What is a Moving Claim?

  1. Moving Claim Solution
  2. What Does This Mean?
  3. Third-Party Companies
  4. Claims Processing
  5. In-House Claims
  6. Moving Authority's Claims Package

1. Claim Solution

A claim solution is exactly what it sounds like. A claim form is sent to a customer allowing for compensation over damaged goods. Let’s face it, no matter how careful a moving company or anyone in general is, accidents can happen. Sometimes things happen in the moving industry. Items get lost or become damaged upon delivery. When this happens, customers must file a claim with the carrier or third party claim company. You must submit this form in a timely fashion. Keep in mind that a moving claim may differ depending on whether the move is international or not.

2. What Does This Mean?

This means that no matter what the situation may be, the carrier is not allowed to offer you discounts. Regardless of your items or damaged items claim. They are not even allowed to offer to send you any amount of money until you have filed a claim. A claim move is a legal procedure to request compensation for loss or damage items. A moving company MUST provide you with a claim form or information on how to get a claim form. Also, the company needs to allow you the option of filing it. All claims must also have a paid bill of lading. You may still file a claim but your claim maybe denied as a result of your open balance. Understanding filing a moving claim is easy once you know what the parameters are for movers.

File A Claim

3. Third-Party Companies

A solution to a high number of customer service is to hire third party companies to process your claims for you. This solution can be quite costly and still requires the involvement of your company.

moving claims process is difficult without knowledge of how to process claims. You are relying on another company to keep all the records that they must maintain for 3 years. This service, while convenient, can create tension between the shipper and your representatives. Delays happen, and sometimes there's a lack of information available to you. You are dependent upon the company you choose to keep you up to date with the status of each claim. If you choose to use a third party claim company, make sure you have a reliable representative. This person should be available to send the information needed to process your claims. You also need them to answer any questions with the authority to handle payments, etc.

This will help ensure that your company’s claims 
are processed within the time limits allowed by law.

4. Claims Processing

Another solution to problems after the move is In household goods claim processing.

You will have to maintain records of the notices sent, dates, and methods of communication. Your claims representative must be knowledgeable, organized, proficient, able to rank responsibilities, etc.
Your claims procedure should always be written out in detail. This avoids any misunderstanding or miscommunication. In this case, a logistics management professional would be helpful. If your third party makes a mistake with the claim records, you must immediately report it to the USDOT. As a result, your company may be subject to violations and/or fines.

5. In-House Claims

This regulation and claim questions are the only downfalls to covering claims yourself. Doing your claims in-house will allow you access to claim information at all times. This will give you the control over how you process claims and how you'd like to run your business in general. You have complete control of your customers’ claims. This can be a very affordable option for many. But, it will only be attainable if you make sure that you submit your claims procedures properly. It is of the utmost importance that when you submit moving claims, they are clear. If not, be sure to offer guidance via phone or email.
You may choose to shop around and find the file claim company that best suits your needs. Or, if you'd like, you can take your claims process into your own hands.

6. Moving Authority's Claims Package

With our claims package, we give you all the tools necessary to set up your own, in-house claim process. Our available representatives are more than happy to assist to the best of their ability. They all have excellent and warm help and guidance to offer. Even when the most difficult situations arise, they will be there for you to help you (or anyone at all) through it.
Please don't hesitate to call us anytime Monday to Friday PCT at (702) 333- 2430 or email us at for more information about our mover's claims package options.




5 years, 9 months ago

Does Moving Authority help companies get in touch with third party claims companies?

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

5 years, 9 months ago

Hello Jessica, yes we can connect you with a third party claims company. If you contact us either in the live chat tab on the right bottom, on business hours which is 9am to 5 pm pacific time, one of our helpful staff will help you. A good third party moving claims company can really help with customer service and with dealing with your customer if an accident happens and a claim needs to be filed.



5 years, 9 months ago

Does your claims package come with instructions that will help my company learn how to do claims?

user avatar

Adam P

5 years, 9 months ago

Yes they do. The claim package we sell is a step by step guild to educated you on the moving claims procedure. If you have not dealt with moving claims before or have but need help organizing or processing the moving claims correctly the package would really help you. All the best Irene and if you need more info let me know, Adam.



5 years, 9 months ago

If my moving company uses a third party company to do their claims, do I have to file a claim with them or can I make my mover do my claim?


Adam P

5 years, 9 months ago

The law requires that any claim must be filed in writing. If the moving company utilizes the services of a third party claims company, you are not required to file with this company, however it may be the best way to have your claim analyzed by a neutral party. When the company allows a customer to file a claim with the mover, they will have a representative on their payroll process the claim. Some of these representatives may not be as knowledgeable as a representative of the claims company and may be biased toward the company. We suggest speaking with the claims company about your concerns regarding filing a claim through them and they may be able to put your mind at ease and help you to feel more comfortable about filing a claim with them.



5 years, 8 months ago

If my company purchases your claim package, does it teach us how to analyze the claims too?

user avatar

Adam P

5 years, 7 months ago

Yes it does teach you to analyze the claims. We also have representatives that can help you if you have any questions or if you need help with a unique claim issue.

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List of moving Claims Companies

The 18 third party Moving Claims services below mostly provide household goods claims but if you provide military moves you should used a claims service that is familiar with the correct paperwork related with these moving jobs.  

  • AAA professional Repair & Claims Services

Handles household claims and Military Claims professionally.

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National Claims Services provides moving claims for some major van lines in the moving industry.

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Tele: (800) 325-6889 Inter: (800) 325-6889
 Fax: (708) 345-5218

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Stow, Ohio 44224

Phone: 800-514-6927

  • Complete Furniture & Interiors inc

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Glendale, AZ 85301-7782
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  • DiSar Furniture Services

3140 W 84th St #6 Hialeah, FL 33018-4913

Tele: (305) 558-5141
Fax: (305) 556-0700

  • Executive Insurance Services inc 30 Windsormere Way Ste 300
Oviedo, FL 32765-6512
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Inter: (800) 801-6421
Fax: (407) 366-4604

  • Fisher’s furniture refinishing & repair

9791 E Crain Hill Rd Traverse City, MI 49684-9481 Tele: (231) 932-8676

Fax: (231) 932-8676


  • Integrity furniture service

406 Meriwether St
Griffin, GA 30224-4135
Tele: (770) 412-0936

Fax: (678) 692-8240


  • Kistner’s full claim service inc

520 20th St
Rock Island, IL 61201-8112
Tele: (309) 786-5868

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  • Metro Claims

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Indian Trail, NC 28079-8636 Tele: (704) 882-5285

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  • Movers Specialty services

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Montgomeryville, PA 18936-9641
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  • Nixon Claims

1821 N Zaragosa Road, Suite 660 El Paso, TX 79936
Tele: (915) 449-6041
Fax: (888) 806-8548

  • Southland Service Group

485 Horizon Dr, Ste 800
Suwanee, GA 30024-7743
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  • Ylati Corporation

Mr. Bill Benigni - President 601 Sandstone Ln Granbury, TX 76048

Tele: (800) 301-9983 Inter: (800) 301-9983 Web:


  • Claims Prevention and Procedure Council

PO BOX 1117
Newburgh, IN 47629-1117

Phone: (866) 276-5656



  • Moving Claims

1755 NE 162nd St, Miami, FL 33162 Tele: (305) 232-5700


  • Anthem Claim Management
  • My Move Claims

40937 N. Courage Trail

Anthem, AZ 85086

(623) 551-5983

Once a Moving Company obtains an Arbitration Program, the program helps mitigate customers that are possible looking to go to court. Unfortunately no matter how good a Mover is, stuff happen's and sometimes the basic coveage doesn't cover what the customers wants. Read more about moving arbitration vs small claims court. Hiring a lawyer can be pricy for both parties involved and may at times returns the same verdict.