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  1. Relocating Can Be Really Expensive
  2. Be Organized and Save on Supplies
  3. Places Likely To Have Free Boxes
  4. Planning Places to Get Free Boxes
  5. Look For Deals
  6. Your Own Office
  7. Liquor Stores
  8. Grocery Stores
  9. Office Supply/Computer Stores
  10. Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

1. Relocating Can Be Really Expensive

Moving can drain your bank account. Between the price of hiring movers, paying for gas, utility bills, and the cost of your new place itself, the fees up. One thing that you can do to cut costs is to find moving boxes for free.

Packing material can be pricey, especially when you need enough to move an entire home. The thought of moving without having to spend money on them is a great idea! There are many places around town where you can pick up moving boxes for your relocation needs.

2. Be Organized and Save on Supplies

You'll want to pair your newly acquired free packing materials with moving labels. This way, you know right where everything is when you get into your new place. When it comes time to move, free moving boxes will be an awesome budget hack. We're here to help you with ideas on how to find free moving boxes anywhere you can. It may take some scavenging, but you can find enough free moving boxes to carry everything in your home. Although it's possible to find moving boxes for free, check out this list of moving materials you may need. This will help you estimate your costs

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3. Places Likely to Have Free Boxes

The first place one should check is an office supply store. Stores like Office Max and Staples usually throw away sturdy, reinforced electronics boxes. See what they are giving away! The strength of these usually helps to protect your more fragile items. Once you have the clean boxes, check out our helpful guide on how to pack clothes for moving

Speaking to the employees at bookstores is another good place to search for boxes. Books are extremely heavy, so the containers used to transport them must be very durable. They don't use baby boxes, meaning that they are all very big. Bookstores often get major shipments about twice a week, and most of these boxes end up in the recycling bin. Most stores are happy to give away their shipment boxes; all you have to do is ask.

Also, check bars and restaurants. These boxes transport glass alcohol bottles, and they must be very thick as not to break the glass. The design of these types of containers ensures that your breakables will be safe. The employees at eateries will most likely be happy give you these boxes, as they will end up in a dumpster later.

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4. Places to Get Free Boxes

Grocery stores are also recommended places to get a lot of boxes. And best of all: you can pretty much stop by anytime and find packing material there for the taking. If you’re lucky, you can get your hands on heavy-duty banana crates, which are extremely thick. Remember that no matter the thickness of the cardboard, you are going to want to get packing paper. If you are not sure where to buy packing paper, don't worry! We have a guide for that too.
5. Look For Deals
Let’s face it: everyone likes to get free things. When you are moving, the costs can add up once everything said and done. When you combine hiring movers with the price of your new place itself, costs can snowball. One little area to cut costs is with the free moving boxes available. Boxes are quite expensive, and if you are moving a whole home's worth of stuff, you may be using upwards of 50 boxes. You can find deals online for boxes, but sometimes the lower price reflects the poorer quality of the box.

6. Your Own Office

If you work in an office, this task is already very simple. Boxes of office supplies, paper, etc. are most likely coming to your office quite often. These could be a great resource for you, as they are durable and usually have lids and handles.

7. Liquor Stores

These stores are a great resource because of their containers for shipping glass. These bottles don't break in transit because the boxes are very durable and strong. The same will be true for any fragile items you need to move.

8. Grocery Stores

These have the most boxes, as they have so many items shipped every day. They have giant industrial recycling bins usually spilling out with flattened, unwanted boxes. But don’t forget to ask the store first. They may even have some in the back they haven’t broken down yet!

9. Office Supply/Computer Stores

Connect with these retail stores because they have tons of free boxes. Oftentimes, these boxes held very fragile items. These stores most likely have excess cardboard packing materials as well.

10. Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!

This is a quick list of places that you can find boxes in or around town. Sometimes if you call ahead, stores can put boxes aside for you to pick up. At the very least, they could point you in the right direction of where to find their discarded boxes. As stated before, the boxes most likely end up in a large industrial recycling bin. Before this happens, ask if you can take some!
Good luck on your free boxes hunt, and get packing!! Check out more tips on moving and finding moving boxes free. Even if you find them in your own apartment complexes, you're winning!

Pharmacies such as Rite Aid, CVS, and Walmart almost always have boxes. It may be smart to call in advance for Walmart moving boxes and tell them to save some for you, so they won’t break them down. Place the small boxes into the medium boxes, and the medium into the large, to save space in your vehicle. If you don't have the right size for certain things you may want to use our list of best places to buy moving boxes. Moving boxes for free can be found almost anywhere, you just have to know where and how to ask!

Get inspiration and check liquor stores too. They get similar boxes to the ones bars get, but the ones that liquor stores get have lids. You should also call these stores in advance since many people check here for boxes first. Lastly, check small hardware or home improvement stores in your area. These places often have a manager on hand that can give you the “okay” to take are any free moving boxes. Also, they might just give you a coupon to use for the garden or home improvement items for your place.

We recommend that you check your options if your recycled boxes failed you. Did you pack improperly? Or, do you find yourself saying, "Hey, the movers broke my stuff; what should I do after unpacking?"

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You should be mindful about decluttering. This practice is good for wellness and your new lifestyle in the new home.