Moving Cross Country on a Budget

  1. Moving Cross Country Isn't Cheap, But You Can Save
  2. One Way to Save is by DIY
  3. Some Tips on Saving for Your Cross Country Move
  4. Detailed Researching is Vital
  5. Understanding Services You Need & Any Additional Charges (Ask!)
  6. What Kind of Services Should I Consider?
  7. Choosing a Cross COuntry Moving Company 
  8. Check Licensing Credentials
  9. Inform Yourself 
  10. The Process of Estimation
  11. Avoid Companies with Low Estimates
  12. Learn More

1. Moving Cross Country Isn't Cheap, But You Can Save

Having moved my family several times, I can assure you there isn’t a single “cheap” way to do it. There are, however, “cheaper” or more cost effective ways to do it. If you’re lucky enough to work for a company that has employment options in a city you want to move to, check to see if you can get your company to transfer you and pays at least a portion of your moving expenses for you.

Budgeting For the Move

cross country move guide budget

Since most of us don’t have the option of relying on a company to pay for our moving expenses, we need to find cheap ways to move across country without relying on someone else to pay for it. Options for moving on a budget may be limited, but they aren’t non-existent.

2. One Way to Save is by DIY

In most cases, doing it yourself less expensive than hiring a company to do it for you. When you hire a moving company, you are paying not only for the cost of fuel but the cut the company gets as well as the money they will pay the people who work for them. Renting a trailer yourself and doing the labor eliminates the middle man. There’s more work involved for you, but the cash outlay is less.

3. Some Tips on Saving for Your Cross Country Move

If you don’t want to do the work yourself and choose to go with a moving company, go through the items you plan to move and get rid of what you might not need. Moving companies charge by the room, so consolidating can reduce the cost.

Consider the cost of fuel when you look for a cross country moving company. If you notice fuels costs are lower than usual and you are in a position to make the move, do it while the cost of fuel is down. You’d be surprised how much difference low fuel costs can make in the overall expense of moving. To help lower the cost of moving, limit the vehicles you use by towing when possible.

Face it, moving is expensive, so finding cheap ways to move across country is a challenge, but with a little planning, you can at least reduce your moving expenses. Here are a few more tips. 

4. Detailed Researching is Vital 

Cross-country moving companies cover long distance moving.Long distance transport of people’s items can be demanding, so doing your research before you pick a company is imperative. Determine which moving services you need and consider the price of those services.

5. Understanding Services You Need & Any Additional Charges (Ask!)

Depending on the moving company, you will be offered various services. In case you already know what services you will need, making decisions will not be hard. When considering the budget of your cross-country move, remember that the cost of labor and materials is extra charged.

6. What Kind of Services Should I Consider?

 Boxes - If you cannot get a hold of free boxes from the supermarket, moving companies offer to purchase the boxes from them that will cost extra.
Packing services - Cross-country moving companies, in general, provide the option of full-service moving  -- meaning they also render packing.
Packing supplies - If you lack materials such as moving blankets, packing paper, or packing tape, search for a moving company that will offer the above mentioned.
TV crates - Certain moving companies provide proper TV crates and such boxes for transporting expensive goods in a safe and secure way.
Stair carries - Many companies charge extra for the service of climbing and descending the stairs carrying weighty items. Make sure to ask about the cost before selecting a company.
Long carries – It often happens that the companies charge extra for long walks from your dwelling to the parking space of the moving truck. Ask about the cost of this kind of service, all the more if you live an apartment that is far away from parking lots. You can ask for shuttle service in case you need a smaller vehicle to transport your goods to the moving truck.
Auto transport services – In case you need to move a car, a company for auto transport is hired, besides the moving company that is already hired. Nonetheless, there are companies that provide both services, which saves money for you.
 Choosing The Right Movers

7. Choosing a Cross Country Moving Company

When choosing a cross-country mover, there is a practice that implies picking only three companies and ask for estimates from each one for the sake of comparing prices. Do not choose a company that charges the least --if the company offers too low a price, the odds are they are not so good. Some of the cheap cross country moving companies should be attended by Moving Authority. Consider all the services the company provides and only then make a rational choice that suits your needs.

8. Check Licensing Credentials

 Choose only companies that have a license and insurance with the department of transportation by checking their US DOT number on the FMCSA. Stay away from moving companies that do not have the appropriate license and accreditation—you may lose your beloved items.

9. Inform Yourself

by reading many commendations of these companies and get into contact with each moving company for frames of reference. You want to gain insight on the ways company treats its customers. If the company is authentic, they are to provide you references as proof of their service. A fantastic resource on Moving Authority is to read cross country moving companies review.
Aspire to lay hands to three estimates in the least from moving companies before deciding. Reading the fine print is vital, and if you find anything unclear, inquire with the moving company to clarify it.

10.The Process of Estimation

 Moving companies generally assign their personnel to analyze your home or commercial establishment to estimating your goods. This kind of estimation is preferred to the phone one.
In the action of estimation, you want to inquire about crucial issues and learn the ways the company does the estimation. Important to stress are two types of estimates: a binding estimate and a non-binding estimate.

11. Avoid Companies with Low Estimates

Certain moving companies use this as a trick to attract clients and after or during the move they charge their clients a lot more money.

12. Learn More

Want to know more about additional third party insurance --- chiefly whilst moving precious goods or antiques? Generally speaking, moving companies offer basic insurance which often doesn't cover your expensive or dearly beloved belongings, unfortunately.

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Did You Know

Question Receiving nation attention during the 1960's and 70's, songs and movies about truck driving were major hits. Finding solidarity, truck drivers participated in widespread strikes. Truck drivers from all over opposed the rising cost of fuel. Not to mention this is during the energy crises of 1873 and 1979. In 1980 the Motor Carrier Act drastically deregulated the trucking industry. Since then trucking has come to dominate the freight industry in the latter part of the 20th century. This coincided with what are now known as 'big-box' stores such as Target or Wal-Mart.

Question Alongside the many different trailers provided are motorcycle trailers. They are designed to haul motorcycles behind an automobile or truck. Depending on size and capability, some trailer may be able to carry several motorcycles or perhaps just one. They specifically designed this trailer to meet the needs of motorcyclists. They carry motorcycles, have ramps, and include tie-downs. There may be a utility trailer adapted permanently or occasionally to haul one or more motorcycles.

Question A commercial driver's license (CDL) is a driver's license required to operate large or heavy vehicles.

Question In 1976, the number one hit on the Billboard chart was "Convoy," a novelty song by C.W. McCall about a convoy of truck drivers evading speed traps and toll booths across America. The song inspired the 1978 action film Convoy directed by Sam Peckinpah. After the film's release, thousands of independent truck drivers went on strike and participated in violent protests during the 1979 energy crisis (although similar strikes had occurred during the 1973 energy crisis).

Question The public idea of the trucking industry in the United States popular culture has gone through many transformations. However, images of the masculine side of trucking are a common theme throughout time. The 1940's first made truckers popular, with their songs and movies about truck drivers. Then in the 1950's they were depicted as heroes of the road, living a life of freedom on the open road. Trucking culture peaked in the 1970's as they were glorified as modern days cowboys, outlaws, and rebels. Since then the portrayal has come with a more negative connotation as we see in the 1990's. Unfortunately, the depiction of truck drivers went from such a positive depiction to that of troubled serial killers.

Question A semi-trailer is almost exactly what it sounds like, it is a trailer without a front axle. Proportionally, its weight is supported by two factors. The weight falls upon a road tractor or by a detachable front axle assembly, known as a dolly. Generally, a semi-trailer is equipped with legs, known in the industry as "landing gear". This means it can be lowered to support it when it is uncoupled. In the United States, a trailer may not exceed a length of 57 ft (17.37 m) on interstate highways. However, it is possible to link two smaller trailers together to reach a length of 63 ft (19.20 m).

Question The United States Department of Transportation has become a fundamental necessity in the moving industry. It is the pinnacle of the industry, creating and enforcing regulations for the sake of safety for both businesses and consumers alike. However, it is notable to appreciate the history of such a powerful department. The functions currently performed by the DOT were once enforced by the Secretary of Commerce for Transportation. In 1965, Najeeb Halaby, administrator of the Federal Aviation Adminstration (FAA), had an excellent suggestion. He spoke to the current President Lyndon B. Johnson, advising that transportation be elevated to a cabinet level position. He continued, suggesting that the FAA be folded or merged, if you will, into the DOT. Clearly, the President took to Halaby's fresh ideas regarding transportation, thus putting the DOT into place.


Full truckload carriers normally deliver a semi-trailer to a shipper who will fill the trailer with freight for one destination. Once the trailer is filled, the driver returns to the shipper to collect the required paperwork. Upon receiving the paperwork the driver will then leave with the trailer containing freight. Next, the driver will proceed to the consignee and deliver the freight him or herself. At times, a driver will transfer the trailer to another driver who will drive the freight the rest of the way. Full Truckload service (FTL) transit times are generally restricted by the driver's availability. This is according to Hours of Service regulations and distance. It is typically accepted that Full Truckload carriers will transport freight at an average rate of 47 miles per hour. This includes traffic jams, queues at intersections, other factors that influence transit time.


Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) are fundamental to the FMCSA's compliance program. The purpose of the CSA program is to oversee and focus on motor carriers' safety performance. To enforce such safety regulations, the CSA conducts roadside inspections and crash investigations. The program issues violations when instances of noncompliance with CSA safety regulations are exposed.
Unfortunately, the CSA's number of safety investigation teams and state law enforcement partners are rather small in comparison to the millions of CMV companies and commercial driver license (CDL) holders. A key factor in the CSA program is known as the Safety Measurement System (SMS). This system relies on data analysis to identify unsafe companies to arrange them for safety interventions. SMS is incredibly helpful to CSA in finding and holding companies accountable for safety performance.  

Question Relocation, or moving, is the process of vacating a fixed location, such as a residence or business, and settling in a different one. A move might be to a nearby location such as in the same neighborhood or a much farther location in a different city or even a different country. Moving usually includes packing up all belongings, transferring them to the new location, and unpacking them. It will also be necessary to update administrative information. This includes tasks such as notifying the post office, changing registration data, change of insurance, services etc. It is important to remember this step in the relocation process. 


A circumferential route refers to a public transportation system that follows the route in the shape of a circle. Over time a nickname developed in the European Union, calling transportation networks such as these a "ring road". This is no surprise as Europe has several famous "ring roads" such as the Berliner Ring, the Brussels Ring, the Amsterdam Ring, the Boulevard Périphérique around Paris and the Leeds Inner and Outer ring roads. Other countries adopted the term as well which in turn made the name go international. Australia's Melbourne's Western Ring Road and India's Hyderabad's Outer Ring Road both adopted the name. However in Canada, the term is most commonly used, with "orbital" used to a much lesser extent.
On the contrary, the United States calls many "ring roads" as belt-lines, beltways, or loops instead. For example, the Capital Beltway around Washington, D.C. Some ring roads use terminology such as "Inner Loop" and "Outer Loop". This is, of course, for the sake of directional sense, since compass directions cannot be determined around the entire loop.

Question In 1986 Stephen King released horror film "Maximum Overdrive", a campy kind of story. It is really about trucks that become animated due to radiation emanating from a passing comet. Oddly enough, the trucks force humans to pump their diesel fuel. Their leader is portrayed as resembling Spider-Man's antagonist Green Goblin.

Question Smoke and the Bandit was released in 1977, becoming the third-highest grossing movie. Following only behind Star Wars Episode IV and Close Encounter of the Third Kind, all three movies making an impact on popular culture. Conveniently, during that same year, CB Bears debuted as well. The Saturday morning cartoon features mystery-solving bears who communicate by CB radio. As the 1970's decade began to end and the 80's broke through, the trucking phenomenon had wade. With the rise of cellular phone technology, the CB radio was no longer popular with passenger vehicles, but, truck drivers still use it today.

Question In order to load or unload bots and other cargo to and from a trailer, trailer winches are designed for this purpose. They consist of a ratchet mechanism and cable. The handle on the ratchet mechanism is then turned to tighten or loosen the tension on the winch cable. Trailer winches vary, some are manual while others are motorized. Trailer winches are most typically found on the front of the trailer by towing an A-frame.

Question A properly fitted close-coupled trailer is fitted with a rigid tow bar. It then projects from its front and hooks onto a hook on the tractor. It is important to not that it does not pivot as a draw bar does.

Question Some trailers can be towed by an accessible pickup truck or van, which generally need no special permit beyond a regular license. Such examples would be enclosed toy trailers and motorcycle trailers. Specialized trailers like an open-air motorcycle trailer and bicycle trailers are accessible. Some trailers are much more accessible to small automobiles, as are some simple trailers pulled by a drawbar and riding on a single set of axles. Other trailers also have a variety, such as a utility trailer, travel trailers or campers, etc. to allow for varying sizes of tow vehicles.

Question The industry intends to both consumers as well as moving companies, this is why there are Ministers of Transportation in the industry. They are there to set and maintain laws and regulations in place to create a safer environment. It offers its members professional service training and states the time that movers have been in existence. It also provides them with federal government representation and statistical industry reporting. Additionally, there are arbitration services for lost or damaged claims, publications, public relations, and annual tariff updates and awards. This site includes articles as well that give some direction, a quarterly data summary, and industry trends.

Question Words have always had a different meaning or have been used interchangeably with others across all cultures. In the United States, Canada, and the Philippines the word "truck" is mostly reserved for larger vehicles. Although in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, the word "truck" is generally reserved for large vehicles. In Australia and New Zealand, a pickup truck is usually called a ute, short for "utility". While over in South Africa it is called a bakkie (Afrikaans: "small open container"). The United Kingdom, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland, and Hong Kong use the "lorry" instead of truck, but only for medium and heavy types.

Question Tracing the origins of particular words can be quite different with so many words in the English Dictionary. Some say the word "truck" might have come from a back-formation of "truckle", meaning "small wheel" or "pulley". In turn, both sources emanate from the Greek trokhos (τροχός), meaning "wheel", from trekhein (τρέχειν, "to run").