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Brothers Relocation Services can work your move prosperous with shipping companies who may comprise with you every stair of the style.
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Brothers Relocation is by far the worst service I have ever received from a company. This is the 5th time I moved and I thought I would use a local company but that was a big mistake. They never wrapped the furniture. The furniture dolly had deflated tires, which in turn put a large scratch in my hard wood floor. They struggled to move our dressers to the second floor and made numerous holes in the drywall because they lacked the proper tools/strength for the move. They tore my couch and broke a drawer in the couch. My husband had to help them move several items because the two movers were incapable. After I brought all these issues to my movers, the movers tried to get me to sign a form to record the damages for the main office but as I read the form it was to relieve them of any responsibilities for their damages, I did not sign the form! They never responded to my phone calls, or emails to resolve these issues so I am resorting to informing the public of their unprofessional business practices. If my credit card company cannot get them to respond, I will be filing a claim in small claims court for the money I had to pay out to repair the damages they caused. On a positive note, they did show up on time. Please go somewhere else for your relocation needs, they are very unprofessional and cause more in damages than the moving service is worth.

Great job!

Highly recommended, crew was wonderful and careful with my belongings. As far as moving in the past, this place answered all of my questions and was helpful

The best moving organization in Milwaukee, HANDS DOWN!! Try not to try calling any other person!

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