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449 Shipyard Blvd
Wilmington, NC 28412
North Carolina
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Additional Phone: 910-763-3060
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Moving with Dunnagan’s Moving and Storage

Understanding the motive of the client is significant for nearly all relocation companies, like those here at Dunnagan’s Moving and Storage.
Dunnagan’s Moving and Storage can arrive at your move slow with shipping companies who may live with you every gradation of the way of life.
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Great company the move was fast safe and the three guys were amazing I'd refer Dunnagan Moving for everyone thanks guys

Worst nightmare of my life hiring them! I had expensive items missing,expensive furniture damaged broke.Also Appliances severely dented,scratched broke. The home we bought in-which was inspected 2 day's before closing on it they damaged solid oak door frames,casings,walked on the carpet with muddy shoes didn't bother to try to protect the carpet or floors on either home I own.Broke door closure at new home and a brick on the steps. Broke a spindle on a Amish made dining room chair overall I 100% would not recommend Dunnagan's Moving if you care about your furniture,home and personal belongings. Terrible very unprofessional moving Company! Only reason I gave them 1 star was because I couldn't submit this w/o a rating.

My little girl is a nursing understudy and procured this MOVING COMPANY to mover her and her two little girls into their new home. She procured Dunnagan's on somebody's suggestion. They guaranteed speedy expert work.

After the move was finished she found three gold rings missing from her adornments box. She has reached the police and the Better Business Bureau. The police are exploring yet I don't hope to see the rings once more. My little girl has chatted with Dunnagan's and they appear to be exceptionally conciliatory, yet this does not help my little girl. The were sufficiently pleasant to offer her $100 for her misfortune.

I know every single moving contract stipulate that the moving company is not in charge of any robbery coming about because of a move, yet ought to this truly acquit them from fault. Should they not be in charge of their specialists?

On time, dependable, legit and willing to persistently move things around for me. Exceedingly suggest this mover promotion I have utilized them detente and both times the move went superbly.

I evaluated around possibly 20 diverse moving moving company in Wilmington North Carolina and Dunnagans was the minimum costly. They gave three men and one truck. They were extremely cautious with moving our furniture. Not a solitary ding on anything. They moved our three room house in under 2 hours. Extremely considerate and amiable. I would profoundly prescribe Dunnagans to anybody expecting to move inside of the condition of North Carolina.

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