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State to State Movers
  1. State to State Movers: What to Know
  2. What to Look For
  3. What You Need on Move Day
  4. Keep Records
  5. Affordable State to State Moving and Storage
  6. Get 3 Comparisons
  7. How Much Stuff Do You Have?
  8. Importance of Recommendations
  9. Benefits of Reading Online Moving Reviews
  10. Do a Little Detective Work
  11. How Are State toState Moving Costs Determined?

1. INTERState Movers: What to Know

You can search for a professional moving company by using the find a mover page on our site. State to state moving companies move your goods using popular interstate routes. These are the largest American cities, for example, Los Angeles to Austin. Moving Authority provides helpful information like customer reviews and contact information. There are many things to do before you move. We seek to help you with many state to state movers informative articles.

Making an inventory of all items before the estimate is the best way to calculate the price of your home move. If you hire professionals movers, make sure to get the driver’s phone number and license plate number. This way, you can keep track of the delivery time and date. It’s sensible to pack valuables like jewelry, keepsakes, and cash to keep with oneself or on one’s person. Put them in your personal bag or backpack to avoid a mysterious separation from these items.

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Now that you know how to move state to state, here's our guide to find long distance moving and storage companies.

2. What to Look For

The Department of Transportation can verify a moving company’s USDOT number. Access the information contained in these records using the USDOT# and also with the name. You can also get info about interstate movers from the local chamber of commerce. Also, check state movers through the PUC: Public Utilities Commission in your state.

Most states will have a mover’s guide containing a great deal of helpful information regarding maximum rates, agreements, loss/damage claims, and other issues.

The PUC will have information about a company’s operating permit and insurance. Make a decision about which state moving company is the most reasonable. Also, determine which offers the most appealing services. This is best done after compiling a few different estimates.

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3. What You Need on Move Day

Put together a care sack for yourself. This should include some of the essentials that you will need for the next 24 hours following the move. Things such as toothbrush, toothpaste, bottled water, tipping money, are important. Moving is tax deductible, even if your employer is covering the expenses. You will need to keep a special folder to safely contain the receipts for moving expenses. These items include gas, oil, parking, and tolls. Don't forget expenses related to disconnecting utilities and any tips for the movers. Special insurance is deductible as well as any storage expenses related to moving for up to 30 days. Shipping fees of any type can be written off, including the transportation of pets. Also, you can write off rental car expenses for up to 4 days.

4. Keep Records

Moving Authority recommends that you keep a written diary of these expenses. This way, you can record the individual explanation behind each of the receipts if asked. Relocating state-to-state is less expensive than it is for cross-country. But, the costs could grow to become quite considerable even with an interstate move. Being able to schedule around sales and specials is the most cost effective plan. Determine how much money is available for the move well in advance. Begin early by putting plenty of money away.
Here's the bottom line: the move doesn't have to be stressful. Moving Authority has compiled a list of tips for a less stressful cross-country move. This is to help people better understand the process, and also to have a printable tip sheet. They can use this to ease what can be a stressful situation state to state moving services.

5. Affordable State to State Moving and Storage

If you are having trouble looking for the best priced interstate movers, you are not alone. Moving your house from one state to another is a big step. This can seem overwhelming at times throughout the moving process. You may still encounter bumps along the road, but one way to decrease stress is to hire reputable movers. Knowing up front what things to look for and how the process works before starting it is the best way to go. Like what if you need to move a car from state to state? How do you do this?

6. Get 3 Comparisons:

  • It is a good idea to get in touch with 3 interstate movers in your area after doing a simple search on your computer. This is the best way to get a fair price. Also, it helps give you an idea of what kind of money you will need to put aside for your move.
  • Invest some time in reading testimonials and reviews of previous customers. Make sure to read them on a third party site like There are biased reviews listed on the actual moving company website.

7. How Much Stuff Do You Have to Move?

This may seem like a simple question, but oftentimes we don’t even realize how much stuff we have until we move. In the past, an estimator would come to your home to check your items, their weight and their location in the home. This is still a viable option, but now there are tools on the internet that allow you to calculate your move online. You no longer have to have someone come to your home. If you are a person who has less “stuff” utilizing this online feature could be helpful. For example: if moving a five-room house, you may want to get interstate moving quotes. Take the assessment in case you forget items, which will affect the moving cost on the actual moving day.

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8. Importance of Recommendations

There are so many moving companies out there! It doesn’t hurt to ask around from friends or family if they had a positive experience with a company. A personal recommendation is never a bad way to go if you trust this friend and respect their opinion.

9. Benefits of Reading Online Moving Reviews

Reading online reviews is a great way to see what a wide array of people had to say about a company. No company will have zero negative feedback. But, it's common sense to steer clear of companies that only have bad reviews. If you check Moving Authority, we offer the best interstate moving companies reviews. We want to guide you to your trustworthy and affordable moving company, guaranteed.

10. Do a Little Detective Work

Moving companies state to state should register with the US Department of Transportation. You can do a verification of the company’s license by checking the website of the USDOT. Sometimes good reviews can be paid for, which is sad but true. Reputable movers must also be members of American Moving and Storage Association. If the company that you are looking to hire is a member of the association, you can ensure that they are legitimate.

11. How are State-to-State Moving Costs Determined?

Here are the factors that go into the cost of your move:
  • The weight of total shipment: The higher the weight the higher the price.
  • Total distance of the move: The more miles the truck needs to go the higher the cost
  • Other services: Determine if you have any specialty items that are getting moved. For example, a grand piano or a hot tub. You must disassemble items that need special care and put them back together at your new place.
  • Time of your Move: If you move during the peak moving season, you will probably pay higher rates. This is because the summer is so busy for movers and that can take a toll on their trucks and their drivers. If you have the option of moving at a different time of year and during a weekday, you can save some money.