1. Alohaaa...
  2. Want to Move to Hawaii Bu Have No Idea Where to Start?
  3. First, You Might Want to Consider Costs In Hawaii
  4. Why Are You Moving to Hawaii In The FIrst Place?
  5. Is Price Comparable?
  6. Take the Cost of Shipping Your Belongings into Consideration
  7. Local Resources are Most Helpful
  8. Tips On Moving To Hawaii (Video)
  9. Moving Authority Now Accommodates All 50 States: Hawaii
  10. Why Is Moving to Hawaii Such a Big Deal?
  11. Move to Hawaii: All You Need is a College Degree
  12. Job Opportunities 
  13. Tips On Moving to Hawaii (Link to Video)

1. Alohaaa...

Everyone knows the word Aloha…well in case you didn’t know in Hawaii they use this term for both hello and goodbye. So for anyone that is planning on moving to America’s own little island paradise ALOHA to your life on the mainland (that’s what locals call the rest of us on the old continental USA) and Aloha to a new life of sand, sun and a different way of life.

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2. Want to Move to Hawaii But Have No Idea Where to Start?

For many people, moving to a world of waterfalls, clear blue water and eternal sunshine sound like the ultimate dream but remember that first comes the daunting “Big Move” from the mainland. Make sure to do your research before you ‘set sail’ so to speak so you make the best decisions and arrive prepared. The sooner you can become part of the local Ohana (family) the sooner you can adjust to the slower, simpler pace of life in Hawaii.

moving to hawaii definitive guide.

3. First, You Might Want to Consider Costs in Hawaii

The eight main islands of Hawaii are the following: Niihau Island, Kauai Island, Oahu Island, the Beautiful Maui Island and the strong Molokai Island, Lanai Island and of course the Kahoolawe Island and the Big Island of Hawaii. I am sure you may be saying, “HEY! I already knew that! Of course, I’m planning on moving there!” But did you know that Hawaii is the most isolated population center on earth? So the next few tips are crucial taking that in mind.

4. Why Are You Moving to Hawaii In the First Place?

Ask yourself why you are moving to Hawaii? Well…for a new life that may seem a little more appealing than your current one (or perhaps your job relocated you there, lucky you half your work is already done) Remember that this is a new place, and a new life. You may have read that even in Honolulu, in contrast to some of the more remote islands the average cost of bread can be upwards of $7.50 a loaf! YIKES! Although you can shop at stores you might be used to like Walmart and Sam’s clubs, many newcomers to island life find that they adapt to the way locals live, naturally. Many people eat a less processed diet, grow fruits or join local co-ops to get fresh items.

5. Is Price Comparable?

Many people say the cost of living in Hawaii is comparable to some of America’s most expensive cities, like San Francisco or New York. This is because all moving furniture Hawaii and items have to be shipped 2,000 plus miles across the great Pacific ocean and everything comes into Honolulu Harbor (and then from there is shipped into the other islands)

6. Take the Cost of Shipping Your Belongings

Taking into account how expensive things can be, bring more in your initial move. Shipping all your items, even your car, is MUCH cheaper than buying them on the islands. Make a list of all the things you may anticipate you may be needed. Locals say FedEx is known for taking an extremely long time so make the most of your moving containers Hawaii in your initial move.

7. Local Resources are Most Helpful

And our final word of advice, although they have other sources to find housing, jobs, etc. your best way to assimilate smoothly into island life is to use local sources for your inquiry needs like Civil Beat, Maui News or HuffPostHawaii.

For further help in finding a moving company make sure to use the leader in the industry… Moving Authority. They will help you find legitimate, reliable movers in your area that you can trust with everything from your beloved car to your favorite Tiki shirt.

8. Tips On Moving To Hawaii

9. Moving Authority Now Accommodates All 50 States: Hawaii

Moving Authority is proud to announce that the company will now be connecting people looking to move or for trustworthy movers to all 50 states. Which of course now includes moving to Hawaii.
Moving Authority has been the leader in connecting people who are moving with reputable and experienced movers in their areas. Moving Authority makes sure that all of the companies that are reviewed on their site are reputable movers. We also only include professional operation within the legal requirements set by the United States Department of Transportation (UDOT). Moving Authority has always worked to put an end to rogue movers that tarnish the industries reputation.

10. Why Is Moving to Hawaii Such a Big Deal?

Hawaii, being an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it has been a specialized challenging location that many moving companies do not have the capacity to perform. Moving Authority keeps abreast of current trends and has noticed that many mainland Americans are making the move to our island state. This is why the company is so proud to now offer moving companies that can help with your interstate move to Hawaii.
Moving Authority is a company that is constantly growing and expanding to keep up with all of Americas moving needs while always bringing the best quality professional moving companies to people looking to move to Hawaii, move to Alaska or anywhere in the nationally in all 50 U.S. and beyond.

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11. Move to Hawaii: All You Need is a College Degree

Being unemployed is a terrible feeling. The search for jobs can become a full-time job in and of itself and if the search goes on for too long you can start to feel a drain on your self-worth. Although the feeling of emptiness can continue if you are currently stuck in a job that is either not using your skill set or lacks meaning for your life. Or perhaps the location of the job itself is less than a fairy tale.
The same story of the college student fresh off of campus into the real world with high hopes and dreams only to find that being a grown up is not really that easy or that fun at all is all too common. This is why the next thing I am about to say may grab your attention. What if you could just move to Hawaii and be guaranteed a job. This may sound like something that is too good to be true but surprisingly it's not. A teaching job in Hawaii may be your new destiny.

12. Job Opportunities are Amazing 

Here is the scoop: When the summer hits approximately 1,600 teachers will be retiring. This is a huge educational gap that desperately needs to be filled by the end of the summer. Or, schools and education in Hawaii as we know it could be facing a gigantic problem come September.
You might be saying to yourself “But I have no experience teaching!” It doesn’t matter. If you have a degree from a 4-year college or University then you qualify to apply for one of these positions. They are willing to help train people as long as they have a degree from a high educational institution.
Getting to move to Hawaii may seem like a dream come true all while doing a job that actually makes a difference by shaping the youth of tomorrow. Teaching can be an extremely rewarding experience. Many times you have to get a masters degree or teaching credentials to teach (depending on each state) which takes a lot of time and money. This is a unique opportunity to expand and grow as a person and potentially find a career that you love.
Moving to Hawaii never sounded like such a real opportunity until now. If you need any advice on the actual move to Hawaii here is a great guide for Advice On Moving to Hawaii. Good luck and Aloha to your new life.

13. Tips On Moving To Hawaii [Video]


Jodie Kangas

4 years, 8 months ago

hey everybody! So just one small question I have about moving to Hawaii. My mother in law wants to move there for a little while and she was wondering about how much it would cost to have her car shipped over there? Also she wants to know how the process of shipping her car would go. Thanks!

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

4 years, 4 months ago

Hi Jodie,

The cost of having your car shipped there will depend on company shipping your car there. It will most likely be going there by boat since air would be too expensive. Cars of military personnel are usually the ones that are shipped by plane. Please leave us a message at so we can help match you with some companies you may be interested in moving with.

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