Getting Rid of Stuff Before You Move

Getting Rid of Stuff Before Moving


  1. Best Way to Get Rid of Extra Clutter & Extra Stress
  2. Ways to Declutter Your Home & Organize Before Your Move
  3. Get Rid of Stress With a Profit to Go With It!
  4. Giving to Charity 
  5. Should I Keep My Food?
  6. Moving Authority Can Help You Out

1. Best Way to Get Rid of Extra Clutter & Extra Stress

Getting ready to move is an exciting, yet stressful, process. It gets even worse when you look around at how much stuff you have. You begin to worry about how you will get it all to the new location. Then, you worry about how much it will cost. You know that more items mean a bigger move, which means more money and time you spend thinking and researching low-cost moving companies while still trying to figure out my calculated cost of moving.
A lot of people have a similar freak-out before move day. The distance you are moving does not have a bearing on this stress, its all the same to you. You are more worried about having to make the decision between what to keep and what to get rid of.

2. Ways to Declutter Your Home & Organize Before Your Move

A lot of people have found it sensible to create a plan when moving and deciding what to get rid of. Frida Harmann, CEO of a small technology company in Boise, Idaho, has had plenty of experience with moving. She has relocated 5 times in her life. Her most recent move was completed through Moving Authority. She was nice enough to share one of her moving tips with us. She told us how she uses a three-part system in sorting her items before moving.
  • The second category will be things that she will sell. She offers whatever she has to people she knows, for free. However, anything that is worth value goes up for sale. This can be anything, from an old computer to a valuable piece of art.
  • The third category will be things that she will donate to charity.

3. Get Rid of Stress With a Profit to Go With It!

There are a few other strategies that also work well for getting rid of items that you no longer need. You can have an indoor yard sale. Think of this as an estate sale of sorts. You make listings online, then have people come and see what you are selling in your home. This is a good option if you have some time before the move. You can place labels on the things you want to sell, so people know what to look at.
You can arrange for pick-up times the day before you move, so you can still use the furniture.
Many people utilize this method for getting rid of stuff before a move. There is no setup, and you can even have it with friends if you don't want to let strangers into your home.
Another fun idea is to have a silent auction. You invite people over and have them write their names on items. If you want to make money, they can place a bid on the item. If you want to simply get rid of things, then you choose a random name from the back of the item.

4. Giving to Charity

 Charities are always in search of used items. These items go to people in need. You can choose which cause you would like to give to. If you are into children, then you can donate blankets and old kids clothes to a specific charity that is a child charity organization. You can even get rid of other items that you don't use anymore and possibly donate them to the education fund for children as well. They are always in need of good story books for children. 
Churches and performing arts groups also accept donations. These organizations often need furnishings for their buildings. Acting students can use them for props in their next play.
Take a look online to find good places to donate to. There are also sites such as FreeCycle that allow you to post items you would like to give away for free. People come pick the items up, or you can drop them off if you really need the space.


5. Should I Keep My Food?

NO. Many people still have refrigerators full of food when they begin the moving process. Since moving companies will not move certain food items, many people just throw it all away and start fresh in the new home. Moving experts say that you should never throw food away when you move. It is recommended that you give to friends and neighbors. You can also host a party before you move out of your home, using ingredients that you would otherwise throw away to prepare food.

Keeping in theme with the charitable donations, you can also donate food. It shouldn't be difficult to find a food donation connection. There are many organizations that will pick up nonperishable food and give it to people in need. This is a much better and more philanthropic option than just throwing perfectly good food in a landfill.
All in all, there are plenty of ways to get rid of stuff before you move, which will result in less stress and clutter, while your philanthropic donating will warm your heart at the same time. Throwing it away should be one of your last options. From making some extra cash to helping the environment, the payoffs of getting rid of some stuff are great. Not to mention, it will lower the cost of your move, therefore it will help you maintain your original budget. 

6. Moving Authority Can Help You Out

Once you've decluttered, you can now start organizing your belongings that you're keeping, examine your situation, and determine what kind of moving company you will need and if you will need storage or not. This can all be found online with Moving Authority and our resources we provide to make your move less stressful. Browse through our informative articles, reviews, and different types of moving companies. Make sure they are operating legally with the correct paperwork! In addition, you will want to get at the very least three quotes, which you can also find on our website. Get a free moving cost estimate today!


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