMV has in place. We can make sure that your TxDMV Number information gets processed fast. Our team has done so for carrier after carrier across the US. A vehicle featuring a TxDMV Number is crucial. The TxDMV is very strict when it comes to how a carrier operates. If the TxDMV suspects a carrier violates a rule, that can lead to fines and suspensions. A carrier can even go out of business if it violates a TXDMV policy.

Do not leave the TxDMV Number registration of your carrier up to chance. Instead, let our Vehicle Resources keep your business in compliance. We know how to help a company get a TxDMV Number fast. And we do so with new, patented processes that no other firm has. Our official Vehicle Resources department has no limitations. They excel at filing all sorts of motor carrier documents. From an MC Number to a TxDMV Number. This way, every motor carrier has access to resources that get results. Do you want to find out more about our new and current carrier resources? If so, please call our organization at any time. Our mission is to ensure that carrier after carrier receives success.

Contact Us Today To Get a TxDOT Number for Your Business

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Does your carrier need more help learning how to get a Texas DOT number? If so, our team of experts is only a phone call away. They can do anything from helping you with paperwork to contacting the Texas DMV. Our mission is to get your Texas-based company on the road. We’ll then help ensure that your carrier can continue to operate. Why? So you can earn more profits and revenue than ever before. The key to doing so involves securing your number ASAP.

We recognize that understanding USDOT Number rules and regulations can get overwhelming. That’s why our team is standing by at a moment’s notice. And we won’t rest until your company’s in great standing with the Texas DMV and the FMCSA. Our staff's prepared to help you get your Texas DOT number fast. We know all the right steps to take so that your workers can get out on the road fast. Plus, we can help prevent fines and penalties from taking place. Call us right now to get started. We look forward to helping you with all your Texas DOT number-related needs.

-  Make sure to learn about geting your DOT Medical Card/Health Card After a Department of Transportation Physical.

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