How Much Does It Cost To Move

How Much Does it Cost to Move a house

  1. What's the Average Price to Move a House?
  2. How Much Does the Average Moving Company Cost?
  3. Be Clear When Getting an Estimate: Don't Forget Anything!
  4. How Much Does it Cost to Move a Piano?
  5. How Much Does it Cost to Move Across the Country
  6. Use Resources Provided by Moving Authority

1. What's the Average Price to Move a House?

Is it time for you to move because you have outgrown your condominium or apartment? You may want to upgrade your living arrangements to a larger place. Well, you are not alone and now it may be time to move house and you are wondering how much does it cost to move a house, right? Outside of your homes moving fees, there are other costs related to relocating. A house mover will be able to take care of your homes houses.

2. How Much Does the Average Moving Company Cost?

When you think about moving, the first concern is the average cost of it all, right? Yes, for everyone, that is the main anxiety. You don’t want to feel scammed into a below-average quote which turns into an exorbitant quote, either. If you are curious about how much does it cost to move a house, it is time to check the move. Do it right and get a quote from our moving calculator for estimated moving costs cross country.

Also, ask questions such as:

  • How far will you go with a moving company?
  • Is the move local or for long distance moves?
  • What is the cost of mileage?
  • How many things will be going in the moving truck?
  • How many of those belongings are fragile?
  • Do you need packing done for you?
  • How many boxes will be included in the move?
  • Do you need packing materials, if you are going to pack on your own?
  • What is the weight of your stuff?
  • Do you need to put anything in storage move?
How Much Does It Cost To Move A House
Having the answers to these questions may be the foundations of success. Just like your house foundations, these questions were built with longevity in mind. These questions can be asked years from now when moving a home and they will still be relevant.

3. Be Clear When Getting an Estimate: Don't Forget Anything! 

Your cost estimator for your home moving can pile up before you know it, so make the move as simple as possible. At Moving Authority, we equip you with suggestions to make your cross country or local move less of a hassle. Long distance and weight both have a major influence on how much does it cost to move a house or a lot of houses. Be sure that you tell the movers which items will need to be moved.

The more information that you provide, the better an estimate you can get. Remember that the amount of stuff you must move determines the cost of the move. You don’t want to have any surprises with extra fees come moving day. If you have extra things in your shed or garage, let the estimator be aware of this. This is the only way you will receive an accurate estimate

4. How Much Does It Cost To Move a Piano?

If you have a grand or baby grand piano and need to move it, definitely communicate this to the mover. A piano may need special equipment, and movers charge for this.

If you can, have a yard sale to get rid of heavy stuff that you don’t need. This will reduce the cost tremendously. If you are unable to have a yard sale, donate those items to charity, friends or family. An organization is key while moving, and doing these things will make it more affordable for you to move.

Family Moves

How much does it cost to move a house? This is not a question that is easy to answer. There are several factors involved to get a clear estimate. Here are some things to consider:

  • How much do movers cost for a local move? If you are moving locally, the cost may depend on the number of your room movers will be required to transport.
  • If you are moving long distance, it may depend more on the size or the weight is based on the distance.

5. How Much Does it Cost To Move Across Country?

Beware of moving companies that entice you to take a low-priced non-binding quote. Otherwise, when the move has been completed, you will find yourself with a heavy price tag. Instead, ask for a binding estimate if possible to seal the price. No matter where you are, Moving Authority can help with nationwide moving services. Moving a house cost will vary depending on the service you use. Any extra services that you have performed besides the regular move will also come at a cost. While the cost of moving a house may seem very expensive, there are actually many ways to reduce the cost. People simply do not know ways to save.

6. Use Resources Provided by Moving Authority 

You should expect the cost to move a house is actually not that high. In fact, with a few money-saving techniques, you can make an inexpensive move. There are plenty of companies out there that offer low-cost moving. However, Moving Authority is the only one you should trust. We have taken pride in helping customers find out the mover hired for a house and what to expect to be charged. We have also helped thousands find the moving company that is right for them. 


Brandon Tucker

4 years, 5 months ago

I have to say that this article saved me from spending extra cash to get a larger moving van. I had a yard sale the week before the move and got rid of a lot of stuff. This saved me from having about ten extra boxes of junk that would NOT have fit in the truck, which was already loaded to the brim. Moving a house is pretty difficult for me since I haven't moved a lot.

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

4 years, 1 month ago

Hey Brandon,

We're glad that we were able to help you save money on your move. We always want to make sure that all movers are able to save money on their move in any way they can, even if it means getting rid of some of their stuff before a move.


Gary Pendergass

4 years, 1 month ago

When trying to figure out how much it cost to move a house, yes, size of the load and/or the distance and the number of movers needed plays a big part. I also think time is a big factor. Obviously, every move requires different amounts of time and, depending on the circumstances, is the main factor when it comes to the final amount due. Good info though.



4 years, 1 month ago

Size, material, distance, and company were in my mind when I saw the question “how much does it cost to move a house?” The next question I asked myself was can one get a company that can move to any location? Interestingly, that was answered too! I completely agree with the advice to have everything not necessary removed from the house to reduce the cost of moving it. But most times when we want to move a house, our concern would be to have everything preserved and moved as it is so that we won’t have to feel any part is missing. In this situation, we pay more to receive more. Thanks for this article.


Bianca m

4 years, 1 month ago

I never realized how much information there is to go through before moving. Do you maybe have a checklist of the basics, I am trying to cut costs where I can, but I am not sure it would be worth the petrol and trouble to do it myself.

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

3 years, 6 months ago

Hi Bianca,
Yes, sometimes it can be overwhelming to move, but that why we're here to help. We have several relocation checklists pages that discuss ways to stay organized. There are also several ways to save money and cut costs. You can find free boxes and keep your supplies to a minimum (i.e. tape, use clothes to cushion the impact instead of buying bubble wrap, etc. link will be attached). A garage or yard sale is also a great way not only to save money but also a great way to make money. Below I attached ways to save money as well as several checklists that you can choose which one is most helpful for you:


Marcus Vasquez

3 years, 6 months ago

If I get two men and a truck, am I still able to get help from the movers with packing? Or do you recommend that I hire a larger moving crew if I need packing? I'm not sure which way I should go. Don't want to be surprised on the day of the move with additional costs for needing more men or something.

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

3 years, 6 months ago

Hey Marcus,

Two men and a truck is a great option for many people and all kinds of moves. You can find two men and a truck cost by conducting some research. Some will pack for you and act as more of a full-service team, though you should definitely check out some of the options listed on our website. The most important thing to do is to very clearly communicate several movers of each type, both full service moving companies and two men and a truck costs. To avoid any surprises on moving day, constant communication between your wants and needs and what services they offer and for what prices.

Also, something to consider is how much inventory you have that needs to be moved if you're moving a whole house you might want to go with full-service professionals. My advice is to research each type and assess the affordability and quality of a few moving companies. The cost of moving will also vary depending on whether you are moving long distance, locally, or cross country. You can get a free moving cost estimate and put your inventory into our calculations. I have included two links that discuss both two men and a truck as well as full-service moves. I hope this helps!

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