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  1. Importance of Accurate Estimates
  2. Calculating Moving Expenses
  3. Getting an Accurate Price
  4. Deciding on a Company Your Comfortable With 
  5. Ask About ANY Additional Costs
  6. Understanding the Costs of Moving
  7. DIY Move: What Size Rental Truck Do I Need?
  8. Assessing the Size of Your Move
  9. Two Ways to Estimate What Size Truck You Need

1. Importance of Accurate Estimates

Can Moving Authority help estimate how much will it cost to move? Indeed, we can and we're here to help. After you research different moving companies, you need to decide which will make the cut. We understand the moving process because of our many years in the moving industry. The companies on Moving Authority will provide an accurate moving cost estimate. They do this completely online, based on customer information that you will provide to them. We are confident that you will find the right moving company. You can begin by using our free moving calculator in order to estimate costs. You need to remember that a mover will have a higher estimate than you. This is because they need to make money for their business.


2. Calculating Moving Expenses - The Easy Way!

Some guidelines on how to calculate moving expenses can save you time and money. First, you need to select the right moving company when looking to move between homes. Then, calculate moving costs using our moving costs estimator. By taking these steps, you're on your way to a much less exasperating move!

Try to round up your list of moving companies in one day. Do your calling on the same day as well, preferably two hours apart. For most companies, calculating moving costs takes approximately half an hour. For the consumer, moving is a huge event, and some are working within a confined budget. This means moving price quotes are more than a helpful resource. Making all the inquiries in one day allows you to keep the conversation fresh in your mind. This will allow you to make a better decision in the selection process.

3. Getting an Accurate Price

If at all possible, try to include your family in the selection process. This will help you decide about moving company estimates and moving expenses. Sometimes, family members will have different opinions on the moving company. When you select your moving company, be sure to do a walk-through of the home with all decision-makers. This prevents arguments on moving day. Make sure that the crew goes through each room including the garage, attic, and basement. You don’t want unseen or overlooked items to still be present after load day. It is probably best to make a list of the things that shouldn’t be moved.

It is ideal to take the time to prepare a solid relocation cost estimate.

Are there typical moving costs? When you are not sure about a moving cost estimate, ask questions. Using our estimator to estimate moving costs may not always be the solution you are looking for. Maybe you are looking for your calculator cost move to be estimated for you. Calculating moving and finding the estimated moving costs isn't always black and white. You're moving all your life’s belongings, and you have to do it on a set budget.

4. Deciding on a Company Your Comfortable With

You need to know everything to decide which moving company to hire. That includes the estimated move cost for each company that did an onsite estimate for you. The more questions that you ask, the better informed you will be about a moving company's estimate. When you have chosen the moving company, be sure to discuss the expected dates for loading the truck. If you want the best estimate, try to be flexible when it comes to your scheduled dates. Be sure to ask to include packing and unpacking fees in your estimate moving costs long distance.

5. Ask About ANY Additional Costs 

It may not hurt to ask about the costs of packing materials and packing. Whether you are doing your own packing or not, it's beneficial to ask. It may turn out to be a better value and save you a headache from doing it all yourself. If you use the moving company for packing and moving, clear your home of things that won’t be going in the truck. The movers are going to pack everything in their path.
Storage estimates can also be calculated using an online estimator. If you are looking for storage solutions, feel free to enter your information.
Following all these procedures will help you determine the best moving company for you.

If you are relocating to the nearest city or even across the country, visit Moving Authority. We take the stress out of moving. We will match you with a company to help with all your moving needs. But, the cost calculation we do may not include all costs if they were not completely accounted for. This means that your final move costs may actually differ from your calculated costs.

6. Understanding the Costs of Moving

The task seems daunting but with Moving Authority, we can help you along with your move. We will take you through how to make a budget for your move. Also, we'll educate you in figuring out the cost of renting a moving truck based on mileage fees.
There are several ways to understand the cost of a rental moving truck. Moving companies base the fundamentals on the point of origin and destination. There are different types of moving, such as one-way and in-town moves.
For those who are planning to get out and see new cities, a one-way move would be the most. So, for example, your drop-off spot will reach its destination with no return. It is important to remember that one-way moves are charging by mileage and pricing. Be sure to look into it further and educate yourself on what you're paying for. Local moves are a cinch because many moving companies operate within a city. Because they are all listed on Moving Authority, finding a local mover is simple. In this case, your pick-up location and drop-off will be the same.
Once you've decided which size rental moving truck you need, it's time to estimate your mileage. Keep in mind that every company operates with different policies. That is why we have an immense amount of options.
Rental companies want the process to be as simple as possible for you. They will have some sort of means of contact on their website, be it a phone number or email. This point of contact makes the moving business easier for both the mover and the customer. At Moving Authority, we've already done all the work for you. We have the most valuable tool: get a free moving estimate. This is an excellent resource, especially if you're on a strict budget. Check out Moving Authority or give us a call and our associates will help you out. 

7. DIY Move: What Size of a Rental Truck Do I Need?

If you'll handle this move yourself, you're definitely going to need to start with some key aspects. First, and foremost, you're going to have to select what size of moving truck rental. This is very important! If you rent a truck too small, you won't fit everything inside. Also, if you don't use up the big, one it feels like you wasted your money. No one wants a situation like this, especially with all the long-distance moves that happen every day. It would be quite inconvenient. At Moving Authority, we are always willing to supply you with the truck that is necessary for your move. So how can you possibly know what size to get?

8. Assessing the Size of Your Move

  • Assess your household goods. Are they large, small, etc.?
  • Look around for furniture or anything that's large (anything that won't fit in a box)
  • So you've finished organizing and have planned out some.
  • The next step is to contact which truck rental you will be renting from.

9. Two Ways to Estimate What Size Truck You Need

There are two conventional ways to assess a customer's needs and preferences. Generally, a good way to communicate how large of a truck you may (or may not) need is to go by bedroom. This isn't an exact science, so if it seems like it is a little small, it's recommended to go with the next size up. Another way truck rental work is through the organization and cubic feet. By using the cubic feet, it is a little more accurate, but it is not always exact. Yet, at Moving Authority you can get a free estimate! With us, you don't have to wonder. If you are browsing around make sure you get a few moving estimates. Calculating your moving costs and truck licensing is easier than ever here on Moving Authority.