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Who Takes Furnishing Donations?

  1. Moving Isn't Cheap, So Why Not Get Rid of Some Stuff?
  2. Furniture Donation Pick Up Offered!
  3. Goodwill Furniture Donation Pick Up: For Your Convenience
  4. Salvation Army Furniture Donation
  5. Become a Habitat for Humanity Volunteer
  6. Local Thrift Stores
  7. Furniture Thrift Stores
  8. Something to Keep in Mind When Donating...

1. Moving Isn't Cheap, So Why Not Get Rid of Some Stuff?

Moving can be expensive. Sometimes, people who are moving find it economical to get rid of some furniture that they do not need or want anymore. Moving a lot of furniture can often result in your shipment weighing more, which can cause you move to cost a lot more than it should. This is especially that case for long distance moves, during which prices are determined by weight, not volume. Some people who are moving find it better to ditch their old furniture in favor of new items, anyhow. While selling furniture is always a great option for people in search of extra money, there is not always time to go through the selling process, especially if you are fully engaged in the busy moving process.

2. Furnishing Donation Pick Up Offered!

Donating furniture is a solution for people who like to give back to the community. While the furniture may be old or uncomfortable furniture collection to you, it could change the life of someone who has never been able to afford new furniture. Furniture donation might seem tricky if you do not own a truck. You may be surprised to hear that many of the charitable organizations below will pick up your goods at no cost, you just have to set it up.

3. Goodwill Furnishing Donation Pick Up: For Your Convenience

Goodwill is one of the first charitable organizations people think of when considering where they should donate their old furniture. Goodwill is a great option for furniture donation because your donation can help the community in more ways than one. First, this charity employs people who would be at a disadvantage in the normal job market, such as individuals with disabilities or little work experience. Also, the furniture you donate can be purchased at a Goodwill store by people who would not be able to afford it otherwise. The money made goes back into community-building programs. With nearly three thousand locations in the United States, there is sure to be one close by.

4. Salvation Army Furniture

The Salvation Army is another place that accepts furniture donations. This religious group assists a wide variety of people in acquiring furniture and clothing, including the elderly and victims of human trafficking. Furthermore, there are over 6,900 Salvation Army stores across the country, and Salvation Army donation pick-up is always an option. Although they will pick your donations up for you, it is still good to know how to safely move furniture.

5. Become a Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

This organization has retail locations that sell furniture and other home items to the public. Habitat Humanity donations sale proceeds go to the construction and upkeep of the homes that the organization provides to those in need.

6. Local Thrift Stores

Neighborhood Thrift shops also accept furniture donations. The great thing is, these shops accept more than furniture- they will take essentially anything that you are willing to donate. So, while you are getting that old sofa out of the garage, why not load up a bag of old toys and clothes, too? Everything donated to a thrift shop helps in giving back to the community by expanding what is available to people who do not have a lot of money to spend on furniture or clothing.

7. Furniture Thrift Stores

These are just a few of the many popular options that are available for furniture donation. These, along with many other charities, accept furniture that is in useable condition. This furniture goes to families and others that are in need. Sofas are among one of the most popular items to donate to charitable organizations, but you can donate essentially anything. Rocking and Reclining chairs are also a popular option, in addition to children furniture. Dining tables make a great addition to the home of a struggling family. For these items, you shouldn't assume they will do all the heavy lifting. It important that you know how to use moving tools and equipment, such as a safe dolly in these situations and in life in general. You can also donate other items of furniture, including office chairs and desks, as well as coffee tables, lights, or dressers.

8. Something to Keep In Mind When Donating...

When you are making any charitable donation, keep in mind that other people will be using the items that you are donating. Charity is not a way to get rid of items that should go to the dump. Before making a donation of any kind you should ask yourself if anyone would actually want to use the items that you are donating. If the bed that you are planning to donate has a stain or scratch in the frame, then it's fine to donate. However, do not donate a sofa that is falling apart or is not suitable to sit on. Also, do not use charity drop-off locations as a dumping area. Many of these locations have security cameras that detect license plates, so keep this in mind if you are planning on dropping a bag of ripped clothes off!

Your Next Donation

The next time you are thinking about donating to a charitable organization but aren't sure which to choose, consider looking for one that best aligns with your interests or passions, whether that be the elderly, pets, or war veterans. There are specific organizations for each of these, all it takes it some searching to find the perfect one! Don't forget this is also helping you declutter your life at the same time! When it comes to moving if you own much heavy inventory check out full service moving companies.