Six More Tips to Make Moving and Packing Easier

Six More Tips to Make Moving and Packing Easier

We've Got Six More Moving & Packing Tips

6 More Moving tips
  1. Packing Isn't Easy, Check Out These Tips
  2. Invest in Proper Packing/Moving Supplies
  3. Fragile Items Must Be Labeled Clearly
  4. Don't Save Everything for the Last Minute
  5. Avoid Temptation to Reminisce
  6. Throw Out the Following...
  7. It's Hard to Start but Easy to Get in the Groove

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1. Packing Isn't Easy, Check Out These Tips

We’ve talked before about how time-consuming moving and packing can be, and we’ve recommended some time-saving moving and packing tips and tricks. We know that you want to complete your move as timely as possible so you can get yourself living your life in your new location. Getting tips on how to help you pack and move here will allow you to get closer to completing your move. Everyone finds moving to be a simple task until they actually get close to the date of the move. When planning a move, every month counts so here are more tips on how to pack and move with ease.

2. Invest in Proper Packing/Moving Supplies

That means buying boxes, markers, and packing tape. Don’t use scotch or masking tape: neither one is sufficient to hold the weight of a packed box, and you’ll likely end up with a box that collapses under the weight and opens up from the bottom at the most inconvenient moment. Or save time, effort, money and stress by getting a reputable moving company to do the packing for you. By investing in these you will actually be able to save more time and money as the time that you use up by not having these resources can add up. By looking at your budgets and spending on necessary moving boxes and packing supplies now, you will be able to build more savings money in the future.

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3. Fragile Items Must Be Labeled Clearly

Don’t be afraid to go overboard here: write in big letters, write it multiple times, anything that will be sure to attract the attention of yourself and/or the people helping you move to avoid a disaster. Alternatively, invest in colored stickers that clearly mark something as the category you want it to be under, such as corresponding to a specific person, room or wing. Colors are easier to understand and are very clear on an item such as a box. You can correlate the color on the door of a specific room that you are moving into. Make sure to move living room furniture stuff first as it may be closer to the exit of your home. By clearing out that space you will be able to open up space for other things that you need to bring out of your home. If you having experienced moving before and have moved time and time, this may be old news to you but to those who haven't move in a while, this could help out a lot.

4. Don’t Save Everything for the Last Minute

There’s a lot more to a move than just the moving and packing: you need to call your utility and service companies, change your address, say goodbye to your friends, and do a million other things. We’d recommend that you start the moving and packing process about six weeks before the date of your move. This might seem like a long time but trust us: the weeks will fly by fast, and it’ll be moving day before you know it. If you rented out your current place, taking too much time moving may have you end up paying more for your move since you may stay an extra month resulting in paying more rent before your move.

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4. Avoid Temptation to Reminisce

It can be hard when you haven’t seen some of your belongings in a while, or ones that bring up fond memories, especially if you’re on a tighter-than-usual schedule. This will slow you down and is an activity best left for when you’re in your new place and have more time to unpack at a leisurely pace.

5. Throw Out the Following:

Food and things that can’t be moved safely, like pesticides, oil, gas, and fertilizer. Most people bring a few non-perishable food items to their new places, like a box of cereal or pasta or their spice rack, but generally, most of your food won’t make it and should be donated or thrown out. If you can, try and time your food consumption so that you cut down on waste and eat most of what you have by the time you move. Don't act like a parent to your items. You don't have to keep everything that's yours. If it can be replaced think about getting rid of it.

6. It's Hard to Start but Easy to Get in the Groove

with moving and packing. Suddenly, it seems like you’re either using all of your stuff or that it will be difficult to pack and should be saved for the end. We’d recommend that you start by packing things you absolutely don’t need right now. So, if it’s summer, pack up those winter coats and boots. Take a look at the things you have in your home and ask yourself: will I really use this in the next few weeks? If the answer is no, pack it away.

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You’d be surprised how much easier you can make moving and packing on yourself just by following these tips. By following these tips, you should be able to do a good job moving. Check out our other articles for more tips and tricks to choosing packing and moving companies.