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1. The Check List

For cross country moving, you should keep a checklist so that you cover all the important areas. This, of course, helps you stay organized. If you choose to move DIY, you will likely have to seek the help of friends and family members, do so because moving can be quite overwhelming. Hiring a moving serviceable company is also a great way for you to keep things in perspective. You will have to do so if you want a successful and less stressful move.

It is never easy to move across the country. Cross country moving can be very stressful, especially when you are not organized. Even before your cross country moves, there are so many things to do, some of which include the following:

-Filling out a lot of paperwork
-Packing all your belongings
-Buying your new home or renting a new apartment
-Calling the utility companies in both locations
-Getting rid of extra, unwanted things
-Getting important documents together.
-Change of Address - and many other important documents here

These are only a few of the things that you have to contend with. For more details regarding this information look into a simple list before moving into a new place.  Sometimes, you have to leave some of your stuff in storage. It is best to declutter your home first to see what stays and what goes with you. You also may have to sell some things at a garage sale. This helps you to get rid of things that you don’t necessarily need to take with you.

2. Packing

Packing is one of the most important aspects of your cross country movers cost for small moves. There is no way around this. Most people dread this part of the process, but it is mandatory. Unless you are going to throw out everything that you have (which is financially unwise), you have to pack. A pack move is going to take time. That means you have to begin early – at least six months before the cross country moving. Unless you are doing an emergency move, this is the best time to begin. Pack your stuff room by room. If you don’t, it can get overwhelming. Make sure you label all boxes for shipping. There are services specifically for packing which, if it is within your budget, is a great option and saves you time. 

3. Choosing the Right Moving Company

You will need a cross-country service moving company to help you with the actual move. Choose one based on experience, reputation, knowledge, expertise, and skill. It is also important that the company is professional. Make sure they have the right tools and resources needed for the move. You should make sure that the company has a reliable truck, dollies, and packing supplies. You should also ensure that the company carries insurance. You will need that, in case, there are damages to your furniture. Insurance will cover those damages. Of course, you would rather not have any damages to your furniture, but this is not a perfect world. Sometimes, accidents happen during the days of transporting your belongings. 

Protect yourself from illegitimate moving companies by checking their DOT number and license.

4. Follow the Guidelines 

You will need to work with affordable cross country movers for the move to happen on schedule. If you follow the guidelines from Moving Authority, you will find the process a lot easier.

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Isabelle Naar

4 years, 11 months ago

Thanks for the information on cross country moving. I was really hesitant about moving cross country but now I feel much more informed and comfortable about moving across the United States.


Ashley Richmond

4 years, 10 months ago

Hey Isabelle,

We're glad that you found our article helpful. We try to put up as much information as possible on moving so if want information on a specific moving topic, let us know about it and we can write one up for you.

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Cheap ways to Move Across Country:

You may be moving across country for your new job or lifestyle change. Whatever the reason, one thing’s for sure: it doesn’t have to be so expensive! Here’s a list of cheap ways to move across country:

Plan your move: to move across country at a cheaper rate, start planning your move in advance. Make sure to include little things that you may not think of, such as calculating how much gas and hotel stays cost.

De-clutter your space: a cheap way to help stretch your budget is to start selling or donating items you never use. This way, you’ll have plenty of space for important items.

Save on boxes: collect boxes from stores near you. Grocery stores and warehouse stores like Costco are happy to donate boxes. Also, if you work in retail or have friends and family that do, ask them to start collecting and saving boxes for you.

Choose your moving time wisely: most people are looking to move during summer, on the weekend or at the end of the month. Make sure you choose an off-time to head across country. This saves you money on gas, air conditioning, hotel stays and even your truck rental!

Compare moving company rates: do some research and find which companies offer the cheapest rates for moving across country. Make sure to ask for any perks they offer, especially if they have movers!

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