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Middletown, Delaware is a town that embodies old-American virtues and culture. Every year, the town holds a Peach Festival in August. Thousands of visitors flock to the town in order to enjoy the festival, which is held in the center of town. The festival also hosts smaller art shows, as well as games, competitions, musical performances, and the availability of peach-flavored sweets that are not available at any other time during the year.

The Big Ball Marathon, hosted near Labor Day weekend, is a local event that donates all its proceeds to charities and nonprofit organization sin the area as well as in the state of Delaware as a whole. It lasts for a whole 24-hour day, and includes the playing of softball on formerly-registered teams. It is open to all ages, and raises $60,000 during its peak years of operation.

Wilmington University is also located near Middletown. This university attracts many college-goers to Middletown. The School offers a reasonable tuition cost, as well as a great place to pursue an education in any degree or field, thanks to their small class sizes and student focused programs.

Middletown also offers some of the best food in all of Deleware. With its multiple restaurants situated along both sides of main street, people with all different kinds of cravings can enjoy varieties of restaurants. From pubs, which offer wide varieties of craft, domestic, and import beers; to steakhouses that prepare freshly grilled meat made to order, there is something for everyone to enjoy food wise.

Middletown, DE is a great place to visit no matter what you like to do for fun. However, residents of Middletown can enjoy a warm and welcoming sense of community. Oh yeah, lets not forget the fact that Delaware is a tax-free state!

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