How Much Do Movers Cost

How Much Does the Average
Move Cost in the U.S.A.?

How Much Does the Average Move Cost in the USA
  1. How Much Does it Really Cost to Move Homes?
  2. Keep Reading for 8 Ways to Get Movers Cost & Estimates
  3. Moving Can Be Pricey, How do I Cut Expenses
  4. 'You Can Reduce the Number of Belongings Up to 75 percent
  5. Let's See What Tips the Experts In the Industry Have
  6. Take Time to Slow Down and Read Your Terms and Agreements
  7. Research Every Company
  8. There Might be Additional Costs
  9. Consider Other Costs that Could Push Your Budget
  10. Use all Your Resources
  11. Don't Let Anyone Take Advantage of You

1. How Much Does it Really Cost to Move Homes?

Ever wondered how much does moving cost? According to a 2015 study done by Moving Authority, a typical professional done household move costs $8263. This study was conducted based on the stats below.
In 2015, 42 percent of this number is from households with 3 bedrooms or more. 28 percent of this was 2 bedroom homes. 11 percent were one-bedroom homes and the remaining amount was other and specialty services. That seems a like a bit much. If you want to sit and allow the movers to do everything, from packing the cooking supplies to then it will cost about this. There are many ways you can go about saving money on a move and sticking to a budget.

Moving Costs

2. Keep Reading for 8 Ways to Get Movers Cost & Estimates

Here's a great question: how much does it cost for professional movers? The cost above is for a move, which involves packing on the part of the moving company as opposed to the individual. This type of move is also known as a professional full-service move. It involves a moving company packing up your various belongings for you and basically managing the whole move process on your behalf. While most people opt to go the route of hiring full-service movers, others choose the route in which they do the move themselves by doing it themselves. By renting a truck, or even getting two men and a truck, through the various truck agencies, for example, you can save big. This is a great option if you have the strength and determination to move on your own and without any outside assistance. If that's not the case, then you may need to find out a way to get help from actual movers, it is their profession and they will be able to handle it. For information on how much do moving companies cost to use our moving cost estimate resource.

3. Moving Can Be Pricey, How do I Cut Down Expenses

Even if it comes to having to hire movers there are numerous things you can do to cut your expenses. You can pack small things yourself in advance of the movers showing, and you actually should do this in general. There are also tax breaks available, which makes sense, as relocation is an economic force.

Somewhere around 18.7 million houses move ever year, with a tiny bit less than half of that relocating during the months which fall into summer time according to the United States Census Bureau. In the year, summer is always an attractive time to move. There are numerous reasons for this, such as the kids not having school and other variables, which make it an easier time to get the family together and on the same page about relocating. If you really want to try to save then you have to reduce cost with trying to find free moving boxes. Don't stress we have a list of the top 10 places to find free moving boxes.

The recommendation is to begin going through your belongings, room-by-room, 60 days prior.
This seems rather early, however, the moving date will come up faster than you think.

4. 'You can reduce Your number of Belongings up to 75 percent'

Loosely quoted by Kenny Rogers, his advice is solid. You also should measure the furniture that you plan on taking with you. You must see if it will even fit in your new place. Why take something which is not needed and will not be used, and especially something that is heavy? Heavy items will most definitely add to the cost of the move by increasing the weight of your truck.

Plan The Timing Properly – the most opportune time from a financial perspective to move is during the middle of the month. Movers and Moving Companies are generally busiest in the beginning and end of the month.

Don’t Overspend on Boxes – The amount of time it takes movers to get you moving can be decreased by finding free boxes and packing the small stuff yourself. If you are really looking for rebate style money saving, after the use of these boxes you can sell them to a company if they are in decent condition

This convenience has a price tag: A summer relocation tends to cost roughly 29 percent more than if the same moves were happening another time. This statistic comes from Robert Jacobs, a professional mover who has been in the industry for 29 years.

5. Let's See What Tips the Experts in the Moving Industry Have

Moving Authority Gathered a panel of experts within the industry and asked all of them what tips they could offer for people to save money on their potential moves.

Get rid of what you don't need. The total weight that the truck ends up weighing is a massive factor in figuring out the cost of a long distance move. To bring the total weight down, get rid of any excess junk that you do not need. There are services that make their way to your home with a truck and help you if you have truly massive amounts of stuff that you don’t need and can’t throw away. There is also the option of donating to charity. One mans trash is another man's treasure and it’s the eco-friendly thing to do.

Plan forward. You can never label too much. Invest in labels before your move and you will probably save significantly more money than the labels cost. Write the names of the rooms in which the box you are labeling will go. Doing this will save time when it comes time to unpack. Everybody knows that time is money, after all.

cut the cost of moving

Cover your Belongings. You can actually get insurance on your items when you hire professional movers. The insurance will cost a bit more but it will help recoup costs in the scenario where something might break during the move. You should also check your homeowner’s insurance policy because it might, in fact, cover you already as part of it.The included insurance moving companies typically offer is 0.60 per article per pound. This insurance is blind to what the item may be, so ask how you can get more expensive insurance that will cover.

6. Take Time to Slow Down and Read Your Terms and Agreements

Every time you move, it comes with a lot of work. First, you may have to spend a considerable amount of time finding the most dependable moving company. You may have to hire a moving van and acquire packing supplies. This could include furniture pads, bubble wrap, a minimum of 15 tapes, and renting or buying dollies. Ensuring the vehicles and making sure that you have workman's comp to protect yourself in case someone gets injured is another safe bet. You may be wondering then: how much does it cost to move?

Your cost can get really high if you don’t prepare and organize your belongings before the day of the move. Moving can be time-consuming and stressful. When you find a company on Moving Authority, however, you will be happy, as well as get what you pay for.

7. Research Every Company

Undoubtedly, how much does it cost to move – is one of the most important questions when looking for moving companies. You have to find a company that offers both local and cross-country services. When you find out the cost, then you will know which one to choose. In some instances, pricing is not the only thing to consider, there may be low-cost moving companies that are great, however, it's important to make sure you do research on the company.

You could also incur costs from added services required such as moving a musical instrument or fragile equipment. It doesn’t pay to use someone to help you to move who are not experienced in handling fragile items. It will cost you in the long run.

8. There Might be Additional Costs

How much does it cost to move? – when considering this question, you have to think about alternatives such as doing all the packing yourself. This will cut down on the cost. You could also find your own packing supplies and use white packing paper or bubble to wrap fragile items like dining wares and ceramic pieces. You could also find some friends and family members to help you pack and unpack. This is what you call a partial move, which is a viable alternative to having the moving company do everything for you.

The cost of moving will depend on various things such as:

  • Weight or size
  • Distance
  • Process
  • Items involved
  • Storage
  • Packing Supplies
  • Unpacking

Moving Costs

If the moving company has to do the packing, you may end up paying a minimum packing charge. This can add up, especially, if you haven’t done anything to speed up the packing such as organizing each room. Local moves are less in cost compared to a long distance move. As long as the drive is less than 100 miles, it is considered a local move.

9. Consider Other Costs that Could Push Your Budget

Before you hire the moving company to do the packing for you, ask how much does it cost to move - when packing is involved. You should also find out if there will be an extra cost for disassembling furniture. Local moves are less in cost compared to a long distance move. As long as the drive is more than 100 miles, it is considered long distance. Some full-service moving companies charge by the hour.

10. Use all Your Resources

The internet is a great place to research how to save money and get more information on how much does it cost to move. With a quick search, you can find great tips on how to keep moving costs down, while keeping the quality of service high. Saving money on a move does not have to be difficult, and with Moving Authority, things will be a whole lot easier. Getting online quotes from movers is a good way to find the best prices. Many services that moving companies offer come at an additional cost. Sometimes, movers will attempt to trick you in to paying these costs without knowing. You should always analyze your final bill before paying.

11. Don't Let Anyone Take Advantage of You

It is always best to get at least 3 accurate estimates via phone or in person. This will give you an actual idea of who will be moving your precious belongings and you will be able to ask if and what additional charges they may charge. Sometimes moving companies may give you an estimate, but when your move is finished there might be extra charges that you weren't expecting. If you are new to moving or the moving industry, you want to be as informed as possible before making a decision, which is why we created a list of some common terms used but you may not be familiar with. You will also want to take precautions with any company, check out some requirements every moving company is required to have to operate legally, and check their DOT number as well. Don't get yourself fall prey to rogue or unlicensed movers.