Full Service Moving Company

Do I Need A Full-Service Moving Company?

  1. What's a Full-Service Moving Company?
  2. Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Moving Company
  3. Perks of Full-Service Moving
  4. Take Care of Your Valuable Items
  5. The Art of Packing
  6. Necessary Material Included!

1. What's a Full-Service Moving Company?

With a full moving service, you are dealing directly with a company specifically trained to service your move every step of the way. This includes the planning of the move to the final execution. A full moving service consists of skilled movers who are trained in every aspect of relocation from assembling, disassembling, packing, loading and transporting. It also means that your move begins the very minute you agree to services. Your service also lasts until your items are delivered, unpacked and properly placed wherever your heart desires.

2. Benefits Of Hiring A Full-Service Moving Company:

A full moving service will generally assign you a go-to representative familiar with your move. This associate will handle all details of your relocation, answering questions and concerns, as well as coordinating your packing, pickup and delivery dates.

3. Perks Of Full-Service Moving

A full moving service moving company includes packing, transporting, and finally unpacking and placing your goods in your new home. Depending on what the customer's needs are you can also include an inventory of all your belongings, specialty packing of high-value items, or specialty services such as having the men wear white gloves to protect white silk furniture or high-end pictures or paintings.

4. Take Care of Your Valuable Items

The reason for the white gloves is so that none of the oils naturally residing on the hands make their way onto the fine furniture. If you are needing to move expensive valuable items make sure that you cover these with insurance or valuation coverage.  For this reason, we advise this is because when you drive down the street, you insure your car for the "just in case". The same mentality should be adopted when dealing with your fine luxury belongings when choosing the right moving company for the specifics of your job. They can easily be found using our helpful Moving Authority search tools.

5. The Art Of Packing 

You may not realize it now, but there truly is an art to packing, especially those boxes. A full moving service will send professionals to your home who know how to handle your items with care as quickly and efficiently as possible. All the while still ensuring proper packing techniques so no damages to your valuables occur. Whether you have five weeks or five days, professional movers are trained to have you packed and unpacked in the amount of time that you need. In the case that your current lease is up before your new one begins, a full service moving company offers the option to store your items for you in a storage facility until you are ready to move into your new home. Don’t risk an injury. Let the professionals handle it.

They are used to moving heavy furnitureand odd-shaped objects and are aware of all safety precautions. Additionally, they will have the necessary equipment required to make your move that much easier.

6. Necessary Materials Included!

When you hire a full moving service, all the necessary materials it takes to move, such as boxes, bubble wrap, foam, and packing tape are included. You’ll be surprised at how costly purchasing these items on your own can be.