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  1. Info about Long Distance Moving and Storage
  2. Important Things to Remember Before Moving 
  3. Beginning a New Chapter
  4. You're Not Alone
  5. Be Positive!

1. Tips on wide Distance Moving and Storage  

Long distance moving and storage companies can help you relocate to a new part of the country without any hassle. However, it’s up to you to handle the minor details that long distance moving and storage companies might not take care of – changing your billing addresses, voting registration and everything in between. Once you narrow down your list of long distance moving and storage companies, take the following steps to make sure you don’t forget about the little things you may leave behind.

Long Distance Moving And Storage Companies

2. Important Things to Remember Before Moving

The post office will need to be contacted to ensure that your mail is forwarded once you move. This can ensure that you don’t miss any bills or other important documents that may come in the mail. Make sure you give your post office as much of an advanced notice as possible.

The post office will need to know the exact dates of your move to ensure that mail gets to you as planned. In the end, you’ll be glad you still have your extra gardening tools on hand in your new place. While it can be stressful to move and get situated in a new location, you can reduce your anxiety by doing some preparation beforehand. Take these steps into consideration and you won’t forget anything along the way.

4 Things To Do Before You Move

  • Turn off your utilities
  • Contact the Post Office
  • Check Nooks and Crannies
  • Check Outside the House

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3. Check All Spaces of Your Home

When was the last time you looked at your crawl spaces? How about that upper shelf in the closet? It’s critical to check these areas before you get ready to move. These locations may be where you’ve stored precious belongings in the past – you don’t want to leave them behind.

Don’t forget to contact your water and electricity departments before you get ready to move. You don’t want to be charged for water and electricity usage long after you’re gone. Additionally, contact your cable provider to ensure that you aren’t without Internet or television for too long after your move.

Did you clear out your shed? Did you remove the gardening hose from your home?

Your yard can be easily forgotten about when you’re in the midst of moving. Don’t forget to take a couple laps around the yard to find items that you may have forgotten to pack up.

The Truth About Moving somewhere New Place by Yourself

4. Beginning a New Chapter

Your friends and family cannot stop expressing how proud they are that you have decided to take such a major step in your life. Granted they are a little sad, but mostly excited. However, you cannot bring yourself to feel the same way. How could you? Uprooting your entire life and moving such a long distance away is difficult. It is also very exciting, but you may not realize it when you are surrounded by everything that has given you comfort for so many years; a place to call home.

The move comes and goes, and you are finally beginning a new chapter in your life. One that you know will be filled with excitement, discovery, and opportunity. You have a new home or job, you’ve familiarized yourself with your surroundings enough to know what’s what. Life goes on. You go to work. You establish a new routine. You discover new things, such as restaurants and cultures. You work yourself further and further into your new life by submerging yourself in everything you can in the city.

It’s fun and relaxed- the change in scenery, the opportunity to re-invent yourself, and the endless possibilities for adventure. Everyone from your hometown sends you nice messages and comments like “we miss you!” and “wish we were there with you!”. Then it begins to fade. The messages from a close friend or the promised daily phone calls become less and less frequent and eventually fade away entirely.

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5. You're Not Alone 

When there’s a great live performance downtown or a mountain you would love to climb, but you find yourself alone with no one to share the memories with. When work was strenuous and all you want to do is sip on a large alcoholic beverage with your best friend, but you realize you are all alone. Just. alone.

You haven’t completely cut off relationships with your friends and family, but you simply just don’t talk as much as you had hoped you would. In fact, you will probably lose touch with many of the friends you had before the move. There will be days when you question whether or not you should have moved. There will be times when the only thing you want is the familiarity of your home environment- your friends, family, comfort zones. Moving long distances is hard socially, economically, physically, and emotionally.  

Eventually, cage begins to present itself. You slowly meet new people; people who come from all corners of the world and share stories and beliefs that you have never been exposed to before. Friendships will grow and your loneliness will shrink. You will begin to see your new adventure more as your new life. Moving to a new place with a challenge you in ways you have never before seen. You fall in love with being by yourself, as it gives you the opportunity to figure things out without the assistance of others.

6. Be Positive!

You are given the opportunity to re-invent the way you have been living your life. You become open to new ideas and ways of life that help you grow as a person. You realized that, while your life has transformed greatly, the life you left behind is still there, and you see how healthy it has been for you to try new things. Your attitude has shifted because you have forgotten what it’s like to start over, to build up a new life from nothing.

Your emotions have improved, as you learned to adapt to change and continue living in a completely new environment. You become more aware of what your actions are, as well as the results they have. You become the purest form of yourself.It all takes time. Just don’t overwork yourself. You just need to give yourself time. Give yourself a break when you need it, and a heavy push when you need it. You’ll make it, and everything will be fine.