Best Places to Live in the United States

Top 19 Greatest Places to Live in the United States

  1. Boulder, CO
  2. New York City, NY
  3. Los Angeles, CA
  4. Chicago, IL
  5. Houston, TX
  6. Phoenix, AZ
  7. San Antonio, TX
  8. San Diego, CA
  9. San Jose, CA
  10. Austin, TX
  11. San Francisco, CA
  12. Seattle, WA
  13. Washington D.C.
  14. Las Vegas, NV
  15. Atlanta, GA
  16. Boston, MA
  17. Columbus, OH
  18. Minnesota
  19. Memphis, TN

1. Boulder, CO

This city is the eleventh most municipal city in the USA. It is at the elevation of 5,430 ft. above sea level. It is about 25 miles away from Denver. Boulder has a wonderful history and a very warm and close knit community. 33% of the population are married couples with families, and about 36% of households are made up of individuals. Boulder meets the Rockies and the Plains. It has a large freshwater source, predominantly from snowmelt. The weather, there ranges from the high 90’s in the summer and snow in the winter. There is a wonderful array of outdoor sports and the national U.S. Rugby headquarters is also in Boulder, CO. There are wonderful parks for hiking, mountain biking, and jogging. There are many institutes of science in the area of Boulder, CO, which draws many college-goers to the town annually. Boulder also works to actively preserve the wildlife population in the area by utilizing an Urban Wildlife Management Plan. The Hill is one of the most popular malls in Colorado, as its historic heritage and variety of shops draw many fraternity and sororities from the nearby colleges. The Colorado Music Festival has held in boulder annually. The city also has a countless number of annual events and celebrations, including the Polar Bear Plunge and Naked Pumpkin Ride.

Population: 103,166

Estimated median household income: $57,428

Elevation: 5344 feet

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2. New York City, NY

New York is one of the largest cities in the United States. With a very high ethnic and cultural diversity, there are many places to shop, visit, and dine. Central Park is the center of outdoor life for the industrial city, offering many outdoor performances, as well sports and jogging/biking paths. The World Trade Center memorial and 9/11 exhibits are a must-see when in lower Manhattan. Times Square is an iconic spot in New York City. Boasting a wide variety of shops and dining experiences. Times Square is a great place to be on New Year's Eve, offering one of the largest New Years celebrations in the world. For animal lovers, Central Park Zoo offers sights of rare animals from exotic places. New York City has a humid subtropical climate, and it even snows in the winter. New York has recently reached a record high in a number of annual tourists, capping 60 million in the past year. Many tourists find great pleasure in visiting one of the numerous culturally-rich areas scattered throughout the city, such as Little Italy in Manhattan, and China Town. The climate of the city varies between cold and damp in the winter to humid and warm in the summers. Temperatures are typically mild due to the cities close proximity to the ocean. To no surprise, a fairly large amount of New York’s income comes from the tourism industry, ranking in over $60 million in the past year. The New York Police Department remains the largest police force in the United States, with nearly 36,000 officers. New York is known for its various sports teams, many of which are very highly regarded.

Population: 8,491,079

Estimated median household income: $52,223

Elevation: 30 feet

3. Los Angeles, CA

Known as the City of Angeles, Los Angeles is a global city with a sense of entertainment, fashion, media, and education. Los Angeles boasts warm, sunny weather year round, and has some of the best beaches in all of California. California coasts are a great place to surf! There are more artists, filmmakers, actors, and musicians living and working in LA and Hollywood than any other city in the world. There are 800+ museums and galleries in LA county. In fact, Los Angeles has more museums per capita than any other city in the world. There are three major colleges in Los Angeles: UCLA, USC, and CSUN. In Downtown, you can find numerous sports arenas and venues, including the LA Convention Center, Staples Center, Nokia Theater, and many others. The climate in Los Angeles follows that of the popular California climate- warm and sunny for most of the year. Unfortunately, Los Angeles has long suffered from the issue of air pollution. Many people rely on cars and trucks to get to and from work or school, although there is a widely available public transportation system. Smog levels are expected to decrease in coming years due to the transition to hybrid electric vehicles. The entertainment industry and trading are main driving forces for Los Angeles economy. Nearby Hollywood has drawn tourists for quite some time since it is known for its film industry.

Population: 3,884,307

Estimated median household income: $48,466

Elevation: 330 feet

4. Chicago, IL

Chicago is full of highly diversified neighborhoods, meaning the dining choices are endless. The city is most famous for hot dogs and deep-dish pizza, and true foodies will love the Chicago Food Festival. The Grand Park Music Festival is a fantastic live-music venue, offering many family friendly activities. There are many zoos, parks, and aquariums exclusive to Illinois. The Chicago area is home to 32 Fortune 500 companies. Meaning employment is always available. Sports fans can see thrilling baseball games at Wrigley Field. The cost of living in Chicago ranks lower than the national average for similarly sized cities. The city is acclaimed for its public art, most of which comes from independent donors. The climate of the city is very humid, while winters are cold and bring a lot of snow. Chicago is a large financial capital of the United States, having been known for the most balanced economy of any major U.S. city. Food processing, manufacturing, and publishing are main driving forces of the Chicago economy. The desirable location of the city has drawn many to enjoy its vibrant nightlife. Sports have recently become the center of attention in Chicago. It has been named the best sports city in the United States in three separate years. The Chicago Cubs are the most notable sports team in the area.

Population: 2,718,782

Estimated median household income: $47,099

Elevation: 596 feet

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5. Houston, Texas

Houston is a booming 21st-century metropolis, offering many museums and street attractions. The Huston Space Center showcases fascinating space artifacts and exhibits. The Huston Museum of Fine Arts also shows fantastic works of art. For those of you who want to get outdoors, the Kemah Boardwalk offers many shops, rides, and restaurants, and is located in the beautiful Galveston Bay area. For shoppers, the Galleria offers the best shopping experience in the area, with over 400 stores and two Westin hotels. Buffalo Bayou Park is a large skate park located in the heart of the city. At night, the park offers an amazing bat show. Yes, bats. Over 250,000 Mexican free-tailed bats fly over the park nightly to settle under the Waugh Drive bridge. The economy of Huston has become based around the energy industry, from which a large portion of the nation’s oil and natural gas are produced. Huston has a humid climate that often creates rugged storms in the area. The Southern part of the city is home to over a million people who were not born in the United States. Much of Huston’s population uses their own automobile to commute to work alone.

Population: 2,195,914

Estimated median household income: $45,353

Elevation: 108 feet

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6. Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is located in a desert region. If you need to cool off, the city offers some of the best drive-thru’s in the county, but not just boring restaurants like McDonald’s. For sports lovers, Chase Field is a retractable-roof sports arena, so spectators can enjoy their favorite sports either having to worry about sweltering heat and monsoons. For kids, phoenix offers an array of water parks and other outdoor activities to beat the heat, which can sometimes rise to over 102 degrees. The lovely desert scenery really completes the landscape of the increasingly entertaining city.

Populationn: 1,513,367

Estimated median household income: $46,601

Elevation: 1085 feet

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7. San Antonio, TX

The cost of living in San Antonio is extremely affordable for such a large city. San Antonio’s highly diverse population means anyone, from anywhere, will fit right in. The food takes on the typical Texas style, but also offers a lot of Mexican food. San Antonio offers over 20 miles of bike paths, and there are even bikes available to rent. The locals are about as friendly and welcoming as it gets. There are a lot of armed force bases in the San Antonio area. San Antonio has a tropical, humid climate. Tornadoes do not occur often in the city, although there is always the possibility for one to occur at any time. The Alamo mission San Antonio is a popular tourist destination of the city, as well as the main tourist destination of the state. The San Antonio Spurs are the most followed team in the city. An attempt to draw a professional team to the area led to the construction of the Alamodome, although most teams go to the AT&T center, which was constructed with public funds. There is a fairly large public transportation system in the area, thus leading to the reduction of motor vehicles and pollution.

Population: 1,409,019

Estimated median household income: $45,399

Elevation: 772 feet

8. San Diego, CA

The weather in San Diego is always beautiful, as expected in California. Temperatures are always in the mid to upper 70’s or 80’s by the coast. Take advantage of the outdoor weather and visit the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park where you can get up close and personal with some amazing wildlife. La Jolla cove is a must-see for families with kids, who can enjoy the warm water and white-sand beach, as well as the numerous tide pools, where you may even find sea creatures hiding out. The burgers in San Diego are on-point and are sure to exceed your expectations, and there are farmers markets around every corner. The city has over 50 individual neighborhoods, each offering something different and unique to fit every type of person. A significant portion of the San Diego economy comes from military and defense as well as tourism and research industries. Many people are drawn to the city every year thanks to the beautiful beaches, climate (which California is famous for) as well as its multitude of parks and recreation areas, and brewery industry.

Population: 1,355,896

Estimated median household income: $63,456

Elevation: 40 feet

9. San Jose, CA

Like most of the California bay area, San Jose has a lovely subtropical, Mediterranean-like climate. With over 203,500 families in the mountainous city, your sure to find plenty of kid-friendly activities. There are thousands of acres of parks and outdoor areas for all to enjoy and over 53 miles of hiking trails. Education opportunities are plentiful as well. San Jose State University is well known for their arts and engineering programs, but the city does not fall short in providing learning opportunities for younger children. San Jose is a short drive from San Francisco and the nearby Napa Valley Wine region. The technology industry is alive and well in San Jose, is best known for nearby Silicon Valley, home to headquarters of companies such as Apple, Google, eBay, Microsoft, and Twitter, among others. Employment with these companies is always available, thus creating a strong economic ecosystem where many can flourish. Local colleges and universities have allowed thousands of students to achieve degrees in various subjects that relate to technology development, thus boosting the economy with an abundance of new employees.

Population in 2013: 998,537

Estimated median household income: $80,977

Elevation: 87 feet

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10. Austin, TX

Austin is the largest growing city in the United States at the moment. Much of the tech world is moving to Austin, and it is becoming one of the mecca places for tech industries in the United States. The reason for this is because of the enormous tax breaks that the corporations are receiving for doing business in the state of Texas. The Colorado River runs through the city and was established by pioneers following the river. Wonderful thing to note is that Austin is considered the live music capital of the world, and have more live music events than anywhere else. The local cooking has a fun array, but local custom is Hot and Spicy, so beware if you anything you order is spicy, because, in this town, it really gets HOT! Throughout the year it is normally between 62 and 97 degrees, but the weather changes drastically from time to time. In 1985, it even snowed! facebook is building a facility there as well and plans to increase its staff as they expand in the near future. Austin does have the name Silicon Hills, so if you’re a tech geek, this may be the city for you.

Population: 885,400

Estimated median household income: $56,351

Elevation: 501 feet

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11. San Francisco, CA

With close proximity to Napa Valley and bordering the Pacific Ocean, the hilly streets and vibrant local community are sure to pull you in. The Golden Gate and Dolores parks are great ways to experience the fantastic weather of the California Coast. The city was rated one of the healthiest cities in the world, likely a result of the large consumption of organic foods and the reliance f foot travel and biking as opposed to vehicles. Ghirardelli Square is for people who are not so health conscious but determined to find the best shopping outlet in their city. Named after the famous chocolate, Ghirardelli Square is a fantastic place to shop, dine, and yes, eat chocolate. Fisherman’s Wharf is another awesome sight to see, including amazing seafood restaurants and other tourist attractions, as well as departing boat tours to visit the island of Alcatraz, a famous prison that has been shut down and converted to a museum.

Population: 837,442

Estimated median household income: $77,485

Elevation: 63 feet

12. Seattle, WA

Seattle is best known for Pike’s Place market, which is home to over 200 vendors, farmers, and shops. This city is best known for their coffee, which can be found all over the place, and tastes amazing. The city averages about 37 inches of rain per year, which often falls in heavy, consistent drizzles or downpours The Seattle Art Museum is a great place to visit. Offering much more than just art, the museum is a main concert and performance venue. A fast 30-minute drive will lead you to cascade waterfalls, nature hikes, lakes, and much more. The Seattle Space Needle is a famous city landmark, and an elevator ride to the top will leave you with breathtaking views of the city as well as the lovely Pacific Ocean. The climate in Seattle is notorious for being rainy, with only around 70 sunny days per year. It’s no wonder why coffee is one of the key selling points of the city. The economy of Seattle is quite a mixed bag, being driven by a combination of tech companies as well as hospitality, service, and eco-friendly tech companies. There are a lot of major companies that operate in the Seattle and Puget Sound area. There are a lot of Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller, more local businesses.

Population: 652,405

Estimated median household income: $70,172

Elevation: 350 feet

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13. Washington D.C.

Do musical and theatrical performances tickle your fancy? If so, the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. provides shows every day at 6 PM. Better yet, the shows are free, and no ticket is required to get in. There is a total of 19 museums and art galleries in the area, including the Smithsonian Museum. Weather in D.C. is average, often hot in the summer and snow in the winter. Jobs in Washington D.C. are easy to come by, considering it’s close proximity to government offices, who offer many employment opportunities with great benefits. Many families find it easier to move into the suburbs of Northern Virginia and Maryland due to the high cost of living in Washington D.C. While it may not seem like it, there is a relatively high crime rate in the city. Most crime comes from drugs and a prominent gang population. However, there are a few areas of higher wealth that do not experience such criminal activities. There are a lot of official and business jobs in the area. the architecture in the city is renowned for its favorable design.

Population: 646,449

Estimated median household income: $67,572

Elevation: 18 feet

14. Las Vegas, NV

We’ve all heard of Sin City. Las Vegas is a worldwide tourist attraction for the same reasons that may compel you to call this city “home”. Las Vegas offers stunning shows and performances, gambling, world-renowned dining, shopping, fun, and much more. The annual Las Vegas Film Festival draws movie lovers from around the world. There is a never ending list of golf courses in the Las Vegas area. Other outdoor ventures include Lake Mead, a lake just 30 miles from Vegas that is great for ATV adventures, as well as hiking and swimming. For people interested in the arts, the Las Vegas Philharmonic is the best performing arts group in Nevada. The weather in Las Vegas is great, with over 3,200 hours of the sunshine per year. And the cost of living is not as big as you might expect. The climate in Las vegas is very warm for the greater part of the year. Las Vegas economy is fueled by tourism, although recent years have brought a desire to nearby officials to bring a more diversified front to the economy. The local government is attempting to bring change to the economy by introducing healthcare and technology industries to the economy.

Population: 603,488

Estimated median household income: $49,289

Elevation: 2000 ft

15. Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is one of the most popular locations in the United States to relocate to. There are a lot of companies moving to Georgia right now due to the tax breaks that the state is giving to corporations. Regular income for households has increased and continues to increase every year. It is a very budget-friendly city to live in in the United States, with one of the best housing values in the country. The city has a wonderful Civil War history and has many different museums to visit, for you history buffs. It also has a wonderful array of golf clubs in the area, for you golfing buffs. Atlanta has a significant impact on Georgia’s tech industry, as well as education and media. There is a rather diverse economy in the area, coming mostly from logistics and professional service.

Population: 447,841

Estimated median household income: $46,485

Elevation: 1050 feet

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16. Boston, MA

Boston has an exceptional comedy scene. They’re always comedy shows at the Middle East, Improv Asylum, and Comedy Studio. As a matter of fact, many comedy stars, such as Bill Burr and Steven Right started in Boston. Take a walk around Boston and you’ll discover that there is something historical every place you look. Stop by the Freedom Trail, where you can have a guided tour of some on the most significant places. No matter where you are, each area of Boston is unique in its own way. Boston is home to a wide variety of colleges and higher education learning institutions, such as Harvard University, that make the city a sort of dream town for anyone pursuing an eduction. Over 350,000 college goers call Boston home at any time of the year. The college system in Boston actually has a positive influence on the economy. The economy is also influenced by the various technological and scientific companies in the area. The climate of Boston follows a humid pattern in the summer and a cold/snowy pattern in winter. Tourism is also a large driving force of the economy in Boston.

Population: 645,966

Estimated median household income: $53,583

Elevation: 20 feet

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17. Columbus, OH

Columbus is a metropolitan statistical area and is in the mid-western region of the United States. The city has a strong emphasis on education and has large industries, such as banking, fashion, defense, aviation, and steel. It also has a large medical health industry, with one of the largest Columbus-based medical groups being Cardinal Health. Forbes Magazine named it as one of the number one tech-cities in the country. In the summer time, the Franklin Park botanical garden is a wonderful place to take your kids, boasting a wide array of flowers and plants. Another fun stop is the North Market, Farmers Market.

Population: 822,553

Estimated median household income: $44,426

Elevation: 800 feet

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18. Minnesota

We haven't given a particular city in Minnesota that is the best to live in because, well, they're all fantastic! Minnesota has wonderful natural resources that surround the city, with a very high quality of living. It was voted as “Best Place to Live”. It is the first city in the world to have bike paths in all major areas of the city and advertises itself as the most bike friendly city. So, if you like biking around as opposed to driving, this is the city for you. Do take into consideration that it may be a bit difficult if you're moving here in the winter months. Sometimes, snowfall can be high in the Minnesota area. For avid shoppers, Minnesota has “Mall of America” one of the largest shopping venues in the world, and the largest in the North American region overall. Minnesota has a very extreme climate during any given time of the year. Minnesota has millions of acres of land that they actively preserve through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. There are 60 state parks in the region and millions of acres of forest. The Minnesota Department of Transportation manages the plentiful public transport in the area.

Population: 5.457 million

Estimated Median Household Income: $57,243

Elevation: 602 feet

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19. Memphis, TN

Memphis is very well known for barbecue restaurants. What you thought was just a sketchy hole-in-the-wall restaurant quickly becomes your favorite place to eat out. Overton Square is home to many forms of entertainment, whether it be live performances, large cinemas, or beer-tasting extravaganzas. The weather is beautiful, with a subtropical climate in the summer months and a drastic drop in temperature in the winter, bringing in some of the fluffy-white powder we all love. the climate in Memphis is rather hot and muggy, following as subtropical climate pattern. Winter brings very harsh cold fronts that cause rapid changes in temperature. Business development is a key part of the economy of Memphis. There are many highways and rail systems that run through Memphis, thus making it a hub for freight and commerce. In May, the city hosts a celebration commemorating the rich history of the area. The event is a week long and contains many smaller celebrations for people all around Memphis to enjoy.

Population: 653,450

Estimated median household income: $36,722

Elevation: 254 feet

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