Relocation Checklist

Relocation Checklist

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  1. Organize Your Move From Beginning to Final Delivery
  2. Make Your Relocation Checklist a Timeline
  3. No Time to Make a List or Can't Make a Good One?
  4. Think About Your Daily and Weekly Schedules
  5. Moving is Stressful, Schedule Time for Relaxation
  6. Stick to the List You Create: It's Your Guide!

1. Organize Your Move from Beginning to Final Delivery

When you’re moving, one of the best ways to keep yourself organized is to create a checklist. Taking inventory of your items will help you stay on track as you get from now to moving day to your new home. We have some tips on how to make a great relocation checklist for your move.

Checklist Before Relocating

2. Make Your Relocation list a Timeline

How long do you have before your move? Even if you’ve saved everything until the last minute and you only have a week or two before moving day, write down the remaining tasks you need to get done as well as a date to have them finished by. If you’re wondering when to start, we’d recommend that you give yourself 6-8 weeks, if possible, to prepare for your move. This preparation includes everything from hiring a moving company to planning the night before your move to ensure that you’re well-rested and ready to go. Something that is critical to completing a move is to ensure that you have given yourself enough time to do everything that must be done. Some things that have to be done before moving may take days to do, such as researching and finding a moving company, as well as booking with this company. You should also allow for weeks to pack your home, as to allow for comfortable living up until the day you plan to move out. Save items such as clothing and food for the final day of packing.

3. No Time to Make a List or Can’t Make a Good One?

Making a relocation checklist may be an extra task that you feel is not necessary. Or, you may just not have time to sit and create an adequate relocation checklist. This isn’t a problem, as you can easily find printable checklists online that can suit any type of move, whether it be long distance, international, or right across town. Some checklists also account for different start times, so take that into consideration when looking for one online.

4. Think About Your Daily & Weekly Schedules

Many people already have a lot of things to do every day. It is for you to add more things to an already full to do list. Take some time before creating a relocation checklist so you can plan out your schedule for the time leading up to the move. Consider what you can reasonably get done in one day, one week, or even one hour, so you can maximize your efficiency in the small window of time you may have to prepare for the move. Take into account other things that you may have on your schedule for weeks before the move, and plan time to prepare with these in mind. Plan out what you are going to do in a specific day. For example, if you are trying to save money, you can dedicate one day to finding free moving boxes so you don't have to spend money on paying for them.

5. Moving is Stressful, Schedule Time for Relaxation

Moving is very stressful and strenuous time in one’s life. It would be smart to plan some time for relaxation in your hectic schedule. Give yourself more time in the day and night before you move, to ensure that you are well-rested and ready to go on the day of the move. Creating a relocation checklist is a good way to keep stress levels low. You can also benefit from creating a checklist because you can see what you still have to do in order to prepare for a move, as well as what still needs to be done. If you are using a full service moving company to do your move, this step may not be as important but you should still take a break even if you have help from a moving company.

Don’t overwhelm yourself.


6. Stick to The List You Create: This is Your Guide!

It would not be a good use of your time to compile a good relocation checklist and not even follow it. Make sure you take account of everything that has to be done so you don’t have to edit the list later. For example, you’ll need to get boxes and tape before you start packing; and doing research before hiring a moving company is something that should be at the top of your list. Take your time making the checklist, and then once you have it, stick to it. Only change the order of tasks on your relocation checklist if you encounter an obstacle or situation in which it makes sense to make some rearrangements.

Creating and following a good moving checklist is key to executing a productive move. There are many things to do when you are moving from one place to another, and making a checklist will greatly increase your chances of getting everything done on time.

If you are relocating from an apartment and want a more specialized relocation checklist, check out our new apartment checklist. This checklist has everything you need to move from your old apartment to your new apartment. Feel free to check it out if you need help with your apartment move.