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So you’ve decided to move. Whether you’re relocating for a job offer, or to upsize your family home, or even just to obtain a change of scenery- these top ten moving tips will help you out. Personalized Movers has combed through their history of moving experience and put together this list of moving packing tips to help you plan and execute your relocation seamlessly. When it comes to moving, checklists come in handy when dealing with tasks you need to complete so we designed our tips like a list.

Moving Tip #1: Know The Type Of Move You’re Conducting.

You may be aware of your new address, but planning a move requires a lot more detail. Knowing these details will enable you to receive an accurate moving quote. There are two categories of moving, residential and commercial. Beneath these categories are the distance of the move, whether it’s local or long-distance. If your move is 100 miles or more from your original address, the move is considered a long distance. Additionally, long distance moves can range from cross-country to international. If you’re moving internationally, you’ll want to work with an experienced moving company knowledgeable in international property law. So the first step to your move? Write down what category it belongs in. Check.

Moving Tip #2: Itemize Personal Property.

Itemize your property

In order to ensure the safe relocation of your property, make a detailed itemization of the objects in your home. If there is time, taking pictures will help keep items organized. This is also important to retain insurance value on personal property, in the case of lost or damaged items. Make special note of any extra expense or oddly sized items, so that your movers will know to handle them with care. Moving home items can be a hassle when you have to account for everything but it is definitely worth it if you are looking to protect your things from damage or theft. This tip may be one of the most important packing tips because it allows you to take into account what you own and what you still have when you get to your new location. A good tip moving experts like to give is to transport items that are important to you on your own. By doing so you are guaranteeing that your important items won't be lost during a pack move between your homes.

Moving Tip #3: Get Moving Insurance.

If you are moving big and expensive items or moving across the country, make sure to invest in moving insurance. Accidents can happen, and it’s important to have coverage. Moving is expensive enough and lost or damaged property can result in an even bigger cost (financially and emotionally). Replacing lost items can be expensive and time-consuming. If you don’t want to obtain outside moving insurance, make sure you work with a moving company with a favorable liability clause to protect your property. An improperly packed box may destroy the items inside of it leading to loss of value if not insured. Moving insurance ensures that the value of your pack boxes is able to be covered if damaged.

Moving Tip #4: Junk Removal Or Garage Sale?

There are items that will inevitably be left behind. Maybe you’ve lost interest in them, or you just don’t need them anymore. Many home moves can leave behind couches, refrigerators, and other bulk items. But not every home has a junk removal service, which can result in a bill from the city for the service post-move. Avoid unnecessary charges by planning a garage sale, or organizing post-move junk removal with your moving company! A garage sale is a great way to pick up a few extra dollars for the move. Home packing takes lots of time and sometimes the things you are packing are not worth packing at all. If you can save time by not packing a few things and throwing them away instead, having your move packed only with the important things may be a good idea after all.

Moving Tip #5: Specialty Moving Services.

Specialty Moving Service

Figuring out the type of moving services you need can be exhausting since there are so many. However, if you own a piano or fine art piece you will definitely require specialized moving services. Musical instruments require specialized packing and shipping, to retain musical integrity. Throwing a blanket over a piano for a move can result in severe damage to its sound quality. The right movers will know the process of protecting each part of the expensive instrument and ensure that it is relocated carefully. In addition, your movers should be able to help you make sure your piano is re-tuned at its new location. For fine art pieces, movers should be able to provide the correct padding and creating for items. In some cases, truck storage temperatures can be acclimated to protect paintings so they don’t get damaged during transportation. If you need to find free moving boxes start early.

Moving Tip #6: Family Pets.

Moving with animals can be fun, but should be properly planned for. If you are driving across thecountry, make sure your animal is crate trained and able to be comfortable for extended travel. If you are flying, make sure to consult with your vet on how to make air travel a comfortable experience for your pet. Also, make sure you follow airline guidelines on planning for a flight. Certain dog breeds are not allowed in the cabin or on the plane, due to the risk of air pressure damaging a dog’s health. If you are driving during extreme weather, make sure your emergency kit includes items for your pet. Also, bring plenty of water for you and your animal!

Moving Tip #7: Auto-shipping.

Moving home is a big enough project, but moving a car is huge! Make sure you know ahead of time that you will need auto shipping service, so your movers can factor it into their moving quote. Make sure to work with a seasoned auto-shipping service, who can secure your car during transport and avoid damage. Make sure your moving company is registered and licensed with a US DOT number. If traveling across state lines, also make sure they are registered with the Federal Maritime Commission.

Moving Tip #8: Know your moving estimates.

Moving Estimate

Moving estimates should be given free of charge. However, many companies will try to insist that a free quote is given contingent on the binding agreement for services. Avoid getting into a binding agreement with movers before understanding your quote. Each estimate should be simple to obtain, without a commitment to services. Along with an estimate are a number of days that your move will take. Make sure that the mover will be able to complete your move within the given amount of days. If they go over a number of days, you are entitled to some money back for the days taken after the final date given.

Moving Tip #9: Know your moving rights and responsibilities.

There is a legal aspect of moving, which requires each person moving to perform certain responsibilities. For example, if you are moving out of state, you need to notify the post office and apply for a driver’s license from your new state. Check out the US DOT Rights and Responsibilities section on the official site at protect your move.

Moving Tip #10: Make your move happy.

It’s important for your personal health to remain mentally strong when moving. Focus on being on task and organized, but also allow yourself to take breaks. Look for ways to have fun- make a list of things to look forward to. Also, make a list of items to be thankful for. This will help keep the transition to your new destination a positive experience!


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