Where to Buy Packing Paper

Where Can You Buy Packing Paper?

where can you buy packing paper

  1. Is Packing Paper Efficient?
  2. Where Can You Find Packing Paper?
  3. Online Might Be the Simplest Way 
  4. Why is Packing Packing Important?
  5. Plan Ahead
  6. Be Careful When it Comes to Ink

1. Is Packing Paper Efficient?

You may have heard that packing paper is the best option when moving valuables. However, a lot of people do not know where to buy packing paper and were likely warned against buying it through the moving company. It’s not only cost effective but also eco-conscious to locate and use free packing paper for a move. Find free packing paper by seeking out newspaper ads and Craigslist postings, where users are trying to unload their excess packing paper at garage or yard sales. If free paper is not available or appropriate there are many options. Packing paper is an important component of protecting fragile items during a move and is always well worth an investment.

2. Where Can You Find Packing Paper?

The large retail stores will carry wrapping paper, many of which are made from 100 recycled paper. Sometimes these large retail stores will offer a better discount for standard types of paper. Wholesale stores often sell packing paper at reasonable prices though there may be a lack of variety, pricing may vary. Wholesale packing materials can also be ordered online and most likely have a great deal more selection. Moving packing paper is a great thing to have during a move, packing peanuts are recommended. Paper distribution companies traditionally offer the widest range of variety, carrying not only acid-free paper, for example, but acid-free tissue paper, Kraft paper, and Glassine rolls.

3. Online Might be the Simplest Way 

Online ordering, in general, is the most convenient, providing more choices than the retail stores and delivered to the door. Certain types of paper may not be thick enough and/or tear easily, which can make wrapping delicate items more difficult so that options become important. Acid-Free paper is great for packing silver and metals, and moderately sized rolls are purchased at office supply stores and may provide free shipping for online orders over a certain amount.

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The acid pulp has been removed from Acid-Free paper derived from cellulose fiber, and Acid-free paper is important for packing things like valuable artwork and precious documents.

Kraft paper has a soft cushioning inner-lining, great for packing easily bruised and scratched items. Brown Kraft Paper, on the other hand, does not have the inner cushioning and is usually about ¼ of the cost. Glassine is another paper designed to protect artwork like drawings and prints.

Where To Buy Packing Paper

4. Why is Packing Paper Important?

Sheeted Newsprint is very reasonably priced and is great for packing non-fragile items. White Tissue Paper that is not acid-free is much cheaper than acid-free and is recommended for the wrapping of delicates and box stuffing. Paper that comes in pre-cut sheets as opposed to rolls is quite user-friendly and handy for separating in between items. Paper barriers in packing are especially important when shipping, and a mover may want to use thicker types of paper, such as corrugated pads and cardboard sheets, purchased from most online paper dealers and office supply stores. Packing / Wrapping Hardware Home Improvement is always handy when planning to move ahead. Wrapping fragile items in packing paper in moving boxes is one of the best ways to prevent items from shifting while in transit.

5. Plan Ahead

Packing and labeling items for your move ahead of time is a good idea as these moving supplies can run out more quickly than anticipated. It is sensible to purchase more paper than expected to ensure that everything is wrapped properly without creating delays during the move. Of course, purchasing online will require planning weeks in advance. In addition to packing paper, make sure to invest in stretch wrap to pack furniture, artwork, and mirrors, which will also protect them from moisture, as well as bubble wrap, which is especially important for packing breakables like antiques and craft pieces.

6. Be Careful When It Comes to Ink

Many movers have successfully used junk mail, old magazines, newspapers, newsprint paper, and towels to wrap and pack belongings in place of packing paper. Clean colorless paper though is better than a newspaper for packing if damage from ink is a concern, use ink free paper.