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  1. Moving Your Business Doesn't Need to be So Challenging
  2. No Room for Mistakes
  3. Tasks to Complete
  4. Other Assistance

1. Business Moves Don't Need to be Challenging

You can have success with your efforts of relocation by hiring a business moving company. They have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to assist you in carrying out a life changing event. You will save time and money by appropriately using the services of a professional.
Make the decision today to hire a moving company as soon as you start making plans to relocate your business. Any business owner who has experienced a relocation of the business knows that it can drain you, your time, resources and money, especially when the appropriate planning is not made in advance. Once you are positive about the move you should book your move as soon as possible to ensure your delivery date, otherwise, you may be given a delivery window time instead. 

2. No Room for Mistakes

Mistakes have made some company owners learned the difficult truth to the disadvantage of their business when they have had services interrupted for a long anticipated time and other issues have arisen. Don’t let that happen to you. This is the main mistake that a lot of companies make – not calling a business moving company to assist them. This is especially true for large corporations since their relocation efforts would be a huge undertaking. Not to mention the losses that would be incurred, if the move is not carried out in an organized manner. This is very crucial to the operation and solidity of the business if the move is not properly handled.

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So what is involved in soliciting the services of an experienced and professional relocation specialist as it relates to business moving? Well, there is a lot, actually. You get to leverage the skill of an expert, especially if the moving company offers a wide range of services and knowledgeable advice. Now that you are forced to move your company, don’t let panic set in. Your business moving efforts can be as smooth as you will allow it to be. You should never use the help of employees, except to pack up the official documents. Instead, you should contact a moving company so that you have less transition time and a chance to operate your business.

3. Tasks to Complete

Here are some things, though, that you should do yourself prior to the move: Send out an email and/or correspondence to your community, customers, neighbors and business partners to let them know that you are relocating. Do this ahead of time. You can also get the word out on social media, on your web page and other online platforms. You don’t want to risk the chance of losing your customers or having unhappy clients show up at the old place of business, only to find out that you are no longer there. If that happens and you can, make sure to leave a sign with the new location address. You will also need to update everything with your new address.

4. Other Assistance

Designate someone to communicate with the business moving company. This person will also responsible for making a checklist and to do follow ups in order to ensure that lines of communication are open and clear directions given and followed. Develop a timeline to get different tasks done and stick to it. Give the business moving company and your staff deadlines to follow. When you have all those things in place, it is now time to move.



Jason Griffith

5 years ago

Hey Moving Authority,

Do movers usually charge extra to move businesses to their new office? I'm planning to move my company to a new location in another city and was wondering what moving companies usually charged businesses to do their move. I have lots of office furniture and it would take me several weeks to disassemble them, move them to my new location and reassemble them. I was wondering if there were any moving companies out there that could do all the work of the move for me. I really want to move to this new location and the only thing holding me back is the daunting task of moving. I also have quite a few electronics such as computers that I want to make sure are still working after the move. I have lots of important files on these computers and I have backed them up but it would be a pain to have to restore them if they were damaged during the move. Are there movers that specialize in these sorts of business and technology moves? I would like to hire movers who know how to disconnect the components of a computer and reassemble the computer in the new location so that we don't have to do it. Our IT department is very small and we have quite a few computers. I also don't mind paying extra for the assurance that my electronics are safe during the moving process. Please let me know if you have any tips or if you have any guidance on my plan. Thank you.

- Jason

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