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  1. International Moving is Common Throughout the United States
  2. Getting Help With Your International Move
  3. How Will You Travel - By Air Freight or Ocean Freight?
  4. Moving Abroad is Exciting - Until You Understand ALL the Charges
  5. Basically: Moving Internationally is Expensive
  6. Don't Worry, You Can Do This - Find Ways to Save

1. International Moving is Common Throughout the United States

Hundreds of thousands of expatriates have traveled to countries in the Middle East where they are seeking skilled experts. Some go to Canada, where the cost of living may be higher but the taxes are considerably lower. Other expats are saving on reduced VAT properties in places like Cypress and simply taking up residence. Then there are numerous retirees that are moving overseas to profit from the value of the dollar. It’s becoming easier and easier to be an expatriate! Not only is living abroad less difficult in such circumstances as these, but it's also encouraged by our educational system. Many who go through college spend a semester or even a year abroad, some even choosing to remain there and live their new life. The table does turn the other way, however, as many individuals from other countries find traveling to the United States to be an amazing adventure. No matter who or where you are traveling, there are some factors you should keep in mind when thinking about international moving. 

More than 6 million Americans are currently living abroad, and this figure increases each year. 

The most popular destinations for Americans moving abroad include:
  • Vancouver
  • Berlin
  • Singapore
  • Paris
  • Toronto
  • Sydney

2. Getting Help With Your International Move

Most experts recommend consulting an international moving consultant. By utilizing the services of a consultant, a mover might save valuable time and funds spent on things like international phone calls. A consultant will connect movers to the most reputable, and established companies. The chosen company should provide full guidance and information about the local logistics, customs, and import regulations. It should be easy to get in touch with the company in the case of questions or concerns during the move or at the last minute. The company should have an office for in-person visits, email, office phone, and a cell phone number is very helpful. It is also helpful if the company has long and short-term storage in the case that a mover would like to send some of their belongings at a later date.

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3. How Will You Travel - By Air Freight or Ocean Freight?

The most common ways to move overseas are by air or by sea. Consolidated air freight shipping will cost about $20-$30 for the first kg and then $3-$20 for every kg thereafter. Each airline offers different pricing. Ocean freight shipments charge by the volume (cubic meter/foot). An International Cargo shipment company that offers full container loads, palletized freight, transport of vehicles and heavy equipment, offers movers a full list of freight options to choose from. Full container loads for household items are less expensive than full service moving companies. Popular sizes for these containers are 20’ and 40’ long.

Small moves might only require an International shipping box container, which is less than container loads- LCL shipments.

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4. Moving Abroad is Exciting - Until You Understand ALL the Charges

There are numerous charges and surcharges that can add up. There will be origin charges and also destination charges. The quote received from the moving company is the total shipping cost and not the total ocean freight cost. These charges include the Bunker Adjustment Factor charge, Currency Adjustment factor, International Freight bill of Lading Fee, and each charge is a percentage of the total Ocean Freight Weight per cubic meter fee. Destination charges will be due at the arrival destination pickup point. Many companies ask for a 75% deposit for the freight shipment. Keep the bill of lading on hand and in a safe place, which is the official receipt given to the customer as well as a detailed list of the goods being shipped. Amendments to a bill of lading could cost $70-$300 depending on the company and may include an amendment-processing fee, which might be around $50.

5. Basically: Moving Internationally is Expensive

In general, an international move could cost around $10 per cubic foot of space and total around $2500- $6000. International movers may want to rent their own truck to pick up parcels from the freight-shipping terminal to save money. Shipping a vehicle from New York to Paris, for example, may cost around $750-$2500.

6. Don't Worry, You Can Do This - Find Ways to Save

Although moving internationally can be expensive, even if you're moving a small load, you shouldn't let this get in the way of what you really want to do. There are plenty of ways to save money during a move and if you have been reading anything on Moving Authority's website, you will find tons of helpful tips. Keep in mind, you will need to be a bargain shopper until your move is completed and you are financially stable again. Don't let these prices discourage you.


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