How Much to Tip Movers?

Cost Tipping Long Distance Movers or Locally


1. Should You Tip Movers or Do You Think It's Included?

It has become a routine in our society to leave tips for people. Sometimes, we feel as though the people to whom we give tips haven't exactly earned their gratuity. Or, we call into question why we are tipping someone for doing something so simple. Many people often ask this question, particularly when it comes to tipping your movers. Some avoid tipping because they don't want to pay even more for something which has already cost so much. Yes, moves are rather pricey. Yet, think about how much the movers are actually doing for you (and in such a short amount of time). Doesn’t it make sense to give them a little something in return for their hard work?

2. Consider the Constant Heavy Labor

A mover's job is one of the most strenuous jobs to do day in and day out. The constant heavy lifting for many days in a row can take a serious toll on the body. The tips a mover collects are well-earned and are generally less than the wage they make to help people move. Do the right thing: tip a mover for a job well done. The amount doesn't have to be extravagant, but enough to show how much you appreciate their effort.tipping professional movers is a good way to show gratitude for how much the movers have done for you. 

Should You Give A Tip To Your Movers? (Video)

how much am I supposed to tip movers? thirty three dollars

3. Labor and Hours are Crazy for Movers

A typical whole-house kind of move may last upwards of eight hours. Sometimes, though, larger moves will last upwards of 24 hours.This is a crazy amount of time to be working, even if your team may have acclimated themselves to such conditions. Movers with these types of jobs may be working long hours for little pay. Because of this, tips for movers are an essential factor in how they make money. Crews in the service moving industry always appreciate a good tip every now and then. 

Larger moving service and storage companies may refuse a tip given to them. Movers from small companies, though, may linger around after the move in hopes of receiving a tip. Or, they may even ask for a tip. Tipping piano movers seem like a reasonable thing to do, considering what they did for you.
The job may have included tasks like carrying heavy items up long driveways or flights of stairs, in the heat, for the entire day. Or, you may want to just show your appreciation for a mover who was courteous and helpful.

4. Studies on Tipping Movers

People who have analyzed movers have found that a fair amount to tip falls somewhere in the 5% range. This is actually reasonable tipping amount, provided what we have already talked about. Think about it: that is only $25 for a move which costs $500 in total.A recent survey by Moving Authority found that people who use cross country moving service had mixed feelings about tipping. The survey deduced that about 75% of all participants tipped their movers. Even with this finding, the dollar amount which people preferred to tip varied. About 39% of people surveyed reported that they tipped their moves 10%. A smaller amount of people (about one-fourth of the people who tip) said that they leave about a 20% tip. Around 17% of the responders said that they prefer to tip by the hour. A very small fraction of people pays workers a flat rate for the entire move (per person).

5. Should I Tip in Cash?

It may seem to you that cash tipping is a little less than decent for movers. Tipping doesn't always have to refer to a monetary gift. People find it decent to offer cold drinks like water, sports drinks, or sodas on a hot day. On colder days or snowy days, people offer coffee or tea to the movers. People may also offer food instead of a cash tip. Ideal foods to offer movers include pizza, sandwiches, or other energizing meals.
It's recommended to reward the movers, considering they provided safe transport and no losses or damage to your items. Their positive attitude may also be an incentive to tip, whether it be cash or refreshment.


Providing a reward to a professional mover is an instinctive form of etiquette for many consumers, though some may tip simply to avoid awkwardness, while still others ignore the practice altogether.

6. Tips Should Be Earned, Not Expected 

You should tip movers not only because it is customary, but it is also fair. Some people or companies may go as far as saying that tipping is mandatory. Although, if a mover was rude or underperformed, there are different circumstances. They deserve a penalty for such behavior. Sometimes, movers who are veterans of the industry might value quantity over quality. Finishing a job quickly may be more important to them, as opposed to getting things done the right way.

7. Tipping Long Distance Movers

People who use movers for long distance jobs have a different situation when it comes to tipping. Many people who wish to tip their movers by the hours that they worked, as opposed to percentages. Tipping in this way can do more to help out movers who need the money. This is especially true if they're spending their own money on food and supplies for the trip. It's also important to take the difficulty of a move into account when deciding how much to tip movers. If your move requires more heavy lifting than usual, you should consider increasing your tip rate

8. Tip Only Once the Move is Complete

A common misconception arises when people consider tipping their movers. Most people consider it wise to tip the movers before they begin working. Yet, this doesn't make much sense. Think about it: would you ever give a stranger money for doing nothing? Of course not. Before the move begins, the movers are essentially strangers to you, so giving them money is not smart. Tipping after the move is complete gives the movers incentive to work hard during the move. But again, it's never a bad idea to give the guys some food and drinks during the move to keep their energy up. 

9. Tips Aren't Exclusive 

Many people seem to forget that tipping is not exclusive to restaurants and bars. Many people have tipped for all kinds of services and generally do so without hesitation. The upside of a quality tip is that you'll give your movers a positive attitude to your environment. By tipping your mover, you may also be making their day. What may seem like a small tip could actually make a big difference in their day. Everyone likes having hard work validated, and you never know when they need some extra cash. Do you tip your movers at the end of the day as a reward for the hard work they have given you? 

10. Consider How They Might Feel

If you don't tip your mover, you may leave your movers feeling upset. This is especially true if they usually receive tips from customers after a move. Failing to tip can also affect their bottom line, as some movers rely on tips to be able to pay their bills each month. Some movers may be unable to cover their expenses, such as buying food during moving jobs. If you are unable to provide a tip, providing snacks and beverages while they work can make a difference. Not only is it a kind gesture, but it can sometimes mean the difference between lunch during a day of hard labor. It is important to note that not all movers who work in the industry make a proper wage. Some movers may earn money per job, or given limited hours to work. Not having a tip or more income may put them in a stressful situation.

11. Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Q: Is it customary tipping home movers?
A: Moving companies don't usually ask for a tip. Customers usually give out tips to their movers depending on how satisfied they are. When moving, tip movers if you are able to because they will greatly appreciate it. 

  • Q: How much should you tip your movers?
A: There is not a set percent or price that customers usually tip their moving help. A customer bases the tip on how much they think their movers deserve, or how much they are able to give their movers. Some follow the tipping etiquettes of restaurants or bars as guides to how they tip their movers. A certain percentage of the cost to have the movers moving their stuff is used as the amount tip the customer will pay. Other customers like to tip based on what they think each move has helped out during a move. There is no one way to calculate the amount of tip you pay. To show appreciation for good services should I tip movers as much as I can.

  • Q: Does all of my tip only go to the employees that helped me move?
A:  The appropriate tip movers depends on the policy of the moving company. If you give a tip to a mover, they may be required to report the tip and hand it over to their management. If so, tips are often split between all employees who take part in helping customers move.

  • Q: What if I don't have much money how much do you tip movers?
A: Standard tip movers are not mandatory, so don't worry if you are unable to provide a tip to your mover. You can show your appreciation by giving other things such as snacks, food or beverages.  

  • Q: If I am receiving moving help from more than one person, who do I give the tip to?
A: If the company policy is to collect the tip first, then give the tip to the employee who is in charge of your move. If this isn't the case, split your tip between the employees who were helping you move.

  • Q: Do moving companies only accept cash for a tip?
A: Some are only able to accept cash but many are also able to charge a credit or debit card for a quick tip transaction. Another option is for your tipping moving services team to contact their management. You should then be able to provide your card information to give a tip to your movers.

  • Q: When should I tip during a move?
A: Customers how to tip your movers usually during the end of the move but it is not necessary to do so at the end. If you like, you may tip before or during the move.

  • Q: How much do I tip movers before or during a move?
An early tip may make them more efficient, effective and safe when moving your things. But, this could also erase the incentive to work hard during the job. You can tip after your things are packed at your old home and/or after your things are dropped off at your new home. If you are unsure when to how much to tip local movers, just tip at the end.

Connie DiFrancesco

4 years, 3 months ago

If I don't have any cash on me would it be possible for me to tip the movers using credit? I plan on paying with credit for the entire move, and I don't think I will have time to withdraw cash before they leave... I really wanna tip but if not I guess I could at least order some food for them before they leave- although I would prefer a monetary tip. Help me asap please!

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

3 years, 12 months ago

Hey Connie,

Many movers don't have their truckers or helpers carry electronics that help them charge credit cards. However, it depends on the moving company and how they run their business. If you go with smaller moving companies, they usually won't have a device to charge credit but if you go with a well known moving company, their truckers will most likely have a device to do just that.


Sara Martin

4 years ago

I plan to tip my movers for my next move and was wondering how much you think is a good amount to tip. Is there a certain percent that I tip to the moving helpers? I was also planning to tip them at the beginning to motivate them to do a better job than usual. Do you think that this is a good idea? Or should I tip them at the end of the move? I just want my moving experience to go well and smooth as possible so I don't mind tipping to my mover to help make that happen. I went with a different moving company before and they were horrible and I decided not to tip them. I really want to tip the movers in this new company before hand to make sure that my experience is different and better. And does the tip have to go through the moving company or do I just tip the person who is currently at my location helping me move? Thanks a bunch!

- Sara

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

3 years, 12 months ago

Hey Sara,

To be honest, you should tip them what you think they deserve for helping you move. There is actually no rules or guidelines on how much to tip moving helpers. Any tip would actually be nice and they will appreciate the tip especially if you think they did a good job. Tipping before or after the move will be fine just as long as they understand that no tip will be given after the move is completed.


Jenny Quan

4 years ago

I feel like letting them know that you are going to tip them if they do a good job would be better than tipping them at the beginning. It will make them want to earn their tip more. If they were tipped beforehand, they won't be as motivated to do a good job because they already have the tip in their hands. This is just my opinion though and you don't have to follow it. I just think letting them know that they will be rewarded, instead of rewarding them at the beginning, will yield better results at the end of the move. In the end, it's your money you're giving to the movers so you ultimately decide what to do with it.

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

3 years, 12 months ago

Hey Jenny,

That's a good idea you have. By asking them to do a good job and letting them know there is a reward for it, you are making sure they do their best at moving your things properly and carefully. Thanks for the tip. We'll definitely let our other visitors know about this tip when given the chance.



3 years, 12 months ago

Moving goods is a task that requires a lot of efforts and professionalism. It also requires a large degree of honesty and sincerity. When you have people working with you with these traits, it is very important to appreciate them, no matter how little. This generally encourages them to keep up their good work. As humans also, we are always generally happier whenever we are appreciated for whatever we do. Therefore, saying a simple thank you and giving a little tip is a nice way of showing appreciation and encouraging individuals who help in moving goods from one location to the other.

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

3 years, 12 months ago

Hey Gabriel,

Thanks for the insight. What you wrote is very true. By tipping your movers, you are also increasing the chance that your mover will also do a good job for the next person they help move. You are essentially paying it forward by making a small gesture that could also possibly make their day.


Gary Cotton

3 years, 12 months ago

Tipping movers is a fair gesture, in my opinion. I honestly think overall, movers are underpaid hourly by their employers; tipping them may not cure their unfair wages but it will definitely be an incentive for them to continue to work hard despite it and, who knows, tipping your movers might just make their day.

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

3 years, 10 months ago

You're absolutely right Gary. The tip you give to your movers can make their day. But it's also important to tip when they deserve it so if they did a bad job or if they were careless with your things or broke something, just remember that you have the choice to not tip.



3 years, 11 months ago

It’s absolutely important to say thank you to anyone who has done something for you and the best way of doing that is by tipping. Without having to say the word “thank you”, the tip has said it all. It should be treated like a mistake if a mover damages an item in the process of moving it, even though the penalty may still come to play depending on the company’s policy. The job has been done and that fact should be acknowledged. To tip movers is very common and like a culture in some places. I’ll rather say it’s better to tip low than not tipping at all. Thanks for the good suggestions on what to offer movers. I personally believe it’s important to tip

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

3 years, 10 months ago

Thanks for your insight Sandy! Movers for moving companies definitely work hard for little in return so a tip will definitely help them out.



3 years, 11 months ago

What would you suggest in tipping when they move an office? We are busy organizing the move and have some movers coming in, although a lot of the staff will be helping and we are giving them a dinner for the help, I personally would recommend a standard percentage rate per mover as there is too many to keep in touch with the whole day of moving, but would it also be normal to tip a few days after the move to double check that everything was done correctly?

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

3 years, 10 months ago

Hey Patricia, we suggest that you tip your movers what you think they deserve. Movers don't really have a price in mind when they receive a tip. They will most likely be happy that they received one from you.


Holly Reel

3 years, 10 months ago

After seeing how hard my movers worked for me and how little they make for the work they do, I think that tipping them is a small thing you can do to make a big difference in their day. My movers started working on my move as early as 5 AM packed my things for a good 3 hours. At 8:30 AM they were on the road and met three states away the next morning. The same guys unloaded the truck, put everything in place and drove back to their head quarters. I was very impressed with their work and can't imagine having to do that myself. These guys really work hard and deserved every penny they got from me. Their tip for the moving help was well deserved. I wish I could have tipped them more actually.

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

3 years, 10 months ago

Hi Holly,

Thanks for sharing your moving experience with us. We know that lots of employees who work for moving companies work very hard doing very heavy lifting along with very long hours. We're glad that you notice the hard work that they do and were able to show your appreciation towards them by tipping a good amount. I'm sure they appreciated the kind gesture of your moving tip.



1 month, 2 weeks ago

very good

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