Do I Leave My Things in Drawers When Moving?

  1. Never Leave Your Stuff in the Drawers When You Move
  2. How Does It Effect Weight Estimates?
  3. Your Belongings Are More Likely to be Damaged
  4. Professionals Have Extra Protection
  5. Never Leave Any Valuables in Any Furniture
  6. Your Furniture Will Suffer
  7. Using a Moving Company 

1. Never Leave Your Stuff in the Drawers When You Move

  • Weight estimators want you to leave stuff in furniture so they save money.
  • You can damage your furniture if you move your stuff inside of it.
  • Don't take the drawers out and transport them separately.
  • Don't leave your jewelry inside of any furniture.
  • Books are heavy and could damage your furniture if you leave them inside of it.

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Do I need to leave my stuff in the drawers when I move? You would be surprised of how many people ask this question. Many companies encourage customers to leave things in the drawers especially when they have a weight estimate.

2. How Does It Effect Weight Estimates?

Why do weight estimates do this? Some Moving companies encourage their customers to leave the belongings inside of furniture so that they can save space in the trailer or truck which equals to more stuff fitting and more money in their pocket. Also, it saves labor time when loading. You want the furniture to be empty of any small items such as clothes, CD’s, personal effects, etc. Why? Because if you need to navigate the furniture down a stairwell or down an elevator the movers will need to move the piece in different angels this will put different stress on the furniture. Having the piece empty will allow the movers to treat the piece gently and be able to control it comfortably. The strongest men can only manage a certain amount of weight and if you have a triple dresser completely full, they’re going to treat it roughly. Most movers want to do a good job for you, so prepare the furniture by packing it into cardboard boxes or e-crates.

3. Your Belongings Are More Likely to be Damaged

The down fall with moving furniture with stuff in it. There are a couple of different things they should take in consideration if you want to leave the belongings inside of your furniture. Drawers have a space on the back when you close them, there is an open space within the piece of furniture. Small things could fall out all behind the drawers when you move the furniture with your belongings in it. This problem can happen when you move furniture with the belongings inside of it, for example, clothes CDs for any other way it will twist the furniture when you move it. It’s not designed to be moved with the weight in it, it’s only designed to sit in one place. The life of the furniture decreases or even could break. Decrease your liability with your furniture, I mean you're paying for them to move your furniture to get it in the same way it was picked up.

Should I take the drawers out and move them separately? Absolutely not! Drawers are designed to be left inside of the dresser.

Don’t ever move the drawers by themselves, you’ll end up with one drawer being lost or damaged and then the whole dresser will be useless.


4. Professionals Have Extra Protection

Spend a little bit of extra time before the movers get there and pack the belongings into boxes. If you’re moving with a professional moving company they should have moving quilts and they should be encased with tape or rubber bands with the protective moving blankets to protect your items.

5. Never Leave Any Valuables in Furniture

What if I leave my jewelry inside my jewelry case? Never leave your personal belongings such as jewelry, guns or medication or anything of value such as high-value watches to the responsibility of the moving company. They are simply there to move your furniture. Prior to the moving company or help/labor getting to your property, gather these items carefully and place them in a safe place, either inside your vehicle or keep them on you. I mean would you let your gardener cut the grass around your jewelry, no? Therefore, do not think it would be okay to let any type of labor man around your prized items, don’t do it!

6. Your Furniture Will Suffer

Can I leave books inside my drawers or furniture to save time? Books, CD’s, etc. need to be placed into a small box. They’re the heaviest items you have and normally way 25-35 pounds per cubic feet. This is 3 times the amount of a normal house goods item, which is usually calculated at 7lbs per cubic feet. This added weight would definitely twist and put a lot of stress on your furniture if you keep in in your drawers or furniture while moving. When you move furniture and you place it inside a vehicle you’re going to move the items from different angles and positions at which it stands at therefore it needs to be empty so that it doesn’t stress the furniture. Anybody that tells you otherwise has their own objectives and is not keeping your furniture’s well being at heart.

Should I keep my clothes in the drawer?

7. Using a Moving Company 

Make sure that you choose a moving company that has high-grade blankets if you’re moving antiques or fine furniture. If you have any cabinets with glass on them, the moving company may encourage you to protect this with a crate. A crate can either be a wooden crate which is custom built prior to the mover's arrival or could be a cardboard and casing crate where they build up layers of protection such a bubble, blankets and a large cardboard box and custom build it around the unit. This can protect the item and a moving company normally will explain this to you before performing it. I would advise that if you want something like this done or you do have furniture with glass on it, explain this to the moving company before so they can come prepared, bring the correct material or custom build a wooden crate for you. Remember there is a cost involved in this so negotiating this with your moving company before is your best bet in saving.



Perry Stevens

5 years, 7 months ago


I read your writing here and I was just wondering what the ideal method of transporting a lot of books at one time is, also I was hoping you could elaborate on the point that you put above involving weight estimators over estimating?

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

5 years, 7 months ago

Hi Perry. There is only one way to transport books. Take them and place them in a 1.5 cubic foot box. If you put them into anything other than a small box the chances are you will destroy the box and the books will go everywhere because they are dense and heavy. If you fill a small box with books it is looking at around 40 pounds of weight which is why you should not place them in larger boxes. Safety is very important when moving so following the set rules is crucial. If you have an extreme library of books, you should tell the carrier. They carriers estimate 7 pounds per cubic foot for items but books are at 25 pounds per cubic foot.
Why is weight a factor when moving?
Weight is a factor when you move in a vehicle because a vehicle can only transport the legal weight restrictions set by the law. For example, a two axel 24 foot box truck which is a common moving truck can normally hold no more than 25,999Lb gross vehicle weight. If you cross state lines you will go through weight stations and if it is over weight it will be stopped so it needs to be of legal weight. This is an important factor as a mover or a person moving a large quantity of paperwork or books.

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