From LA to Las Vegas: How to Plan Your Move

Las Vegas Moving

  1. Viva Las Vegas
  2. How To Become a Professional Mover
  3. Communication is Key
  4. Why Time Management is Important in Any Type of Relocation
  5. Going to Las Vegas!

1. Viva Las Vegas

People do “live” in Las Vegas, you know. Los Angelenos (?) forget that. But really, “why move to Las Vegas?” Well, it is recovering from her housing bubble and she is looking to add residents at a good price. With Los Angeles only 400 miles away, it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg to move, depending on what services you require and what company you use, of course. Although that seems rather close, you will still need to book a long distance moving company. Based on the average moving cost for a lightly furnished one to two bedroom on, you are looking at around $1,300 to $1,800. Realistically, that's a fair price, especially if you're strapped for cash. 

Los Angeles to Vegas Moving Company

2. How To Become a Professional Mover

It’s not a difficult move if you plan it right with the dozens of professional moving companies in Las Vegas that can be found on our website. Moving is the perfect time to declutter! Studies have shown that clutter is a symptom and also a source of stress, so throw away that Dodger Blue foam finger and that TJ-max handbag you bought last fall for no reason. Better yet donate it or have a yard sale if you can.

Now that you have your stuff in order let's focus on packing. Never simply toss and tape! In the moving industry that is a recipe for disaster. We at like to avoid stuff like that, naturally. For more secure shipping pack light things like blankets or pillows into large boxes and heavy things like books & your bronze bust of Wayne Newton into small boxes. Actually, for sculptures and the like make sure you use bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Look for fragile spots and when you are about to box it make sure to brace it against something inside the box if there is extra space. If you are delegating your packing to movers (known as full service moving companies) make sure to tell them the specifics for items of value.

3. Communication is Key

Plus It’s can also be helpful because even professional long distance moving companies need a little clarity. For clarity on your average moving costs, make sure to click through our database of professional movers and this link will take you to an article explaining how useful long distance moving services can be along with their estimates on Don't forget that it would be an interstate type of move. Before using any service, research at the very least three different companies. That's just my rule of thumb. You also want to double check and make sure they are operating legally and that they are licensed with a USDOT number. The paperwork you should find in this link.

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4. Why Time Management is Important in Any Type of Relocation

Well, I have somewhat of a checklist for ya. This applies to basically anyone: 1) Bills, pay them on time! If you have something on auto-pay, make sure that you have money in the bank. Be wary of overdraft fees. 2) Clothes, wash them on time! Laundry doesn’t wash and you don’t want to fall victim to a late night raid from the underpants gnomes from South Park. 3) Rent, pay it on time! I think you get my drift. Time is of the essence. You usually have three days at the beginning of each month to pay your rent without a late fee or a visit from the goons. We are here to help. Visit our website full of professional movers soon to be at your beck and call.

5. Going to Las Vegas! 

Feel free to give us a call during business hours at (702) 333-2430. We might even tell you how to move a couch if you are up for it! Lift with your legs and not your back! Omg, couches and moving are like totes diametrically opposed but if you need it, we have the people to make it happen. Even if you are moving from your parent's house, we won’t tell anyone. Promise. So you say you are moving out of your parent's house, eh?Get a free estimate on your average moving costs. Everything is going to work out. This link even takes you directly to our search engine. Here is another link that will guide you in selecting your moving company. 


Frank Martin

4 years, 9 months ago


I was wondering if you could recommend specific neighborhoods to move to las vegas to?

I am on the move to Las Vegas as we speak and I am just going to be moving into a friends house but I want to get a place that costs about 1100 and move in. I also have to get all of my various tools out of his garage. I have about 200 pounds worth of tools so I'm wondering how the ideal way to transport these would be?

user avatar

Adam Peterson

4 years, 8 months ago

Hello Frank! Use the cost calculator on this page above. It is the blue box to the right hand side of this page. After you fill out that form you will have a page with a picture inventory where you can give specifics for what type of tools you have and they can give you an estimate of the best price. When you move to Las Vegas take some time to get to know your city, drive around, meet new people and find out what area or neighboorhood seems like a good fit for you.

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