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It’s important to procure the most accurate estimate possible before a move begins to avoid regrets and financial stress. Moving companies use differentiating methods for calculating the cost of a move. There have been articles in the major news magazines about the subject of moving and how the costs for most people throughout the U.S. are normally much higher than what was originally quoted by their moving company.

Experts find that the cost of long distance moving, regardless of whether the move is within the same town or clear across the globe, engenders additional unforeseen expenses as a result of uprooting one’s life. Therefore, it is important to obtain very clear and specific information from the company about the method used by the company to tally the moving charges, such as whether fees are charged by the hour or per move, and if there are any additional charges added on if specific circumstances should arise during the move. Ascertaining exactly how many movers the company will send to the project is important as a mover will likely be responsible for paying for each person.

Moving Calculator

Estimates then are needed for each stage of the move, including the amount of packing and moving supplies, vehicle rental based on distance, and the number of movers.


Just about every company with a website on the internet provides moving cost calculators.

The large home improvement stores have moving cost calculators that help to add up the costs of the tools and supplies needed. A mover can also receive multiple moving quotes for different types of moves including self-moving, truck rental, and full service moving. Multiple moving calculators can supply movers with several different online quotes from a grouping of companies along with multiple moving quotes.

Many moving calculators will begin with location. Once the moving departure and arrival city have been entered into the calculator, it might ask about the number of bedrooms and provide an estimation of what that number of rooms will weigh, or it may ask the mover to enter in information about each of the belongings they plan to move. For these calculators, draw up, measure, and value, a list of all of the things in the house beforehand, to enter into the calculator.

A premium for summer might be added depending on the time of year chosen for the move. Following this information, the calculator may be able to calculate the packing and loading cost, tip, insurance, packing materials, vehicle hire, carriage rate, hire vehicle capacity rate, and administration fees. Remember though that these are ballpark estimates.

moving costs calculator

Long distance moves usually cost the most and create the most unanticipated types of costs including truck rental time, gas, insurance, time off work, lodging, towing of a vehicle, storage, and tolls. If there is a delay in the move, for example if for some reason the new residence is not made vacant in time, a mover may need to place their packed things in storage, and will have to purchase transportation and moving services to the storage as well as a second trip outbound to the new residence. Additionally, if a mover got rid of some belongings or furnishings to lighten the moving load they might find that replacing these items is somewhat more expensive than when they initially purchased it.


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Leon Ryan
Leon Ryan

Hey, I tried out your moving estimator/calculator on your website and plugged in all the things I needed to move. I'm glad you updated the list of items that you can include on your estimate as I have lots of particular things to move to my new location. Your online moving estimator was a huge help to me and I hope it has helped others as well.

Feb. 23, 2022, 12:38 a.m.

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