Keep Stress Down On Cross Country Moves


  1. We Have Some Tips to Keep Your Stress Down 
  2. Start Earlier Than You Think You Need To
  3. Take Inventory
  4. Do Your Research
  5. Find Out if it's Cheaper to Fly or Drive
  6. Don't Leave Yourself Out of the Equation
  7. If It's Valuable, Take it With You
  8. Make Sure Your Moving Materials are Up to Par
  9. Label, Label, Label
  10. Cut Down on Costs if You are Shipping a Car
  11. Make Sure Everything is Set Up and Happening

1. We Have Some Tips to Keep Your Stress Down 

Moving cross-country is one of the biggest moves you can make. But don’t worry: we’ve got some tips for you cover everything from packing to finding and using cross country moving companies. Planning a move ac the oss country can be hectic, but your moving needs are simplified at Moving Authority. By following these simple tips to organize your cross-country move, you can make your journey less stressful. You will also become better informed on how to move cross country.

2. Start Earlier Than You Think You Need To

What you may not realize until you begin moving is that it is a very lengthy and time-consuming process. This is especially true if you are moving cross country. You will find it much easier execute some of the tips discussed in this article if you start early. There are a lot of things you have to do in order to better prepare yourself for a cross country move. Some of these things take a long time to complete, or you may have to wait on the schedules of someone else. The most important thing you should do way in advance makes sure you search and educate yourself about moving companies cross country. You can read more about this in the following tips.

3. Take Inventory

We usually include this tip in our moving articles, but this time, it’s a little different. Look at your belongings and ask yourself the question: is it worth it to bring that with me? Remember, when planning a cross country move, you’ll either need to ship everything you want to bring or load it onto the truck. The truck that the cross-country moving service you’ve hired will be driving to your new home. The more stuff you’re bringing, the bigger the price tag. Here’s where big, heavy items like cars or that old couch will start to count, so think carefully about whether or not it’s really worth it to bring everything.

4. Do Your Research

Take a good amount of time to research different cross country movers with the help of Moving Authority. Even taking a little extra time to fully evaluate cross-country moving services will likely help you achieve the most favorable results. You’ll thank yourself when your move goes smoothly and thank us for finding you the ideal way of going about things. When researching a moving company to complete your cross country move, you will likely encounter a dilemma where you are having different prices and services thrown at you, and you can’t figure out which price is the best for your specific move.

5. Find Out If It's Cheaper to Fly or Drive

Figuring out your moving cross country cost is essential, and you’ll want to save as much money as possible. To do this, pair up scenarios like hiring a cross-country moving service and driving, hiring the cross-country moving service and flying, renting a truck and moving: whatever you can think of. Then, compare costs, and see which of the options you’re considering is the least expensive. Although the least expensive won't always be the best option, a person or family is obviously forced in certain situations to conside the price. Before you book the most affordable mover you have found check their ratings and reviews on the review portion of our site. After you have a successful move we also recommend you leave a review on that same portion of the site so that you can share your experience with other people that end up in the scenario where they are looking for a move. You should also take into account the costs associated with driving as opposed to flying, and compare the two costs. If you choose to drive, you have to pay for fuel, food, and lodging. 

Moving Across The Country

6. Don’t Leave Yourself Out of the Equation

When you’re choosing how you’d like to do your cross-country move, take what’s most enjoyable and/or least stressful to you into account. Let’s say that flying and hiring a cross-country moving service is only the second least expensive option, but it’s the one that makes you the happiest. Don’t just throw it out because it isn’t the cheapest. As we’ve mentioned before, moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, and there’s no reason why you should have to feel a terrible weight on your shoulders just to save money. However, it's always a good idea to get a cross country movers estimate!

Moving cross-country is expensive, you'll want to save as much money as possible.

7. If It's Valuable, Take It With You 

We’re talking jewelry and important documents like passports or tax forms: anything that has monetary and/or significant sentimental value to you. Do not trust other people with important personal information or with items that are irreplaceable or could be tempting to a thief. Even if you’ve hired a cross-country moving service, pack a small suitcase or box with valuable items in it and put it in your car or bring it on the plane with you. If you are flying, make sure it is marked as fragile or as a special item. If you are driving, make sure you place the box in the trunk of your vehicle, or in the cabin of the car and covered with a blanket or other material that will  not make it visible to thieves as you park in different places across the country.

8. Make Sure Your Moving Materials Are Up to Par

Your belongings have a long way to go in their journey across the country. If you think about how many road and highways the truck, or trucks, will take your belongings on, that is a lot of stress that the packing materials will endure as they protect you belongings from being tossed around the truck. All the bumps and dips, as well as sharp turns that the truck makes will be even more taxing on the objects inside. This is why it is critical to ensure that the packing materials you use for the move are new. You may have heard that it is cheaper to purchase used materials for your move. While that is the case for more local moves, cross country moves put you belongings at an increased risk for damage. Moving and packing materials is one place you should spend the extra dollars on.

Stress Free Move

9. Label, Label, Label

You will be under a lot more stress if you get to your new location and realize that you have no idea where anything is supposed to go. You should take time to mark the boxes before you put anything in them at the location you are moving away from. This way, you can move things to rooms with corresponding boxes ahead of time. By labeling, the movers will know where to place your belongings in the new location. Labeling boxes and containers will also help you take inventory at the new location, so you can rest assured knowing everything is accounted for.

10. Cut Down On Costs If You Are Shipping a Car

If you are flying to your new cross country location instead of driving, then you will most likely want to have your vehicle shipped. You will likely use a car carrier service. This service alone will add a significant cost to your overall moving bill. If you’re lucky, you can purchase service through the same company that you are moving your belongings with. But you may also choose to go through a different car shipping company altogether. No matter how you choose to ship your vehicle, you can cut down on costs greatly by dropping the car off at the carrier facility instead of having them pick it up. If their facility is far from where you live, it may still be cheaper to drive it to them and find alternate transportation back. You can probably score up to 20% off by dropping it off.

11. Make Sure Everything is Set Up and Happening

The last thing you need when you are scrambling to pack up your home and complete the other tasks associated with moving is to realize you never actually completed booking with the movers, or you never finished the booking of your flight. You should confirm everything is on schedule at least one week prior to the move dates. You can even go a step further by allowing an extra day in the schedule for any mishaps, such as mover no-shows. If everything ends up going as planned, get a hotel in your soon-to-be old city for that extra night you have.



John Firestein

5 years, 2 months ago

Okay so I am about to do a move from Portland, Oregon to Ohio. This article says that I should decide whether or not it is better to fly or drive to the new location, but I am having some trouble deciding lol. I know flying would be faster but driving would be a lot cheaper, plus I do not have to worry about shipping my car over if i am driving it. Its not that long of a trip, but I was leaning more towards driving so I could keep my car and take a few scenic stops along the way. Thanks!

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

4 years, 10 months ago

Hi John,

If driving a long distance does not bother you, I'd say go for the drive, especially if you have no other obligations to take care of during that time. You will definitely save money since you no longer have to have your car shipped. I'm sure there are many cool places for you to pass by before you get to your destination. Just make sure to do some research on the areas you are passing so you don't waste time on the road deciding where to go and what to visit.

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