Do's & Dont's When Moving A Queen Sized Bed

  1. Moving a Queen Size Bed Isn't Easy By Any Means
  2. Ways To Move A Queen Size Mattress And Bed
  3. To Move A Queen Size Bed By Yourself, You Will Need...
  4. Protective Measures
  5. Cost Of Moving A Queen Size Bed
  6. Measuring the Bed Before Moving
  7. Considerations: Distance & Other Hassles
  8. How the Experts Handle It 
  9. Should I Move It On My Own?
  10. How To Move A King Size Mattress
  11. Don't Make It Harder Than It Is
  12. Is This Something I Can Do On My Own?

1. Moving a Queen Size Bed Isn't Easy By Any Means

During a move, among the hardest thing to do is moving a queen size bed. A bed's huge size, awkward heavy shape, and its bulky size make it a challenge for anyone of course. A king sized bed that usually comes with two smaller box springs underneath makes it simpler for relocation than the one large size of the queen size box spring. Although newer edition of most queen sized beds come with split box spring, the older editions do not. (sigh)

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Of all the things you may decide to leave behind your mattress is probably not one of them, but don't fret our easy guide will help you glide your mattress out with easy (or well with some easy)

2. Ways To Move A Queen Size Mattress And Bed

Erin Reid of Garrett’s Moving Company gives us an easy explanation. Reid explained that several variables can come into the picture when having to move a queen size bed.  Moving such size of furniture requires a truck with enough storage. There may be a need to do several trips particularly if the bed comes with a headboard. Doing it on your own is possible but not the easiest task. Make sure to wrap your bed to protect it and it also allows you to glide your mattress through the door frames in your home. You also need to have the proper equipment for safe transportation.

3. To Move A Queen Size Bed By Yourself, You Will Need:

  • A mattress bag that is about $10-$20
  • Moving straps that can help you move the box spring, headboard and mattress as these are quite heavy to lift
  • Packing tape and ropes to make sure that the mattress is secured during the move.

4. Protective Measures

Although you can do this yourself, hiring a moving company can make sure that the bed will be protected and is always the easiest bet. The company will wrap it in mattress bag, put in an enclosed truck and then put straps on the mattress to prevent it from moving. All the needed equipment will be provided by the movers for. There are some moving companies that made use of special shrink process. What they do is to put the furniture on moving pads, use the shrink wrap that can make sure that the furniture will be immobilized throughout the travel period.

Bed Movers

If moving the bed is not your best option as you are also thinking of simply getting a new one, you can do computations first. As per the Director of Operations in Holman Moving Systems, it can be the best choice for most households who will relocate. However, buying a new one may be too costly rather than to hire a mover to relocate the bed. When you feel that you deserve a new bed or the fitting may cause difficulties for the bed, you can calculate whichever comes better should be your final choice.

5. Cost of Moving a Queen Sized Bed

Moving A Queen Size Bed Cost Normally, the cost for cross-country move differs from one company to another rather just doing a local move. Local move normally charged on an hourly rate for getting the services of professional movers. As for long distance move, movers often charge depending on the distance of old home to the new one and the weight of the bed. The fee typically ranges from $100 to $200 for moving companies to ship the frame, box spring and mattress. It is best to get in touch with some of the local moving companies in order to request a quote before coming up with a decision. Tough Decisions When Moving A Queen Size Bed There will be times when we are forced to decide right away that we end up neglecting the choice we made. In this certain situation, some factors can definitely show you that the process of moving the bed from the old home to the new one is not worthy of your money, efforts and time. * Size. It is easy to measure the bed.

6. Measuring the Bed Before Moving

All you need is to use a measuring tape and note its size. You need bed frame’s length, width, and height. After such, you need to make a comparison if it would fit the doorways and hallways. This way, you can figure out how the bed can leave the home. It is also important to determine if the old bed will fit in your new home or if it will match the new bedroom. Always be at the practical side of things when you look into the available options. There will be times when it is just best to sell the bed or donate it rather than to experience the hassles of transferring it.

7. Considerations: Distance & Other Hassles

  •  Distance. Keep in mind that relocating the queen size bed locally is relatively far from moving it long distance. The main difference is the cost. Assess first if it is worth the hassle and money to move the bed. The only thing that you may keep it is if the bed has sentimental value for your family or if it is an antique that normally costs a huge amount of value.
  • Hassles of moving. Separate packing is needed for the bed. It should be removed and must be protected properly. After such, it will be loaded to the van or truck. You can often see it in the movies that mattresses are placed on the car’s roof. This method is not recommended as it is not very safe. The storage frame if there is any must be emptied as the bed’s frame will be disassembled.
  • Just by merely thinking of the process that you need to do to your bed already gives you stress, you better leave it behind. How To Move A Queen Size Bed In A Truck (Do’s And Don’ts) Below, you can find helpful tips on how you can move the queen size bed on your own. The steps would give you details on how to prepare and move its frame and mattress. Large furniture relocation is usually a challenge yet with the right information, it can be easy as pie.

8. How the Experts Handle It 

This is particularly true if experts will also be of assistance. Queen Size Mattress How to move queen size bed mattress The first thing to do is to remove all the beddings from the queen size bed so it can safely be packed in a box. To help it be protected from moisture and dirt while being transported, the mattress will be slipped into a special mattress bag. Get a rope or stretch tape to secure the mattress bag in place. Put the mattress in the van or truck. It is preferable to put it at the back of storage space and have it secured to the side wall so as to prevent undesired movement. Moving locally can enable the mattress to be transported by wrapping it at the back of a pick-up truck.

how to move bed
Yet, it should be well fastened with the use of enough length of rope. It is not advisable to move the queen size mattress on the vehicle’s roof. Queen Size Bed Frame Try to disassemble the frame of queen size bed. You need to follow the instruction manual. If the frame has a compartment like drawers, you need to remove everything in it. The contents if important should be packed separately. The drawers should be wrapped using bubble wrap or use moving blankets. Once the bed is disassembled into its main components, there should not be any issues moving it out of the bedroom. You can quickly carry them to the moving truck. Each of the components of the bed frame must be wrapped using moving blackest. If such blankets are not available, old clothes can also be used. This way, the pieces will be protected and the property too. When turning the bed frame around limited space or going to the stairs, you need to take extra precautions.

9. Should I Move It On My Own?

Never move the bed on your own without at least two people around that can help you out. Actions in moving the bed must be planned well. You also need to wear protective gloves and anti-slip shoes. Keep in mind that your safety and the helpers must be prioritized. For a safe trip, put the parts of the frame of the bed to the truck and ensure it is securely in place. Carefully drive throughout the travel time. Take into account that the professionals can manage the bed well if you are having a hard time moving it yourself. I hope that the tips given above to move queen size bed can help you if you will do it on your own. Hopefully, you can successfully move it.

If perhaps you are stuck in a situation that you cannot move it the right way, it is best to get in touch with professional movers. These people have a good experience that can help you no matter what type of bed you may have. Have you moved a queen size bed before? Would you like to share some of your effective moving tips? How To Move A King Size Mattress & Bed In moving, among the huge and bulky furniture is the king size bed. Because of its weight and size, many people are not sure how to transfer it from one home to another. Others would like to know how to move the king size bed without any help. The way to move the king size bed and mattress must be included in the master plan when you are preparing to relocate. If you wish to known how to move the king size bed and mattress by yourself, you need to continue reading below.

10. How To Move A King Size Mattress

It is likely that you have invested huge money in order to buy your king size bed and mattress so that it can give you optimum comfort. The thing is, you are now looking to move to a new home and would also like your king size mattress to go with you. Although king size mattresses are huge, bulky and heavy, it can possibly be moved. All you need is a helping hand from one or two people to do the lifting, packing and moving. With this kind of mattress, it can still pass through the average width of doors. In moving the king size bed, you need to remove the pillows, sheets, mattress then proceed with the disassembly. To start with, you need to move it while it is lying flat. This is just the simplest and best way to get it done. If it will be moved to a different position, the materials in the mattress can also move since the mattresses are mostly new. These are filled with the pieces within.

Old mattresses are mostly made of spring that also comes with a single cushion on its top. When you have those kinds, it will not be any issue to move it upright. The example is Tempurpedic mattresses which are made out of movable pieces if such is transported on the car roof or in an upright standing position. One tip for this kind of mattress is to never move it on top of the car. This method is no safe although quite tempting to do. The large mattresses are heavy. If you will strap these on the top of the car and you were not able to strap it properly, you may be at high risk of an accident. Strapping the mattresses do not always mean tight straps as this may lead to damaging the mattress’ edges. Best Way To Move A King Size Bed In relocating to a new place, taking the king size beds with you may be one of the toughest things to pack and move. It is because of its size and weight.

11. Don't Make It Harder Than It Is

The entire process does not have to be too hard. Start the job by removing the sheets, pillows and other moveable items off the king size bed. Then, start the disassembly. By doing such, the headboards and frames can easily be moved. The best way to properly disassemble the bed is to read and follow its manual. The best way to move the bed and mattress out of the house and into the truck is to ask help from friends. Once the beds are disassembled, it will then be quicker to move even by yourself or with friends. If the king size bed has drawers or compartment, you need to empty it. The drawers must be packed separately from the bed. Then, the headboard and frames must also be wrapped with pads or blankets in order to prevent scratches or damages.

It can be secured in place by using a tape. If you will use a rope, ensure not to tie it very tight. You may need one or two assistant to help you when you will lift it from the bedroom going to the moving truck. The bed parts must be positioned carefully in the truck. It is essential not to put heavy items on its top particularly if the bed is made of wood. Boxes with light clothes or items are fine. Moving a king size mattress & bed with movers It may be ideal to ask the help of professionals to transport the bedroom and bed to prevent any damage or even accidents. When you only have minimal experience in moving, you definitely need to contact competent movers. New edition of mattresses such as the memory foam must be handled with care when moving.

12. Is This Something I Can Do On My Own? 

If you are unsure on how to move your king size bed on your own, it will need a good plan including having helpers around and packing materials. Because of the fast paced world that we have today and most are busy, being inexperienced to do the move can be at high risk for accidents, bed damages, and others. This is why it will surely be worth it to do business with only reliable movers if you will be moving out.

Roscoe Phillips

4 years, 9 months ago

Guys, I really appreciate this guide, I read all through it but I had a question about disassembling a bed. I have a Casper mattress and that's easy enough to move but the actual bed frame/post that it's on is one big piece and I'm not entirely sure how I would go about getting it through the door without finding a way to take it apart, are there any special tools I need and how should I proceed? also how do I prevent it from being damaged while it's being moved in my SUV.



4 years, 8 months ago

Hello Roscoe,
Glad that you read are article about how to move a bed and like it. Most beds break apart into 4 pieces. the headboard, the footboard and the two side slates. If you try to pop the side slats from the bottom is usually disconnects the hook mechanism from either the headboard or the foot of the bed. 90% of beds are designed like this. This is usually the way that a bed is designed. Some ikea beds or beds made out of particle board will require either a phillips or a flat head screwdriver. Make sure that you place all the pieces and drape moving blankets over the slats and the headboard. This will provide protection when you move them to your new location. Don't forget to protect your mattress with some sort of plastic or 6 mill plastic bag. It's the worst when your mattress gets dirty during the move, so make sure to invest in one of those plastic protector for your bed move.

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