1. How Can We Be Expected to Remember Everything?
  2. Some Forgotten Reminders During the Move
  3. Change Your Address Without All the Hassle
  4. Don't Forget to Change Your Address at the USPS Postal Service!
  5. Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Address & Where To Do It
  6. How Do I Change My Address with the Post Office?
  7. Do I Really Need to do All of This & Move at the Same Time??
  8. Don't Forget Your Biggest Fans! Friends & Family!
  9. We Understand What a Chore This Can Be With So Many Tasks
  10. We're Here to Help Along the Way: Communication is Key 

1. How Can We Be Expected to Remember Everything?

When you move, there are many tasks to complete. From the beginning of the moving process, all the way to the end of your move, there are so many things that need to get done. Many people take on too many tasks at once when moving, meaning they often have to take it on alone or with a little help.

2. Some Forgotten Reminders During the Move

Because there is so much to do during the moving process, it is often difficult for people to remember everything that must be done. Doing everything alone complicates the process more. People who are moving these days are always looking for simpler ways to do things. With the rise of modern technology, completing moving objectives such as a post office change of address is becoming easier than ever before. People can now change their address with the post office by: 

3. Change Your Address Without All The Hassle

With so many factors to consider during the process, it's easy to become overwhelmed. So, it's plain to see how people can forget to do something so simple, like changing their address at the Post Office. When you file a change of address with the post office, you are letting them know that you have moved. Once you've changed your address, the USPS will send your future service mail to your most up-to-date place of residence. The process of letting them know is almost too simple. All you have to do is fill out a change of address form online, and submit the paperwork for address mailing.

4. Don't Forget to Change Your Address At USPS postal service

Many people still forget to submit a USPS change of service address form, post moving to other states. This is rather ironic, considering that any change of address checklist will remind you to submit a post office mailing change address. When you do this, you are avoiding any annoyances or inquiries about verifying your address from anyone and everyone who sends your mail. Many people are fooled into believing that a post office change address online is all that is required to ensure the mail gets sent to your new home. Unfortunately, that is not enough and there are countless places that need this guide to change the address once you move.

change your address without hassle

5. A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Address & Where To Do It

Moving Authority has taken the liberty of compiling an address change checklist to changing your location request. This should be used when your move details are set to keep everybody up to date with your new address. 

So, the Question is: Where Should I Change My Address?

Although this is an excellent and extensive list of places, communities, businesses, and friends and family, keep in mind that you may have to update something that is not on this list but needs a change of address! This comprehensive list is great for staying on top of your life, kids, and family while still managing changes of address during this overwhelming process of moving. It seems it may be helpful to print the list below if you so choose. You might just find that you have somewhere not on here that you need to notify about your new address. You need to update all things below. Without updating places about your address it will only hurt you in the end because your bills, doctors, schools, banks, etc. will not be able to reach you. As a result, you could receive additional fees or at worst, even have a medical emergency involving you or your children. Many do not prioritize changing their address and do not understand the seriousness they might encounter. You could even create a checklist if you'd like!  

Below is a list of all the places you will want to remember to notify regarding your move and change of address: 

  • Banks and Credit Card Companies
  • business employers
  • utilities, phone, cable providers
  • doctors, dentists, other medical providers
  • insurance companies (health, home, car)
  • your children's school
  • your children's doctor, sister, pedicurist, and anybody else you pay
  • vets and kennels
  • delivery subscriptions
  • billing agencies
  • family and friends
  • online retailers
  • post office!

how to change your address

6. How Do I Change My Address with the Post Office?

Updating your home address with the post office is easy: head to a post office to submit a change of address form. You can also fill out an online form with a few clicks. The USPS has made this process easier than ever, so there should be no hangups in changing your address.

7. Do I Really Need to do All of This & Move at the Same Time??

Some of these things may not seem very important, but it's imperative that you change your address. Even with paperless billing and online subscriptions, an updated address is crucial. You should at least update your zip code on websites that deliver weather and news. Making an address change at the post office is one of the most important changes you will have to make when moving. Without updating it you might not receive any of your important mail addresses.

8. Don't Forget Your Biggest Fans! Friends & Family!

If you want to let your friends and family know that you have changed your address, you can do so with a few easy steps. You can notify them via Facebook or text message. You can also print out little address labels so you can give them to people when you see them but fees may apply. Have the kids help you make them for a cute arts and crafts project!

9. We Understand What A Chore This Can Be

If all this seems too hard for you, we completely understand. You are not alone. The reality is that many people today don't have time to worry about things like this. This is especially true when you are moving, and dealing with the stress that a transition can bring and it makes you question the pros and cons. That is why the internet has created websites which update all information for you. These sites will update your address with all the places that you choose. This way, you can manage your subscriptions, bank accounts, kids' schools, etc. with only a few clicks. More details here.

10. We're Here To Help You Along The Way: Communication is Key 

Moving Authority is happy to help you with all your moving needs. Giving you post office change of address information and lists is just one way that we help you move with ease. If you want to find out more about getting your truck license to move follow the link. 


Bob Kings

3 years, 7 months ago

I was told that I need US post office change address form but it is the united states post office change address online correct. Thank you for your time.


Alyssa Y.

3 years, 7 months ago

Thank you for the information about changing post office address. It really helps when I move home. I have a question though. I am not sure what to do with moving boxes once they are unpacked. It would be great if you could help me answer this question.


Cindy Kistler

3 years, 3 months ago

Excellently written article, if only all blogger offered the same level of content as you, the internet would be a much better place. Please keep it up!. Great tips, I would like to join your blog anyway.Waiting for some more review.Thank you

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Question “Country music scholar Bill Malone has gone so far as to say that trucking songs account for the largest component of work songs in the country music catalog. For a style of music that has, since its commercial inception in the 1920s, drawn attention to the coal man, the steel drivin’ man, the railroad worker, and the cowboy, this certainly speaks volumes about the cultural attraction of the trucker in the American popular consciousness.” — Shane Hamilton

Question In the 20th century, the 1940 film "They Drive by Night" co-starred Humphrey Bogart. He plays an independent driver struggling to become financially stable and economically independent. This is all set during the times of the Great Depression. Yet another film was released in 1941, called "The Gang's All Here". It is a story of a trucking company that's been targeted by saboteurs.

Question The number one hit on the Billboard chart in 1976 was quite controversial for the trucking industry. "Convoy," is a song about a group of reckless truck drivers bent on evading laws such as toll booths and speed traps. The song went on to inspire the film "Convoy", featuring defiant Kris Kristofferson screaming "piss on your law!" After the film's release, thousands of independent truck drivers went on strike. The participated in violent protests during the 1979 energy crisis. However, similar strikes had occurred during the 1973 energy crisis.

Question A relatable reality t.v. show to the industry is the show Ice Road Truckers, which premiered season 3 on the History Channel in 2009. The show documents the lives of truck drivers working the scary Dalton Highway in Alaska. Following drivers as they compete to see which one of them can haul the most loads before the end of the season. It'll grab you with its mechanical problems that so many have experienced and as you watch them avoid the pitfalls of dangerous and icy roads!

Question “Writer-director James Mottern said he was influenced by nuanced, beloved movies of the 1970s such as "The Last Detail" and "Five Easy Pieces." Mottern said his female trucker character began with a woman he saw at a Southern California truck stop — a "beautiful woman, bleach blonde ... skin tanned to leather walked like a Teamster, blue eyes.” - Paul Brownfield


The Federal Bridge Gross Weight Formula is a mathematical formula used in the United States to determine the appropriate gross weight for a long distance moving vehicle, based on the axle number and spacing. Enforced by the Department of Transportation upon long-haul truck drivers, it is used as a means of preventing heavy vehicles from damaging roads and bridges. This is especially in particular to the total weight of a loaded truck, whether being used for commercial moving services or for long distance moving services in general.
According to the Federal Bridge Gross Weight Formula, the total weight of a loaded truck (tractor and trailer, 5-axle rig) cannot exceed 80,000 lbs in the United States. Under ordinary circumstances, long-haul equipment trucks will weight about 15,000 kg (33,069 lbs). This leaves about 20,000 kg (44,092 lbs) of freight capacity. Likewise, a load is limited to the space available in the trailer, normally with dimensions of 48 ft (14.63 m) or 53 ft (16.15 m) long, 2.6 m (102.4 in) wide, 2.7 m (8 ft 10.3 in) high and 13 ft 6 in or 4.11 m high.


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Question In 1893, the Office of Road Inquiry (ORI) was established as an organization. However, in 1905 the name was changed to the Office Public Records (OPR). The organization then went on to become a division of the United States Department of Agriculture. As seen throughout history, organizations seem incapable of maintaining permanent names. So, the organization's name was changed three more times, first in 1915 to the Bureau of Public Roads and again in 1939 to the Public Roads Administration (PRA). Yet again, the name was later shifted to the Federal Works Agency, although it was abolished in 1949. Finally, in 1949, the name reverted to the Bureau of Public Roads, falling under the Department of Commerce. With so many name changes, it can be difficult to keep up to date with such organizations. This is why it is most important to research and educate yourself on such matters.

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Question The Department of Transportation (DOT) is the most common government agency that is devoted to transportation in the United States. The DOT is the largest United States agency with the sole purpose of overseeing interstate travel and issue's USDOT Number filing to new carriers. The U.S., Canadian provinces, and many other local agencies have a similar organization in place. This way they can provide enforcement through DOT officers within their respective jurisdictions.